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The Flash Bankers


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The Flash Bankers

"If you can actually count your money, then you're not a rich man."


Following a successful period of producing counterfit money in Britain in the early 2000s, The Flash Bankers found themselves with an abundance of surplus cash. Having gone under the radar for around 10 years, the fake money in circulation began to be noticed following a police raid on an ‘abandoned warehouse’ following a tip from the former friend of The Flash Bankers, Len. When The Flash Bankers became aware that Len had tipped off the Police of their production warehouse, he was brutally murdered on the streets of London. As a result of this high profile murder, The Flash Bankers were forced to flee the country before they were questioned about the murder of Len.


The Flash Bankers soon found themselves landing at Los Santos International Airport and it is here that they have begun to re-establish themselves by completing jobs for the well-known drug kingpin Martin Madrazo; the efficient yet creepy coordinater Lester Crest; and TPI owned by the psychotic Trevor Philips.


The primary location of The Flash Bankers in Los Santos is the Pacific Standard Public Deposit Bank.


It is here that The Flash Bankers have setup and continued their production of counterfit money.


Alternatively, if for whatever reason a member of The Flash Bankers needs to lay low, they can be found at the crew’s luxury safehouse at La Fuente Blanca.




With regard to vehicles there is currently only one confirmed crew vehicle which is the Enis Huntley S. However, we are looking to expand to around 3 official crew cars but to reach the decision on the other 2 a discussion between any members who join will be had to determine which classy/high-end vehicles we could use as crew vehicles.




Whilst on crew business it would be preferred if any member of The Flash Bankers would wear formal attire such as a suit or a shirt and tie. However, this may not always be deemed necessary and therefore more casual attire could be suitable at given times. A suit is my personal choice.




As we are a brand new crew, The Flash Bankers are yet to form any alliances, though it is something I consider high on my agenda and should any member of an MC, Mafia or any other crew feel that we could get along well, then let me know.


As above but with allies comes rivals and as soon as we have one they are sure as hell being named and shamed.


Crew Emblem:

It would be an understatement to say that creating emblems isn’t particularly my strong point, therefore anyone interested in joining can feel free to attempt an emblem for the crew and it would be majorly appreciated!

As of this moment in time, The Flash Bankers is a PS3 only crew, but we may expand to Xbox in the future if demand is high enough.
A mic is preferred as it helps to build a more solid, tight-knit crew.
Age and location will not play a factor (for those interested I am 18 and UK based)

Let me know if you are interested in joining by:

· Leaving a comment on this post

· Joining the crew via the social club page - http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_flash_bankers
and then by sending me a message on my social club account -
Or by sending me a message here on the GTA Forums

· Alternatively you can send me a friend request and message on PSN, my id is DanCooper96


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