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Pooyan Cyrus

The Concept Creators' Lounge

Recommended Posts

Big Fat Paulie
2 hours ago, DownInTheHole said:

short answer is go wild with it. theres no rules to what you can or cant do

Awesome. I've got a few ideas for concept threads and would it be okay if I discussed them with you over PM? I really like your concept threads, so I'd appreciate your input on my ideas.

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Hi guys!


For quite some time now, I had one idea on my mind that I finally want to finalize and bring to life and basically it regards the creation of the concept with a little bit different nature from the traditional concepts I've seen on the forums, hence I thought I might make an enquiry first.


From what I have encountered so far, almost every concept is related to story and mission building and contrary to that, I was thinking of making a " gameplay " concept, where I would elaborate and work out ideas on how I see things could get improved in that sense or what would be cool to see and experience in GTA franchise that is more closely related to game modes, AI, systems and mechanics mainly in free roam - open world gameplay. 


Also, one part of the concept's nature would be certain critique on how Rockstat handled that department so far and in contrast, exploring how gameplay elements could be upgraded, expanded and how they could ultimately evolve with the ever progressing technology in order to bring us more.


I would be working out ideas tied to some of the well known gameplay elements, for example; something specific like " Respect System " we saw in GTA 2 or something more typical and constantly present like " Wanted System ". 

Of course, I will try to shed light on some still unseen gameplay elements, like " Prison System " and how it could enrich gameplay sphere and ironically, how it could deepen the sense of freedom with numerous other submodes contained within itself, eventually coming to a point to show how diverse and fun gameplay should really be in a video game.


Since I'm not a programmer or a modder I wouldn't even think of doing anything too technical other than simply logically foreseeing how some particular things and aspects could be handled or trying to create a general framework for any specific idea and visualize logic behind it in most simple of ways.


For the closing word, it needs to be said that something like this is a ' constant work in progress ' considering how much things I have in mind, their complexity, personal lack of time sometimes, but I really wouldn't even want to start without making at least one specific idea previously finished and ready to be 'published'.


Any input in form of suggestions or general guidance is greatly appreciated!

Edited by ChengizVlad09

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Some early radio station logo drafts on paper for GTA: Underworld, to be done in Illustrator or something as part of a big update and post in the coming months


I'm also going to give each gang a logo as well, as part of the whole respect system thing



Edited by DownInTheHole

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Big Fat Paulie

Given that tomorrow is literally Halloween, do any of you ever consider the possibility of a horror-themed GTA concept? It could be it's own game concept or a concept for a DLC like Undead Nightmare was for the first Red Dead Redemption.

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A poorly cropped collage of some quick pen doodles/drafts of GTA 1-style character mugshots I've done during my break at work that I'm also planning on adding to the character bio in Underworld, inspired by the artstyle of Chinatown Wars & London, Ridge Racer Type 4 and some comic books/manga.


They're not perfect, but they should give you a pretty good idea of what the characters might look like in the concept.




Also, happy halloween guys!

Edited by DownInTheHole

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first time creating weapon icons, will do the logos and map after this



Edited by DownInTheHole

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I'm also thinking of doing a Carcer City concept set in 1996-97 based on ObsydianRaven/sethpenguin's first concept on it, concurrently with Underworld, and before the Appalachian concept. (I'm putting the Borders concept on hold because I'm not very satisfied with it at the moment.) I'm not sure if I can do that though.


It's going to have similar characters (with a loner Native American male as the protagonist) and radio stations (with an emphasis on grunge/alternative metal/industrial metal and east coast hip hop/Memphis horrorcore, though I'm planning on including Detroit techno, trip hop, quiet storm/funk, classic rock, jazz and a mid-90s Rave/Chicago house/Breakbeat stations as well, along with the drum n' bass/jungle, death metal and 90s R&B featured in the original concept), but with a much different storyline split into 6 Chapters a la RDR 2 (though it likewise begins with a botched robbery) and a slightly more sympathetic cast of characters, whose violent actions are brought about as a result of their environment rather than sadism or hedonism. Aesthetic-wise, the game, and by extent, Carcer City, is much more inspired by The Wire and True Detective, with elements of mid-90s Rave/industrial culture rather than Manhunt (though references to it will appear in this concept).


Wrote a bit about the city and the protagonist  as well as an overview of the radio stations below.





"In a city where the American Dream is long dead and its inhabitants reverting to their primal instincts of survival, a young man fresh out of the pen seeks for answers amidst a series of questionable betrayals and gang wars."



Carcer City in this concept is located in the Midwest in the GTA equivalent of Michigan, near the Canadian border, and while it is mostly based on Detroit, it is also inspired by other Rust Belt cities such as Gary, Camden, Pittsburgh and Flint, with many suburbs and a few farms located near it, connected by a vast highway system that parallels GTA V's. That said, however, as the emphasis is on the city itself, flying will not play a huge role in this concept, and aircraft is mostly restricted to helicopters and biplanes, rather than the elaborate and large planes featured in V.  A river loosely based on the Detroit River runs through the city and the surrounding suburbs, occasionally catching fire due to the waste present in the water, connected to a relatively large lake based on Lake Michigan in the southern part of the map.


Founded in 1835 and gaining its namesake from a large penitentiary built around what is now known in '96 as the Downtown area, Carcer City was known as 'Assembly City' due to its then-thriving automobile manufacturing industry pre-1970. The international import boom and outsourcing of factory work after the Vietnam War has not treated its inhabitants well, with many factories closing down and causing a  rapid phenomenon of white flight from the city, depriving its city of job opportunities and investors. The city is now a crumbling and desolate shell of itself, being a cross between a ghost town, a failed state, a hedonistic paradise and Purgatory, with high crime and murder rates, failing infrastructure and dilapidated landmarks, formerly the pride and joy of its people, remaining ill-maintained due to a mixture of corruption and a lack of Federal budget or care. In short, the city is a tragic product of unforeseen circumstances and a changing time, and a prime example of how a transition to an information age can lead to a Rust Belt problem in America's inner cities. A large wealth inequality exists within the city, with pockets of affluent neighborhoods and high-rises which contrast the gritty, downtrodden ghettos surrounding them.


Two of the largest criminal syndicates in the city, The Pharaohs, a predominantly African-American organisation and a former civil rights group, acting as the heads of many street-level gangs, and The Motor Union, a mostly-white congregation consisting of disgruntled, former factory workers, as well as their descendants, with ties to the Pavano Crime Family in Liberty City as well as certain white supremacist and biker gangs, are engaged in a perpetual game of tug-of-war, with connections deep into the City Council and carrying out large-scale narcotics operations across the city, stemming both from the city's economic problems as well as the fallout of the crack epidemic which began in the East Coast in the 80s. Despite a few skirmishes, the two factions are as of yet not engaged in an all-out gang war. Many smaller gangs, which include gangs such as the Hmong Wild Boyz, the mixed-race Midtown Hoods and the Latino Innocentz, while not as influential or organized as the two gangs mentioned above, are responsible for much of the street-level violence and drug peddling.


The city is temperate and therefore experiences four seasons, with changing seasons between each chapter. The game begins in the cold winter of '96 and ends with the warm summer of '97, reflecting the themes of hope in the face of darkness that will be present in this concept.



While the concept features one main protagonist, there are a few characters that the player can control in certain chapters/missions in the storyline. For the sake of length, only the main character will be discussed below.


The concept follows the story of Richard "Ricky" Youngblood (portrayed by Alex Meraz), a 28-year old Native American criminal and drifter of Lakota descent, following his sudden, possibly initiated release from prison in 1996 stemming from a botched heist in late 1989. Born in 1968 in the infamous Primrose Native American Reservation in South Yankton, Ricky had a tough upbringing, getting involved with gangs and the drug trade at a young age. Ricky's parents were killed during a drug raid by federal agents circa 1975, which traumatized him significantly. Despite spending his early childhood in the rez, Carcer City remains the location which has brought the most impact in his life.


His uncle and surrogate parent, Thomas "Tommy" Youngblood, the owner of Tommy's Autoparts in Midtown, is a former U.S. Army sergeant who fought at Khe Sanh in 1968, and was involved in an altercation with the FIB during the occupation of a town near the Primrose rez in the climax of a massive Indian Rights protest in 1974, where he allegedly shot and killed three agents, but was never proven guilty. After a brief stint in prison, where he learns of the deaths of Ricky's parents, he takes matters into his own hands and develops a newfound sense of obligation, and decides to move out of the rez along with a 10-year old Ricky, relocating to Carcer City in 1976 in the hopes of providing him with a better life. Unfortunately for him, the city had already entered a state of decline during this time, and was unable to stop Ricky from succumbing into a life of drugs and crime, a decision which he regrets dearly when Ricky decides to speak to Tommy in the game.


During the period between 1982 and 1989, since the young age of 14, Ricky had already established himself in the Carcer City underworld as a small-time, yet efficient criminal, with a knack for drug dealing, occasionally indulging in drugs himself, while remaining haunted by his past. He dates (and later breaks up with) a woman named Lydia Waczynski, and befriends several fellow career criminals, including his best friend and auto thief Aaron Hughes, the talented, yet unlikable street racer Brandon DeVaughn, and the crack-and-weed-slinging brothers Corey and Robbie Walker, the former who has a girlfriend and son living in the suburbs. Together, they form a tight-knit posse that pull jobs together, with varying degrees of success.


This circle later comes to to an end during an eventful night in 1989, when what was supposed to be their biggest, and possibly final job, ends up in disaster, and both Aaron and Robbie end up getting killed and Ricky getting wounded during their escape from the mid-sized hotel which the posse robbed. Ricky is shot in the abdomen by a man dressed in a khaki suit, revealed later to be a member of The Motor Union, as he ran out with part of the take along with the two men, and was briefly able to identify both Brandon and Corey entering the same vehicle as this gunman.


Ricky is later arrested by the CCPD, and was sentenced to 25 years in prison. During this time, despite his best efforts, he was unable to retrieve substantial information regarding the whereabouts of Brandon and Corey, other than the fact that Brandon is now the leader of the Midtown Hoods, that no one has heard from Corey 'since '92', and that The Pharoahs and The Motor Union are on the brink of a city-wide gang war. About seven years into his sentence, he is suddenly released with no explanation whatsoever. With a quest of both vengeance and a desire to seek answers about the robbery, Ricky embarks on his journey across Carcer City, working for many different gangs as he experiences the apex of its decline, bears witness to the unfolding of a large-scale gang war, finds out more about the current endeavors of Brandon and Corey, reconciles and parts ways with Lydia, and finally learns the identity of the agent that shot his parents dead.



Part of the reason why I enjoyed ObsydianRaven's concept was the time period it was set in, and how well it complimented with its setting. The mid-90s are a period that is not often explored in today's media, despite it being an important period, both musically and socially. It was a period which marked the final days of the angst, and the eventual coming-of-age of Generation X, the slow death of the grunge movement, an increasing popularity of metal, hip hop/R&B and electronic/house music in the mainstream and events such as the Waco siege/Oklahoma city bombings, the ushering of the internet age and finally the advent of ultraviolent video games (such as Doom and Mortal Kombat) which resulted in the creation of the ESRB rating system. Cyberpunk and social consciousness of urban decline were also becoming popular during this time, in contrast to the optimism of the 1980s, complimenting the aesthetic of Carcer City even further.


As such, the radio stations listen below attempts to capture a definitive mid-90s, distinct Generation X, Rust Belt feel for the concept. Only the names of the stations and genres are listed below. Tracklists will be posted in either the concept topic itself or the create a station thread. Many of the stations listed are lifted directly from the previous concept, with certain stations merged together into one, as well as new stations that play other genres.




Carcer Rock Nation Radio

"Grunge is dead, or is it? Only time will tell."

Genre: Grunge, Alternative Metal
Featured artists: Type O Negative, Mudhoney, The Melvins, Love And Rockets, Iggy Pop


Fuzzz 92.5FM

"The new sound of the alternative, marked by an increased use of pedals and a middle-class DIY attitude."

Genre: Noise Rock, Shoegazing, Psychedelic Rock, Art Punk

Featured artists: The Verve, Sonic Youth, Lush, Husker Du, The Brian Jonestown Massacre


Assembly City Rock 98.7FM

"Music from when our city was still kickin' it with the wheels."

Genre: Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Protopunk

Featured artists: MC5, Jimi Hendrix, The Stooges, Richard Hell & The Voidoids, The Doors


The Beat 102.7

"Broadcast direct from Liberty City, The Beat presents the finest in underground and mainstream hip hop in the post-pager age."

Genre: East Coast hip hop, Gangsta Rap

Featured artists: Mobb Deep, Digable Planets, Jeru The Damaja, Nas, Wu Tang Clan


C.C. Underground

"Horrorcore from the South to scare your fundie Christian parents."

Genre: Memphis rap, Horrorcore

Featured artists: Tommy Wright III, 2 Lo Key, Triple 6 Mafia, DJ Paul, Criminal Manne


Gold 105

"Overproduced electronic R&B for your listening pleasure."

Genre: Contemporary R&B, Hip Hop Soul

Featured artists: SWV, Dru Hill, Boyz II Men, Erykah Badu, Brandy


Cosmic FM

"Atmospheric drum n' bass music from the UK."

Genre: Atmospheric D&B, Intelligent D&B

Featured artists: Roni Size, Lemon D, LTJ Bukem, Jonny L, Goldie


Incurvatus 93.9FM

"Death metal, because our hate can't get any stronger."

Genre: Thrash metal, Death metal, Black metal

Featured artists: Kreator, Entombed, Slayer, Carnage, Carnivore


The Cabaret

"Hip-hop beats mixed with sorrowful lyrical content, good mix!"

Genre: Trip Hop, Dark Cabaret

Featured artists: Lamb, Sneaker Pimps, Portishead, Bjork, Massive Attack


The Box

"Presenting the sound of violence and anger across Carcer."

Genre: Industrial Rock

Featured artists: Chemlab, Sister Machine Gun, Acumen Nation, KMFDM, Gravity Kills



"Smooth jazz to soften the loss."

Genre: Jazz, Easy Listening, Jazz Fusion

Featured artists: Ella Fitzgerald, Herbie Hancock, Etta Jones, John Coltrane, Nat King Cole


For Lovers

"Classic soul and slow jams to sit back and enjoy, away from a harsh reality."

Genre: Soul, Funk, R&B

Featured artists: Gil-Scott Heron, The Manhattans, Commodores, Roy Ayers Ubiquity, Kool & The Gang


Neo-Carcer FM

"Dark techno music from dystopia manifest."

Genres: Detroit techno

Featured artists: Robert Hood, Underground Resistance, Cybotron, Aux 88, The Martian


Rise FM

"Rain or shine, the rave still goes strong."

Genre: Breakbeat hardcore, Rave

Featured artists: Prodigy, Nookie, Shades Of Rhythm, N-Joi,  SL2





Edited by DownInTheHole

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