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[XBOX 360] Looking for a crew

iTs Jonny

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im 22 mature, active my timezone is GMT( which is UK time)... either message me on here or add me on xbox


GT- I Lord Jonny I

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SEOS-Spec Elite Outlaws



Founded Jun 18, 2014

SEOS is a free roam crew....
SEOS is actively recruiting a variety of players to fill our ranks! This means we do not discriminate on what rank or KD ratio you have. SEOS homes all ages. Here at SEOS we believe that everyone deserves a chance to either start over or begin!!!

SEOS has many leadership openings for those who show they have what it takes!

What does it take to move up in ranks? "Communication".......

Follow the crew rules below and you too will see that here at SEOS Our word is our bond.

We also have 3 SEOS Members ONLY clubs available for your enjoyment. SEOS Motorclycle Club(For the motorcycle enthusiast), SEOS Customs (for those who like it dripping wet with paint) and SEOS Ladies (Female character's ONLY).

As a member of SEOS, you are free to do as you please, as long as you can follow the crew rules.

1. SEOS must be SET to ACTIVE
2. No Team mate Killing
3. Respect Your Crew mates/No drama
4. Be active on the webpage and in-game.
5.Your Social Club must be registered, PSN/XBOX linked and public to view.
6. Play with your team mates. Help one another.




http://speceliteoutlaws.wix.com/seos (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

We are currently looking to build up numbers for Xbox platform so have a look and if you want join and we will get you added tonight, as of now there is only a few of us on xbox but that won't be for long, the crew was mainly PS3 but they opened up for xbox that's why i joined and am now openly recruiting, peace out mate.

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