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The Equalizer


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So last night I was at the new Transformers: Age of Extinction premiere (which was eh) and during freebies time when they would show previews and trailers of upcoming movies, The Equalizer came up. My first thought was: this is literally Man on Fire 2, except it feels more promising.






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Isn't this based on a television series from the eighties?

"One day I will think of this as just another job. After all, this is what I do."

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Not only that but it seems like actors these days take any film thrown at them. Is hollywood that bad still to where actors have to act in just about any type film?


Sure it's Denzel, so I'll watch it.. but this looks a bit cheesy to me. Plus it's that chick that Big Momma's 2 and Kick-Ass.. meh.


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Mr. Scratch

It looks pretty good, and as much as I liked Man on Fire, this doesn't really look that much like it.

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i have faith in this movie. it seems like an old school gritty hard R action thriller.


it is directed by Antoine Fuqua who knows his action and doesnt have a bland shakey cam style. plus its in IMAX. not many hard r action movies come out in IMAX anymore its usually the loud cgi garbage.

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