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Beer hats should be purchasable


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Seeing as R* f*cked up with glitched special crates and the recent exploit of gaining more hats (***ONLY WORKS IF YOU'RE LUCKY ENOUGH TO ACTUALLY GET THE SPECIAL CRATE, which people fail to mention***) they should be purchasable at the clothes store including the shirt at say.. 100k each??


I'd genuinely pay that much for the hat though. no cash cards just grind

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If the glitch for one didn't exist i'd have gladly traded one of my PVs lol.

Although I do think they should be functional- we can drink piswasser bottles but not drink it from the can in the beer hat?

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100k? Geezus.


I think they should be at the shop, they didn't do a good job of the crates imo.

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