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Limit for number of dff adding?


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Hi I have been working on a SA total conversion project for at least one year already but I have just encountered an odd problem.


Gtasa will crash whenever i add more than 6 dff/col files in IMG, (tried on another computer, that one crash on more than 4 =.=)


I have been adding quite a lot of dff/col files in the past year and never seen this problem before. I even tried deleting some existing dff/col (let say delete 6 files add in 6 new files), but still doesn't work.


Tried on new gtasa install, result is the same.


Can anyone offer help please, thx! :)

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The best you can do to surpass this col limit is to embed as many col as possible in a single col, as you may have noticed R* did that with their map cols.

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