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What do you DISLIKE about GTA IV's story?

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19 hours ago, MrPhillips said:

I dislike Kate. Rockstar did not put tough choice when choosing between Roman and Kate.

To be fair if you played the game without spoilers they didn't give you a choice between Roman and Kate, only between deal and revenge, and then Roman or Kate dying is a surprise consequence. I know that like 99% of people (including myself) probably knew the consequences in advance but still, the way they did it it's a case of choosing which is the best move to make and then being punished either way, one more severely than the other, rather than picking who dies as you do in other missions. If you were only deciding whether deal or revenge was the best option it wouldn't necessarily be an easy choice. I can't imagine how gut wrenching it would be to pick Deal and and have Roman die as a total surprise lol, I wish I'd played it with no spoilers.


I agree though, they should've made Kate a bit more likeable and included her in the storyline more and had her and Niko actually in a romantic relationship by the end of the game, and she also should've stayed with you if Roman died, would've made for more balanced endings. If you hang out with her enough to hear all the dialogues it is clear that she and Niko are becoming close and does seem like a future relationship is probably on the cards, so even if you don't like her it's still a sad ending for Niko (prospect of settling down with someone who he genuinely liked and related to ripped away), but it's still nowhere near as sad for him as losing Roman (plus being dumped by Kate anyway lol). I don't get why they didn't just give them a closer relationship to balance it better.

Edited by billiejoearmstrong8

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Kate was a cvnt though. Either ending you choose you lose her. You choose the deal ending, she dumps your arse in a heartbeat. You choose the revenge ending, she dies. Also it’s not like she liked Niko in that way. She just liked him as a friend which is contradictory to what I said about her dumping Niko but she does say on one of the dates that she just wants to be friends with him. Which also explains why we can’t come in for “hot coffee”.

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I dunno, through the hanging out dialogues and also the dialogues before they attend the wedding it seems to be hinted pretty strongly that they have an increasingly deep connection as friends, and that the only reason the relationship isn't romantic is that Kate simply isn't ready for a romantic relationship with anyone - yet. She even tells Niko that if she was going to be with someone (as in a romantic relationship and eventually settling down) she'd want it to be him. It's just certain hang-ups she has and a wish not to be with someone who's involved with crime stopping it. I think it's heavily implied in the revenge version that if she hadn't been killed (and Niko had got out of the life of crime as they discussed en route to the wedding) her and Niko would've been in a romantic relationship in the near future.


Edited by billiejoearmstrong8

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To me she’s still a b1tch but to each their own

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3 minutes ago, Duhillestpunk said:

To me she’s still a b1tch but to each their own

Niko doesn't think she is though haha. Might not be sad for us that she dies but it is for him so it's still a sad ending (even if not as sad as the other one)

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