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SA Chain Game query: Script, Impounds, Saves, Proofed Vehicles, etc.

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Nice work on the gang wars. Remember that there are armories available in the other cities if you want to pop off to save once in a while.


The Hanky Panky submarine is mostly an easter egg. It marks a location parallel to the Hanky Panky undrowning zone, and gives the player something to look at when playing around with the Vortex as a Submarine trick set up outside of Montgomery - there's a vortex in town and a USJ on the corner with a ramp set up for the sub trick. An odd glitch with the underwater objects is that the appear to have a level of detail that shows farther than normal underwater objects, so if you look at it from the correct distance it'll appear in detail through the surface.

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ha thanks yeah I totally did not remember about those armories when I was doing the gang wars I flew all the way from LS each time!

I used the undrowning glitch to have look at the sub from underneath and I also noticed the other glitch you mentioned when swimming to it on the surface, I haven't much experience with undrowning though I tried with a Sanchez because I thought it would be good for the rough terrain on the sea bed but I waited ages and it would not sink. Is that just a bikes thing?

Next I jacked a camper and sank it and had a little drive around but couldn't make it over the very steep ridge to the West (I wanted to drive to the pirate ship because I don't know other undrowning spots for instance any that are nearer to it than Hanky Panky). can you suggest a better vehicle for this? I saw a guy do it in a Barracks OL I never thought that would make it which it did but surely there is better.

I've never heard of 'Vortex as a Submarine trick' how do you do that is it very different to undrowning a car?

Edited by Purplehayes
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I think having a pack of GSF bodyguards in San Fierro could be useful keeping the cops off your back when collecting the comprehensive FCR and having to shotgun it all the way back to garage, and even the comprehensive Bravura in Green Sabre as well, because they will kill off any cops for you while you wait to lose your one star, only just thought of this but its another good reason to claim all the territories early on. I mean you could drive/fly 3 of them from LS or even take a boat for more but its far easier with them spawning there in the first place. can any vehicle take a gang of 8? I know some boats take more than 3 but not tried 8.

Have I just double posted again or does it not count because I'm talking about something different?

Edited by Purplehayes
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fnxrak's Undrowning Glitches and Spots topic has the most comprehensive documentation of the undrowning glitches that I've seen. Post #18 includes notes on using the Vortex as a Submarine. The sub-vortex trick works when you use a vortex on a unique jump and land in water. The jump into the lake above the dam is a natural for this glitch but limited to the upper dam lake. There are a few other natural spots to do the glitch but they're kind of tricky. Anyway, when the vortex lands in water after a USJ the slow-mo camera angle will persist until CJ is so far out of range that the water no longer supports the vortex. It's sink below the surface until it hit's bottom and the camera reverts to normal. The Vortex will continue is it's semi-buoyant flght mod and can be flown around under the sea like a mini-sub. It's one of the funner ways to explore under the sea as you don't need to worry as much about soft-spots, large rocks, and unclimbable hills. Try backing up the steep hills, btw. Sometimes it helps.


There are two vehicles placed under the water to support underwater exploration and the underwater USJ. I think they are unlocked by boat and bike school medals. Both are located in the Panopticon. An Infernus marks the large deep zone south of the mill, and an NRG is hidden under the bridge near the airport. Bikes don't sink, as you've noticed. You can get a BMX under the Verona Beach pier if you approach it correctly, but motorcycles aren't usually used for underwater travel, so we put one in.


IIRC, if you've got GSF in the other cities you still can't recruit them after Green Sabre, maybe. I'm not sure anymore so let me know how it turns out.


I seldom find GSF to be the least bit useful for anything so I tend to ignore them. The Coach or Bus might be able to hold a full crew of CJ+7.

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