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So close to an accurate character, help please?


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This is my character:




As you may notice by the two pictures across from her, one is real and the other is in-game. The real woman is Misty Stone, model & adult film star. (i.e. do not google on your parent's computer) She actually voiced a prostitute in the game, don't know which one.


Anyways, I've been trying my hardest to get the right genetics, so far I only got the skin tone by throwing a hispanic grandparent into the lineage somewhere, and possibly a white one, I can't remember. The picture has an orangeish hue to it, her skin is dark, but not as dark as a 100% black online character.


The closest I have seen to her face on an NPC is that lap-dancer at the bottom of the picture. I think she's in one of the more expensive properties, I dunno.


I'm trying to recreate her face, but I've had no luck so far, the noses for online player characters (Especially black one) are very immobile in the sense that you don't get much better than what I have right now. I'm a little tired of glitching a character change every day or two, does anybody have any suggestions to help me get the most accurate character I can?


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I mean I've seen people trying to look like Lara Croft... but PORNSTARS? Jesus Christ on a cracker..


On topic: Due to the shoddy character creation system, you're probably stuck with that unfortunately.

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Well... if your character doesn't look like a tranny, then it's a success.




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