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Unique Vehicles

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I have a question about Ned Burner's yellow Faggio. Does it always have the H and WP properties, or just like Wayne's bike from "Biker Heat", I have to kill Ned in a specific area?

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My bad, dude...Totally missed this post. Since it doesn't get much action (only from myself, basically) I didn't click the LCS Section, only the other Topic in which you asked for help in about StSBYF...Anything you want to know about LCS Special Vehicles, I can help you out cuz apparently the Guide will never get done, and that isn't an exaggeration. WildBrick142 quit I guess...As I told him, I should make the Guide and finish it in 5 days, not 5 years.


Anyways, any place you kill Ned Burner is fine. It's always H/PP/WP/EC. You can obtain this AND the EC Light Blue Faggio at the same time and pass the Mission. Just double drive his Faggio and the one given to you in the Mission back to a Garage. Can't get any easier, really.


A lot of Special Vehicles in LCS are quite easy to get. Out of the 74 I have, I can safely say only some of the 9MM Mayhem/Scooter Shooter Heavy Vehicles, some of the FP/PP/TP/EC Race Vehicles, and the H/TP/EC Banshee from The Trouble with Triads are challenging. The rest aren't very difficult. However, they are all addicting to obtain...Thus I basically went for them all except the EC Dark Brown Patriot, EC Pink Patriot with Chrome Plated Bumpers, EC White Pony, EC Navy Blue Manana, EC Light Blue Kuruma, EC Light Blue Speeder with White Stripes, and EC Light Blue Speeder with Grey Stripes.

Edited by MetalMilitia89
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Can you elaborate some more on "double driving" please? I've never heard of this before.
The way I'd do this mission is try and kill Ned near the safehouse, then take one bike inside the Staunton Island garage and drive the other one over to Shoreside Vale

(for Staunton Island garage, I collect the heavy black Sentinel from "A Walk In The Park", Campaign Rumpo from "Stealing The Vote", Faith W.'s Maverick from "False Idols" and Ned's Faggio)


Edited by Arsen Vitiuk
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Double driving (even triple driving is possible but MUCH harder) means you have both Vehicles in your sight and simply just get on the new one (Yellow Faggio) and drive it a ways up the street. Get off, but not TOO far away, and then run on foot back to the Blue one, drive that Blue one up to where the Yellow one is. Get off the Blue one again, get back on the Yellow one and drive a little further. Keep repeating by "double driving" them back to a Garage. The game leaves your last Vehicle driven in memory, so as long as you only drive both of these Faggios, none of them will disappear. Easily can drive them back to a Garage. I usually IMMEDIATELY spray SMG Bullets forward at Ned and kill him near the Church. I never allow the chase to go on so long. I literally skip the cutscene if him photographing Toni or whatever he does (as I told you I skip cutscenes, but noticed a flash as I am pressing X) and then I quickly jack the Blue Faggio and drive out of the compound area and literally kill him in 4-5 seconds of getting out of there. Then I slowly double drive both back to SI. Once I get to SI, though, I immediately take ONE of the TWO back to Portland since THAT is the more suitable Garage for tiny Vehicles like Motorcycles. After I store one of the Faggios in Portland, I come back for the next one and again take it to Portland. I put 1 OR 2 Cars inside Portland (as shown in my Photos of the Garages) and then 2 or 3 Bikes. So it's either 1 Car and 3 Bikes or 2 Cars and 2 Bikes. Some Cars literally can't fit side by side in there. You need to just "know" what fits and what all the Special Vehicles are to plan which ones you will store to maximize space. I assure you, you can push them out with Toni's body alone, however, if you park two incompatible Vehicles side by side, they more than likely will be stuck forever and can't get them out. The ones I have in my Photos all can be taken out. All the Special Vehicles I have, I can use and get them out of the Garages...


That Maverick is kinda big and is more appropriate for the SSV Garage:





There has been playthroughs where I took FIVE Vehicles from SI Story Missions before unlocking SSV. How? I did Love on the Rocks while keeping one in memory. That FP/PP (Unique Variation) Barracks OL you see? I left that in memory cuz in that playthrough, I needed to take 5 Vehicles from SI to get what I wanted. In older Saves (Since I did 6 PS2 Saves OVER for better Stats and made more Vehicles PP), I kept the Maverick in memory, though. Completed Love on the Rocks and then took the Vehicle I left in memory to SSV immediately and stored it over there and saved the game. I always return to SI and take the Maverick to SSV. It just seems like the better fit to put it inside there. If you look at all my Photos in my Profile or within the Guides, for all GTA's, you'd see how I keep things organized. Small Vehicles in small Garages, Medium Vehicles in Medium Garages, Large Vehicles in large Garages, etc, etc. I also organize them by properties at times, too. Like AP Vehicles with AP Vehicles, etc, etc, etc...


Btw, by the time you get to that Ned Burner Mission and kill him, SSV is unlocked...No need to keep that in SI like in your Spoiler...


Oh, and as I was saying about the double driving, that's how I got the EC Dark Grey PCJ-600 and EP/FP/EC Chrome Red PCJ-600 from Biker Heat. Double drove them back to Portland Garage from Chinatown. Got both at the same time and passed the Mission. However, I only did this on "another Save" since the better PCJ-600 is the H/BP/FP/WP/EC PCJ-600 and that needs Mission Passed to get it, so you couldn't get the others, unless you did another Save like I did...


Triple driving is exactly the same, only with triple driving and why it's much harder is you need to keep the camera on the THIRD Vehicle at all times, since only the last Vehicle driven is kept in memory. Thus, you need to keep the camera on the farthest away Vehicle and the one you drove last. This can be problematic to some. You can see a Video in my SA Guide about the AP Packer, AP Sultan, and DP/EP/FP BF-400 from rtyuijhggff. In his Video he triple drives them. My own Method? I just put the Sultan and BF-400 on the back of the Packer and drive them like that, slowly. Triple driving is very difficult since you need camera control the entire time and camera control on PS2 is a lot harder than PC, which he is playing on...

Edited by MetalMilitia89
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Triple driving is very difficult since you need camera control the entire time and camera control on PS2 is a lot harder than PC, which he is playing on...

You don't need camera control, you just gotta drive smaller distances.

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Not really. If you take the camera off the one you drove last, it's gone. The game keeps the Vehicle you are sitting in/on and the one you touched last in memory, with that "third" Vehicle being fair game to be deleted unless you keep the camera on it. Just like in rtyuijhggff's Video for the Packer/Sultan/BF-400 in SA...He barely drives far ahead, yet at ALL TIMES keeps the camera on that third Vehicle so it doesn't vanish...

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