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Windows Live Update does not work

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hello, i need help with my Games for Windows Live.

first i thought it was normal because of the GFWL shutdown, but it is already confirmed that GFWL will still be. anyway, i need help.


i have gta iv and both dlcs (no eflc, they are GFWL DLCs) and Windows 7 64 bit.

the game runs great with no lag etc, but my Live Account is always offline.


everytime i log in, it wants to download an update.

and everytime i wanted to do it, this appeared after closing the game to continue:


"this product requires windows xp sp2, windows server 2003 sp1 or greater"


i used compatibility mode, but it doesn't change anything.

my live marketplace works great. i need this because i want to play the multiplayer with friends. LAN is still working, but i need access to my account to play online. i can't use xlive.dll or something either, because online multiplayer is still not working and TLaD or TBoGT won't start if i am not logged in. however, they start even if my account is offline.


please, i need help :(

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found the problem, i'll tell ya, so no one has to fight with this again.


go to appdata > local > microsoft > xlive > updates and start the update with compatibility mode, not the game itself

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