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New Rumor & Speculation Type Threads Each Update?

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Don't know why I didn't see this section before, makes sense now as to why when I sent this suggestion to a mod, they never replied, I guess.

Given the amount of threads created about so many of the rumors, speculated rumors, and everything in between every update, is it possible to simply have a fixed thread for this stuff, updated every new update? The old gets a padlock, a new one is started, and we continue from there.

This same strategy can be used for the Bitch & Moan, Share Your Stories, and a lot more filter threads as well. I really think the primary reason people choose not to post in main threads of these kind is because of the amount of content already in them.

A new poster would look at the thread, if it's even up on the front page, and they figure "well no one is going to bother scrolling to page 83 of topic X, see my post, then reply, so let me just post a new thread about X!" And they aren't exactly wrong there. It also gives a good platform to state, at the very top of the Online section, that this is where all of this crap goes to, not spamming the boards and bogging everything down.


General idea is what I've used before myself when I've held admin and mod titles on other forums, and it worked pretty well. Like I added in my PM to said mod when I suggested it to them, I can also PM a draft starting post for these types of threads, if need be.

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Good suggestion, we'll look into it.


If you can, send me that draft. :^:

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