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Mission Skip Trainer


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The mission "No. 1" freezes at loading screen everytime for me. So since I can't play it, im wondering if there is an a trainer out there that you skip missions with?

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I know with a regular trainer you can play different missions but they won't be in order.


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Update - I was able to fix it.


What I did was download this solid trainer here.




Using that I was able to do a fresh load, teleport to where the mission starts at (Brucies house), and then do the mission. I also just teleported through the waypoints during the race. I guess all it was was the game trying to do its horrible memory management, and so by teleporting i didnt give it time to load anything other than what was needed for the mission. Anyway I was able to get through it. Whew.


Rockstar support blows btw. Don't even bother. They were like... delete the game, redownload and start a new game. F&$^% U!

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