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Things GTA IV did better than GTA V


Recommended Posts

Is this a write 100 reasons why IV is better topic? :lol:


14. Infinite Vigilante

15. Good looking super cars/sports cars (except for the Infernus :lol: )

16. Pedestrians don't call the police on you for standing next to them

17. No terminator accuracy police

18. Better multiplayer with more options to mess with

Edited by B Dawg
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21. Better ragdoll physics, I still lmao when people fall after I ran into them or in the train station stairs.

22. Pickable random objects and you can throw them at people.

23. Pool.

24. Bowling.

25. A lot of friends and better friend activities and things to do with them, even if they don't like something you can still go there and do it.

26. Better subway.

27. Funny cops (fat cops mostly).

28. Beaten mode in pedestrians after the bars in the health circle are gone.

Edited by Voggens
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29. Better and limited amount of ammo and weaponry (more realistic)

30. Better indirect connections between the main protagonists.

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31. The feel of being a real criminal

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Vice City criminal

32.- Bowling/Roman Phone calls.

Edited by Vice City criminal
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Hakumai. I loved drivng this as Niko when he lived in the ishtty areas. I just felt...right. Hakumai-GTA4-modified-front.jpgAlso you could turn friendly fire off and turn police off while online...

Edited by ex3dpro
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Gnocchi Flip Flops

35 - The little details such as hidden interiors in Beechwood City and random hidden parks in Algoqnuin

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37. No Trevor Phillips.


38. No peds who run off crying to the cops at any excuse imaginable.

Edited by Aaron030792
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40. No unlikable protagonists. (Luis is a cantidate actually, but I will cut him some slack because 25 missions may noy have been enough to develop him as a character. Besides, the guy is f*cking hilarious. "Oye you making my eyes water man, you ugly". Also, I like his screams for some reason. "SHIIIIIIIIIIT! NO, NO, NOOOOOOOOOO! AHHHHHHHHH!" Plus, I really liked when he stood up for Brucie.)


(Niko and Johnny need no explanation for why they are awesome. Michael is O.K. but his character is sometimes inconsistant. Franklin is f*cking boring, and Trevor is the worst of them all.)




42. You can kick people in the nuts as one of the fighting moves for when you dodge and counter-attack


43 Much more fun to ride a helicopter. In V it was not fun because you had that stupid turbulence. The turbulence should at least be removed if you max out the flying stats of your character.


44. Focus was on SP rather than online.

Edited by nobum62
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45. City is more realistic to NY

46. City feels more alive

47. More criminal related activities

48. Better crime activities on streets

49. Better police system

50. Better shooting system

51. Being able to crouch

Edited by AnDReJ98
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52. Better music, radio stations are done better. More talk radio, too.

53. Cars sound a lot better

54. More variety of law enforcement vehicles (NOOSE Cruiser, NOOSE Patriot, Annihilator, FIB Buffalo etc) that are utilized and sent after you

55. Cops try to chase you realistically, not just ram you. They also pit maneuver you realistically.

56. You have to find the best supercars and not just buy them. Owning them is more rewarding.

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57. Blista Compact

58. Blista Compact

59. Blista Compact

60. More Blista Compact


Seriously, why did they remove my all time favorite GTA car?

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58. Hotdogs

59. Burgershot

60. Cluckin Bell

61. LCHC (Hardcore Punk and many genres of Metal)

62. Johnny Klebitz

63. Jim Fitzgerald

64. Clay Simons

65. Terry Thorpe

Edited by B Dawg
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Aleph, I know, man. Blista Compact is one of my all time favourite GTA cars. :D


And as said before, the Hakumai.

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66. Nightclubs

67. Immersion

68. Air Hockey

69. Rewards for friend outings

70. Funnier pedestrian comments

71. Better choice of clothing (sometimes more isn't better)

72. A heist that was actually for yourself

73. Less government activity

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Longer, better written and more meaningful story. Characters to like and actually care about. Cars actually get deformed when crashing. Better selection of cars (more sedans and coupes, with tuner variants) and more diverse controls. Motorcycles are actually useful in IV, and more fun than V for that matter. V has way too much super cars and the cars all feel the same, they all drive as sports cars. A wooden AK and better gun selection. Combat Pistol in IV was a Desert Eagle, in V it's a USP or something. Better gun sounds. No military and government interactions, except for the UL Paper contact - but he wasn't exactly making you do Call of Duty-esque missions (i.e. GTA V's "Monkey Business") and he actually helps you in the end. More realistic ragdoll and pedestrian damage effects (they can limp away after beaten too hard and hold their wounds after being shot too much compared to V where they just die.). Better melee combat system. Better map (V is bigger, not better. Don't confuse the two). More minigames, such as pool and bowling, more friends to hangout and more meaningful conversations with them. More interiors and an actual eating option. No health regeneration. I prefer simple cops over terminator cops, so the cop system is better in IV. Better soundtrack and Lazlow was actually funny. Richard Bastion was pretty good too. More side-jobs. An online mode more focused on fun and less on milking their fans for money.


Honestly, the only thing V does better than IV without question is graphics... V came out 5 years after IV, so OBVIOUSLY it's going to.

Every. Single. Other thing. Is arguably (remember; arguably) better in IV than it is in V.

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I can't over-emphasize the driving and the overall lack of a dumbed down mainstream feel. Yes I know that GTA is cultural phenomenon that is indeed mainstream but GTA IV feels gritty and more grounded. Those two aspects are important to me and what I absolutely love about GTA IV.

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74. More Challenge in missions

75. Feels like the GTA that started it all

76. Roman Bellic

78. stranger missions have more use to the story (Certain characters become a random character mission if you let them live)

79. Weapons were better and balanced (let me explain, in GTA V, some weapons feel useless such as the combat pistol compared to the pistol. However in IV you only had 2 of each weapon type, each had their own advantages and disadvantages.)

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Gnocchi Flip Flops

The voice acting in IV is miles better than V's mediocre and uncreative and at times weak voice acting. Michael Hollick in IV was a phenomenal voice actor and personally I think he deserved more than $100000 for his voice acting.

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81. More action and badass fights moves in cutscenes (Niko breaks Dardan's arm/defeats Brucie twice, Johnny punches a guard/kicks Ray's gun, Luis kicks the Chinese Mobster's gun and knock him out with a punch...)

82. Better developed and unforgettable villains like Dimitri, Vlad, Bulgarin, Billy.

83. Dancing.

84. Rain ambient is better.

Edited by Voggens
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85. That ear ringing sound from explosions

86. You can take damage and survive an explosion

87. The car explosions chain much less stupidly

88. Food stands

89. 6 star wanted levels

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The fanboyism in this thread is contagious.

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