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Updating with a USB stick?


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Can it be done? Circumstances dictate that to access each update's new cars & guns, I have to contort like an acrobat to remove my PS3 and USB cable from upstairs, carry them downstairs (which also involves going outside- don't ask), plug them into the family TV and the adjacent modem (which takes about half an hour) and then plug my ears as my family moans at me for taking over their TV for the seeming hour or so it takes to update. Then reverse everything.


Wireless won't work.


Can't I access the update software on a website somewhere, maybe the Social Club, and just download it to a USB stick?

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Yeah you can and its easy but only if your on xbox unfortunately and your on station so your out of luck.




Thats for 360 users but maybe you can find something similar for the ps3.

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