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GTA V Tournamnet! (xbox) 50$ Prize money !

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Hello! i'm Hosting a GTA V Tournamnet for Xbox 360! with a prize of 50$ (hoppefully more)

its completly free to enter ofc!

the gamemode will be Team Deathmatch on a Map which is based on the Whole world so there will be tons or Air,Ground and car fights (like a full out war) there will be no timer. i know the map looks a bit messy, but as the game goes on everyone will spawn closser and closser to eachother. and as i said, the plan is to have a full out war.

the tournament will be held next month, we're still looking for a good Date.

Team Size: 4-8

Map: http://socialclub.ro...pA?platformId=1

Game type: Team Deathmach.

Free Aim.

Rules: Tanks are banned and so are Mini-Guns. everything else is fine.

Money can be transfered via Bank or BTC.

i know this is not much information at the moment but there will be more Soon!

Even tho we haven't set a date yet you can still Sign up http://binarybeast.c...rticipants#info Teams will ONLY be Confirmed if you PM me saying you're 100% going to attend.

we are going to use Aa Quakenet so we can chat and set up the games fast and easy.!

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