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Search is still broken!

Gnocchi Flip Flops

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Gnocchi Flip Flops

I'm basically going to continue off from my last complaint thread with pictures (below: I've done this exact search just like this for over a year now, and it worked up until a few months ago):




These are the results I got:




When I used to do this search before that random update in May, I got a lot of results in between May 1-14 and May 14- 2 weeks ago. But now every time I do a search, the results are this random and a lot of results that should be there are missing. Sometimes the first result will be June 29th and the second one will be February the 28th. I used to enter dates in my search to get better results from the past 3-4 days but now that no longer works.


It kind of makes the search function useless and I barely use it anymore because it doesn't give me what I want to see. On top of that, my user post count is screwed up. My latest 2-3 posts are always not showing up. I have to post some more for those results to show up, but still the most recent results don't show up.

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It works perfectly well for me, no random dates. It goes down in correct order.

What are you trying to find? Because everything I search for "StingrayX" comes up, last thing showing is 2 weeks ago and down for me too. If you're trying to find your posts, they won't show as you're looking for people who have quoted/said 'StingrayX' in their post. If you want to look at your own posts, go to your profile (or hit your name in the top right) and hit "My Content" and you can see all your posts, to a certain date.

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Thanks for reporting this again. (Un)fortunately the search function is working correctly for me too, using the exact same term/settings.


I have also checked your account directly and I see the exact same results as I do using my moderator account - nothing looks random or temperamental. I'm not sure what to suggest, but this is either unique to your client/browser or so temperamental that we haven't been able to replicate it.


It's normal for your most recent posts to not always show up immediately - new posts won't show up in results until the search indexes are updated, which happens every 30 minutes. The content of edited posts will only show up in results when a full search index rebuild happens, which is every 24 hours.

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Please do not PM staff regarding support issues - use The GTA Network Support Forum

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Gnocchi Flip Flops

Thanks for the replies. @Kalvin, that's the problem. I'm trying to find posts that have my name in them (mostly as quotes) and I know for a fact that there have been a lot of replies towards me in between now and two weeks ago.

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Thanks for the replies. @Kalvin, that's the problem. I'm trying to find posts that have my name in them (mostly as quotes) and I know for a fact that there have been a lot of replies towards me in between now and two weeks ago.

I also think it does not go by order of post date, not fully, or like it should, it seemed to when I ran it, on the first page at least, but then the subsequent pages blew that theory to poop. Went from October last year year to June of this year. Each page seems to be in order but the pages do not follow each other on that order order through, so you won't pick up where you left off when crossing pages. This is just what I noticed.

It is kinda like having chapter 1 being pages: 1 4 7 19 23 44, and chapter 2 being: 2 5 11 16 19 51


I think the pictures melded together, sorry about that.JaSbb4O.pngHVsqo9O.png


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Yup - search function have been acting all wonky for a while now.


I replicated the same issue the reported user is having by searching for my profile name, "Adriaan". The latest results are January 27th... although posts of mine have been quoted since then. The problem seems to come and go.


Thing is, it's not really a technical issue but the way the search function works on this newer version of IPB. The default sorting order is, "Last Update Time". So whenever an older topic gets bumped, that topic will show up first in the search results for your query.


As an example:


If someone posted the phrase "GTAV is a video game" on January 1st, and another user posted the exact same phrase on July 1st... the topic that was last bumped will show up first in the search results. Let's say the topic from January was recently bumped, then the post containing that phrase will show up first - not the one from more recently. This is why it seems like newer posts are "missing".


EDIT: This only happens when under "Display Results" you use "As posts" versus "As a topic list". If I use the latter, then I get a results output displaying more recent mentions of the phrase, e.g. "Adriaan".


EDIT 2: To get around the above issue, specifically restrict it to a desired date range. If you specifically select the more recent months, you'll get more recent results.



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