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Why are my cars disappearing?


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Been trying to move to a 6 car garage. I already downsized one of my 10 car garages to JUST 6 vehicles. When I replace that garage with a 6 car garage it only transfers 4 of my f*cking cars. i can put 2 more in it but my current 6 cars WILL NOT TRANSFER. So I am stuck using a 10 car garage atm with only 6 flippin cars...


Anybody else having this problem? I'm trying to move from Weazel to a 6 car in Paleto Bay.


I would move on with life and forget the 2 cars but they're my most expensive cars lol, any help appreciated

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The problem - You have to put your wanted cars in 6 slots; on the left as soon as you walk in. So basically, first 5 on the left, 1 of them on the right in the back.



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It transfers the first six slots, even if they are empty. What ^^ said, put the cars in the slots 1-6, where the x's are in the diagram below.


Sort-of bird's eye view of garage:



Back of Garage

[x] [x]


[x] [ ]


[x] [ ]


[x] [ ]


[x] [ ]

Garage door


Slots 7-10 you don't actually lose, they are saved, but you can only access them if you replace the garage with a 10 car garage.

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Oh I see, alright thanks guys I'm actually surprised the forum was this helpful :lol:

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