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The Concept Creators' Lounge

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Is this thread still alive? just wanted to give a bit update on Hustler of L.V.


I've been busy in real-life, but still got enough free time for concepts. But I put my priority on finishing the concept on fanon wiki first before transforming it into this forum version. Apparently I want to rename all characters as well (not only the protagonist) to avoid mixing both projects when I worked on both of them.

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Posted (edited)
9 hours ago, wise_man said:

Is this thread still alive?

Honestly not really dude.


Would love to see your concept here though.

Edited by DownInThePMs
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Posted (edited)

Thought I'd post some ideas on my Borders concept DLC to keep this thread active.


Anyway, while I'm working on and off on the Rust Belt (Carcer City) concept, I've massively rewritten the standalone DLCs for GTA: Borders, and I plan on making separate threads for each of them.


Grand Theft Auto: Chasing The Dragon (1994)

Set in an alternate 1994 timeline of Southern San Andreas and heavily inspired by Vice City Stories as well as early-to-mid 90s action comedies such as Bad Boys an Lethal Weapon, you take control of of two characters, Ryan Washington and Javier Madrazo. A new exclusive part of the map, Castillo Island (based on Catalina Island), is introduced to this DLC, located across the ocean south of the Los Santos mainland.


Ryan Washington is an ex-Vice Squad detective hailing from Vice Point, Vice City. Hanging on the coattails of the glitz, glamor and drugs of the mid-to-late 1980s, things unexpectedly come to a close in 1990, when Ryan is betrayed and left for dead by his partner, Albert Alonzo, during a drug deal with the Cubans, in a period when the FIB were coming down hard on corrupt cops like him and Alonzo. After many pulling of strings and 'paying through the ass' in bribes, he is declared free from wrongdoing by both the VCPD and the FIB after the hit and moves to Los Santos, where he works as a petty thief and hired gun for whichever criminal organization that pays decently, though he is now broke, lives in a run-down house in Praetorian Beach and is stripped of all his prestige, wealth and infamy. He still holds a grudge against Alonzo as of 1994, who he hears is now working as an enforcer for a major criminal organization in the West Coast.


Javier Madrazo, first appearing in GTA V, is the underdog of the Madrazo family, and a man often frowned upon by his cousin Martin for his reckless antics, despite his good intentions for the organization. Exiled temporarily from the Madrazo Cartel in Texas for bringing the cops to one of their drug labs, Martin banishes him to Southern San Andreas, where as of 1994, now spends his days running smaller operations in the not-so-profitable region for drug barons such as Martin due to the monopoly held by other gangs in the city. During this time, Javier hears of a major heroin deal between the Algonquin Triads as well as the local Zapata and Bronson Crime Families in Los Santos, and sets his sights on becoming one of the key players by eliminating one of the organizations to curry favor the Triads, believing this to be the moment where he can finally get the respect he deserves from his cousin back in Texas by turning the state into a goldmine for the cartel.


Ryan and Javier would both soon cross paths after the former is tasked with hitting one of the small operations run by Javier and his associates for a less-than-stellar client. Impressed by his quick takeover skills, Javier takes him in and after some takeovers in Los Santos and soon attempts to muscle in control in the city to ensure their place in the deal with the Triads.


Empire-building returns from VCS and plays a major role in this concept, albeit in a different form where you purchase existing properties, ranging from abandoned warehouses to mid-century-modern landmark homes, often after a gun battle with other gangs, where a space in the property is allocated for your illicit businesses. Gangs whose businesses you can take include the Families, the Vagos, the Ballas, the Aztecas, the Pack, the Angels of Death and the Calle 13. Once the business is taken over, pay days are announced via pager weekly, where profits are split 50% and 50% between Javier and Ryan.


Lawyers are also a key feature of the concept, as they are responsible for keeping the paperwork on the legitimacy of your businesses and properties in the state. They also help to lessen the hold that the police have on you when you do get busted, depending on how good the lawyer you hire is. Each lawyer has their own perks, and some lawyers have bonuses which others don't that can help ensure the longevity of your businesses.


I plan on also having a chapter that is briefly set in the nightclub district of Ocean Beach, Vice City, as part of a mid-game mission arc, where gameplay would be somewhat similar to Yakuza.


Updated stations:

'Purchasing' the DLC updates the existing stations in the original Borders storyline, though the DLC can be 'bought' as a standalone title.


Non Stop Pop FM (80s-90s Pop, Acid Jazz, Sophisti-pop, R&B, Techno)

Tequi-La-La Radio (Alternative Rock, Alternative Metal, Glam Metal, Skate Punk)

Radio X (West Coast Punk Rock)

Los Santos Rock Radio (AOR, Hard Rock, Soft Rock, Power Pop, Heavy Metal)

Radio Los Santos (West Coast Rap, Southern Hip Hop, G-Funk)

INI Radio (Reggae Fusion, Dancehall, Dub)

The Lowdown (Jazz-Funk, Soul, R&B, Funk)

Space 103.2FM (Boogie, Jazz-Funk, Post-Disco)

Deepness 92 (Deep House)

WCTR (Talk Show)


New stations:

The DLC introduces 1 new station.


Mint Jams Radio (Japanese Jazz Fusion)


Grand Theft Auto: Burning Wheel (2022)

Set in an alternate post-pandemic 2022 timeline and inspired by Fast & Furious, Burnout and Midnight Club games, you take control of two characters, Donnie Fitzgerald and Marty Plemmons. New exclusive locations for this DLC include Hydra Springs, Modoc Forest and Ocelot (loosely based on Palm Springs and parts of Riverside and the San Bernardino National Forest), located east of Crawford and Little Rock.


Donnie, once an infamous and proud street racer and getaway driver in the Los Santos Underworld during the tuner heyday of the early-to-mid 2000s, until a bad race against dirty driver Zach 'Chico' Fernandez leaves him almost penniless. Using loans and savings to scrape together some cash for an old garage out in Veneration Beach in 2013, Donnie turns it into a customs workshop, hoping this would turn back the profits for him, though this leaves him trapped in a huge debt cycle. Business gets progressively worse with each passing year, in part due to competition with Los Santos Customs and Bennie's, and hits a low point in 2020, during the Covid pandemic. With barely any customers to work with and in hock in over $40,000 for some unsavory types in the city, a sect of the Armenian Alliance, led by ringleader Karine Zakaryan, puts Donnie on their sh*tlist, threatening him with violence and the destruction of his  business if he does not pay back his debts. With the odds all against his favor, Donnie contemplates going back into crime to solve his problems.


Marty is an out-of-towner hailing from the Southwest, active as a racer in the Nevada and Arizona region and is widely believed to have had military experience as well as a dark past centered around the criminal organizations in that region, not to mention a brief homeless stint in Venturas. What was originally supposed to be a short stopover in San Andreas quickly turned into an employment opportunity for him as he meets Donnie at a bar, where despite the relatively lousy pay, Marty took up the job anyhow, due to him needing to lay low after 'a major incident' back in the Southwest as well as a desire to keep himself employed in the aftermath of the pandemic. This was a plus for Donnie as well as he needed a skilled wingman to pull the job for Karine. A father-son relationship begins between Donnie and Marty over the course of the storyline, as they attempt to overcome their troubles to prevail in the cruel landscape of Southern San Andreas.


Racing Clubs, a feature from Midnight Club 3 and Midnight Club: LA, make their debut in this DLC, split into different classes and can either be run by legitimate clubs or by street gangs, such as the Ballas, Vagos, The Lost MC and the Uptown Riders. Clubs contain several races into one continuous pool, and beating a club grants you exclusive mods, vehicles as well as the respect of the gangs you compete against. Red Light Races against random street racers in the region also return, and Donnie/Marty can compete with racers around Southern San Andreas and exchange contact details to get notified of any races happening in town.


Side missions include Impound Breakout, where Donnie/Marty helps a client retrieve their vehicle from the police impound and has to survive a time limit, Road Bashing, where an armored sportscar is used to ram police cars off the road to help a getaway driver make their exit, Bomb Threat, where a bomb is diffused by driving really fast under the time limit, Convoy, a high-speed mission where you stick close to a convoy of sports cars while you have a five-star wanted level and Scare, where the player has to drive maniacally to scare the target in a vehicle, and many more to come.


The Shop is the main safe point in the DLC, located in Santa Domingo, overlooking the beautiful Veneration Beach west of the city center, with the ability to store 32 vehicles. The space is customizable, and the decor can be changed to suit a certain look. This is where many of the missions, races and jobs begin, and where side missions take place, such as Chop Shop, Import/Export, Towing and Resupply, involving the hijacking or destruction of Los Santos Customs supplies and assets for your own use. Car modifications can be done in the shop at a considerably cheaper price compared to other businesses, though supplies are limited, and where new modifications are added usually after successful completion of races or missions. That said, Donnie and Marty, once they make enough money, are able to purchase more garages across the map, with their own list of cars to collect and the option to fast travel becomes available, though the main base of operations is still the Veneration Beach Shop.


When Donnie/Marty gets busted or wasted with a personal car nearby, the vehicle will get impounded, and they can either pay the cops to get it back or do some wet work for the police, mostly involving the bugging of a vehicle as well as tailing suspects.


Updated stations:

'Purchasing' the DLC updates the existing stations in the original Borders storyline, though the DLC can be 'bought' as a standalone title.


Vinewood Boulevard Radio (Electronic Rock, Alternative Rock, Blues Rock)

Radio Mirror Park (Indie Pop, Electronica, Psychedelic Pop, Synthwave)

Ego Death FM (Industrial, Post-Punk)

Non Stop Pop FM (Modern Pop)

Neon Roads FM (Neo-soul, Future Soul, Alternative R&B)

Radio Los Santos (Contemporary Hip Hop & Rap)

West Coast Classics (Classic Hip Hop, Hyphy)

Deepness 92 (Lo-Fi House)

WCTR (Talk Show)


New stations:

The DLC introduces 3 new stations.


Futuro Los Santos (Modern Jazz-Funk, Indietronica, Electro-funk Revival, Neo-Soul)

Re-Wire 98.7FM (IDM, Chillout, Jungle Revival, Future Garage)

City Nights Radio (Future Funk)

Edited by DownInThePMs
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Real talk, you know what we need to spice things up and add some activity to the mix?

A GTA concept that starts an entirely new universe separate from both the HD Universe and the 3D Universe. It can borrow elements from both eras of course, such as place names and maybe reimagined gangs (sort of like how the Ballas and Families were in GTA V)

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Jezus Holy Christ
On 6/10/2021 at 7:00 AM, Big Fat Paulie said:

Real talk, you know what we need to spice things up and add some activity to the mix?

A GTA concept that starts an entirely new universe separate from both the HD Universe and the 3D Universe. It can borrow elements from both eras of course, such as place names and maybe reimagined gangs (sort of like how the Ballas and Families were in GTA V)


I think about this exact same thing a lot, though maybe with some slight differences: I want to have one single cohesive narrative about everything that has happened in the GTA universe, and what's real within it and what isn't, or what parts are myths and what parts aren't.


My Anywhere movie concept (which I'm still writing, but ofc I can't prioritize it and real life limits me, so it's still far from finished) is an attempt at that. It takes place in its own separate timeline, but while doing that it also takes elements from all previous universes and brings them together to create this final, greater layer of GTA timeline. Everything we've seen before does indeed exist, but not necessarily in the way it has been presented before. Some events and people aren't as great or impactful as they were portrayed in the 3D games.


In this vision, the 2D, 3D, and HD universe timelines and events are all different takes on the truth, hence their inconsistencies, technological improvements over time, and increased complexity. So we have seen some of what's happened, but through a very warped and altered medium. Starting with Anywhere, we'll see what reality all those stories were based on.

Edited by Jezus Holy Christ
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