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Hijack+ driver's inmediate death

Son Of Big Boss

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If you hijack a car by the passenger door and keep pressed sprint button, the driver will fall on the other side already dead

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Never knew this, though it does explain why I hijacked cars with the driver dying without me knowing how/why.


Surprisingly, this doesn't increase the tally of those wasted by CJ.

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Just tried it on PC, does not work.

Am tapping the "sprint" button, not walk+sprint. The latter would make CJ change mind and not get in car.

in that case, holding (not tapping) space bar, without moving to any directions, force them to die

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This has been known forever. I'm pretty sure there's even other topics posted here about it. But it's not the sprint button on Xbox, it's the right trigger (in car - accelerate)(on foot - aim)

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Ok so this is one I never paid any attention to in the past but I am sure it's happened at least 50+ times. On the PC it works 1 of 2 ways. (I use a W-A-S-D keyboard configuration for foot controls and use a Logitech dual-shock controller for vehicle controls)


From the passenger side, Use your Jack Car button (usually F or Enter) while the door is opening up press one of two buttons:

Keyboard-Hold down your sprint button-I think the default is space. (I use space to jump and Left-Shift to sprint so for me, it's left shift)

Controller-Hold Accelerate


The latter has probably happened the most without noticing as often times you hit accelerate to get out of the area you're in.

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