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Maro Hannover

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Maro Hannover


I have a very bad News! very bad news! and it look really real! male22-male-cry-tears-smiley-emoticon-00


Our Friend or i mean Best Friend :cry:


It is very Difficult to be happy

But is very easy to be sad


a very good person who was in this forums died! He helped everyone

Everybody learned Programming from him.

I refer him as my teacher.

And it is very hard for everybody to hear this. That he is dead. Our Best Friend!


Was always a good man. A respectfull man. But what? We Lost Him :cry:

Ask God Forgivness for Our Friend


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TwerKing Armageddon

Oh its too sad and i am sorry to hear, he was online 18 Hours ago. R.I.P Member. although, no one can refuse death. every living being has to face it, hope he'll be in heaven.

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I guess you're not going to learn.


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