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Car Clubs United (XBOX 360 ROLEPLAY)


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Car Clubs United (CCU)


Welcome, Role-players of all kinds! We are now accepting new members for a Street Racer Role Play. All you need to do is simply send me a Message over Xbox Live (Gamer Tag: TheScottishMonk) and I will read your request and send you an invite to a Game and party to explain the set up and rues of the RP. But for starters here are just some of the basics.


> Crews (the crews in the RP that you can choose to try and join)

- Drift Racers

- Drag Racers

- Dirt Racers

- Street Racers


> Recreational Vehicles ( These are the Vehicles that you will drive outside of the crew on your free time)


- We are trying to make it so everyone has their own type of Rec. Vehicle be it Car or Motorcycle.

- Once you have joined the RP you will be asked to pick your Rec. Vehicle.


> Racing Vehicles (These are the Cars you will Drive when you are in your crew, The car types will be told by each crew Leader)

- Drift Racers ( Futos )

- Street Racers ( Carbonizzare, Feltzer, Elegy RH8, Comet, Sultan, Surano, 9F, Coquette )

- Drag Racers ( Muscle Cars )

- Dirt Racers ( TBA )


> Housing (This will be the house that you or your crew leader picks out for you)

- If your crew leader wants you in the same neighborhood you must choose a house in that hood.


> Territory (This doesn't mean you Have to live there you can if you want but it is a part of the city your crew controls)

- Your crew leader will decide where that is.


> Crew Car Park (This is a car park where just your crew will meet one of the places where others can find you )

- Can be anywhere.

- Your crew leader will choose the place.


> Car Meet Locations (Where your crew will host a car meet)

- Your leader will request the car meets.

- Your crew leader will also pick this spot.


> Hideouts/Hangouts (Where your crew will hide from cops and hold secret meetings or whatever else your crew plans)

- This can be anywhere

- The leader will choose the spot.


********** BASIC RULES **********

The rules listed below are the basic rules of this RP


1. No random killing (This is not a TDM )

2. This is a realistic RP so act like its real life.

3. Follow street laws.

4. No fighting be mature don't act like children.

5. Don't blast music through your mic.

6. Don't repeat questions too much.

7. If something is important leave a message to the crew leaders.

8. We make the rules not you.

9. No Blowing cars or other object up.

10. No Heavy weapons (No C4, Grenades, Grenade launchers, Mini guns, or RPG )


REMINDER: This is an XBOX 360 RP only.


If you would like to join please send a message to the Gamertag: TheScottishMonk


See you on the streets!




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