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The Concept Creators' Lounge

Pooyan Cyrus

Recommended Posts

Big Fat Paulie
2 hours ago, DownInTheHole said:

short answer is go wild with it. theres no rules to what you can or cant do

Awesome. I've got a few ideas for concept threads and would it be okay if I discussed them with you over PM? I really like your concept threads, so I'd appreciate your input on my ideas.

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Hi guys!


For quite some time now, I had one idea on my mind that I finally want to finalize and bring to life and basically it regards the creation of the concept with a little bit different nature from the traditional concepts I've seen on the forums, hence I thought I might make an enquiry first.


From what I have encountered so far, almost every concept is related to story and mission building and contrary to that, I was thinking of making a " gameplay " concept, where I would elaborate and work out ideas on how I see things could get improved in that sense or what would be cool to see and experience in GTA franchise that is more closely related to game modes, AI, systems and mechanics mainly in free roam - open world gameplay. 


Also, one part of the concept's nature would be certain critique on how Rockstat handled that department so far and in contrast, exploring how gameplay elements could be upgraded, expanded and how they could ultimately evolve with the ever progressing technology in order to bring us more.


I would be working out ideas tied to some of the well known gameplay elements, for example; something specific like " Respect System " we saw in GTA 2 or something more typical and constantly present like " Wanted System ". 

Of course, I will try to shed light on some still unseen gameplay elements, like " Prison System " and how it could enrich gameplay sphere and ironically, how it could deepen the sense of freedom with numerous other submodes contained within itself, eventually coming to a point to show how diverse and fun gameplay should really be in a video game.


Since I'm not a programmer or a modder I wouldn't even think of doing anything too technical other than simply logically foreseeing how some particular things and aspects could be handled or trying to create a general framework for any specific idea and visualize logic behind it in most simple of ways.


For the closing word, it needs to be said that something like this is a ' constant work in progress ' considering how much things I have in mind, their complexity, personal lack of time sometimes, but I really wouldn't even want to start without making at least one specific idea previously finished and ready to be 'published'.


Any input in form of suggestions or general guidance is greatly appreciated!

Edited by ChengizVlad09
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Some early radio station logo drafts on paper for GTA: Underworld, to be done in Illustrator or something as part of a big update and post in the coming months


I'm also going to give each gang a logo as well, as part of the whole respect system thing


Edited by DownInTheHole
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  • 2 weeks later...
Big Fat Paulie

Given that tomorrow is literally Halloween, do any of you ever consider the possibility of a horror-themed GTA concept? It could be it's own game concept or a concept for a DLC like Undead Nightmare was for the first Red Dead Redemption.

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A poorly cropped collage of some quick pen doodles/drafts of GTA 1-style character mugshots I've done during my break at work that I'm also planning on adding to the character bio in Underworld, inspired by the artstyle of Chinatown Wars & London, Ridge Racer Type 4 and some comic books/manga.


They're not perfect, but they should give you a pretty good idea of what the characters might look like in the concept.


Also, happy halloween guys!

Edited by DownInTheHole
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  • 2 weeks later...

first time creating weapon icons, will do the logos and map after this



Edited by DownInTheHole
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I'm also thinking of doing a Carcer City concept set in 1996-97 based on ObsydianRaven/sethpenguin's first concept on it, concurrently with Underworld, and before the Appalachian concept. (I'm putting the Borders concept on hold because I'm not very satisfied with it at the moment.) I'm not sure if I can do that though.


It's going to have similar characters (with a loner Native American male as the protagonist) and radio stations (with an emphasis on grunge/alternative metal/industrial metal and east coast hip hop/Memphis horrorcore, though I'm planning on including Detroit techno, trip hop, quiet storm/funk, classic rock, jazz and a mid-90s Rave/Chicago house/Breakbeat stations as well, along with the drum n' bass/jungle, death metal and 90s R&B featured in the original concept), but with a much different storyline split into 6 Chapters a la RDR 2 (though it likewise begins with a botched robbery) and a slightly more sympathetic cast of characters, whose violent actions are brought about as a result of their environment rather than sadism or hedonism. Aesthetic-wise, the game, and by extent, Carcer City, is much more inspired by The Wire and True Detective, with elements of mid-90s Rave/industrial culture rather than Manhunt (though references to it will appear in this concept).


Wrote a bit about the city and the protagonist  as well as an overview of the radio stations below.





"In a city where the American Dream is long dead and its inhabitants reverting to their primal instincts of survival, a young man fresh out of the pen seeks for answers amidst a series of questionable betrayals and gang wars."



Carcer City in this concept is located in the Midwest in the GTA equivalent of Michigan, near the Canadian border, and while it is mostly based on Detroit, it is also inspired by other Rust Belt cities such as Gary, Camden, Pittsburgh and Flint, with many suburbs and a few farms located near it, connected by a vast highway system that parallels GTA V's. That said, however, as the emphasis is on the city itself, flying will not play a huge role in this concept, and aircraft is mostly restricted to helicopters and biplanes, rather than the elaborate and large planes featured in V.  A river loosely based on the Detroit River runs through the city and the surrounding suburbs, occasionally catching fire due to the waste present in the water, connected to a relatively large lake based on Lake Michigan in the southern part of the map.


Founded in 1835 and gaining its namesake from a large penitentiary built around what is now known in '96 as the Downtown area, Carcer City was known as 'Assembly City' due to its then-thriving automobile manufacturing industry pre-1970. The international import boom and outsourcing of factory work after the Vietnam War has not treated its inhabitants well, with many factories closing down and causing a  rapid phenomenon of white flight from the city, depriving its city of job opportunities and investors. The city is now a crumbling and desolate shell of itself, being a cross between a ghost town, a failed state, a hedonistic paradise and Purgatory, with high crime and murder rates, failing infrastructure and dilapidated landmarks, formerly the pride and joy of its people, remaining ill-maintained due to a mixture of corruption and a lack of Federal budget or care. In short, the city is a tragic product of unforeseen circumstances and a changing time, and a prime example of how a transition to an information age can lead to a Rust Belt problem in America's inner cities. A large wealth inequality exists within the city, with pockets of affluent neighborhoods and high-rises which contrast the gritty, downtrodden ghettos surrounding them.


Two of the largest criminal syndicates in the city, The Pharaohs, a predominantly African-American organisation and a former civil rights group, acting as the heads of many street-level gangs, and The Motor Union, a mostly-white congregation consisting of disgruntled, former factory workers, as well as their descendants, with ties to the Pavano Crime Family in Liberty City as well as certain white supremacist and biker gangs, are engaged in a perpetual game of tug-of-war, with connections deep into the City Council and carrying out large-scale narcotics operations across the city, stemming both from the city's economic problems as well as the fallout of the crack epidemic which began in the East Coast in the 80s. Despite a few skirmishes, the two factions are as of yet not engaged in an all-out gang war. Many smaller gangs, which include gangs such as the Hmong Wild Boyz, the mixed-race Midtown Hoods and the Latino Innocentz, while not as influential or organized as the two gangs mentioned above, are responsible for much of the street-level violence and drug peddling.


The city is temperate and therefore experiences four seasons, with changing seasons between each chapter. The game begins in the cold winter of '96 and ends with the warm summer of '97, reflecting the themes of hope in the face of darkness that will be present in this concept.



While the concept features one main protagonist, there are a few characters that the player can control in certain chapters/missions in the storyline. For the sake of length, only the main character will be discussed below.


The concept follows the story of Richard "Ricky" Youngblood (portrayed by Alex Meraz), a 28-year old Native American criminal and drifter of Lakota descent, following his sudden, possibly initiated release from prison in 1996 stemming from a botched heist in late 1989. Born in 1968 in the infamous Primrose Native American Reservation in South Yankton, Ricky had a tough upbringing, getting involved with gangs and the drug trade at a young age. Ricky's parents were killed during a drug raid by federal agents circa 1975, which traumatized him significantly. Despite spending his early childhood in the rez, Carcer City remains the location which has brought the most impact in his life.


His uncle and surrogate parent, Thomas "Tommy" Youngblood, the owner of Tommy's Autoparts in Midtown, is a former U.S. Army sergeant who fought at Khe Sanh in 1968, and was involved in an altercation with the FIB during the occupation of a town near the Primrose rez in the climax of a massive Indian Rights protest in 1974, where he allegedly shot and killed three agents, but was never proven guilty. After a brief stint in prison, where he learns of the deaths of Ricky's parents, he takes matters into his own hands and develops a newfound sense of obligation, and decides to move out of the rez along with a 10-year old Ricky, relocating to Carcer City in 1976 in the hopes of providing him with a better life. Unfortunately for him, the city had already entered a state of decline during this time, and was unable to stop Ricky from succumbing into a life of drugs and crime, a decision which he regrets dearly when Ricky decides to speak to Tommy in the game.


During the period between 1982 and 1989, since the young age of 14, Ricky had already established himself in the Carcer City underworld as a small-time, yet efficient criminal, with a knack for drug dealing, occasionally indulging in drugs himself, while remaining haunted by his past. He dates (and later breaks up with) a woman named Lydia Waczynski, and befriends several fellow career criminals, including his best friend and auto thief Aaron Hughes, the talented, yet unlikable street racer Brandon DeVaughn, and the crack-and-weed-slinging brothers Corey and Robbie Walker, the former who has a girlfriend and son living in the suburbs. Together, they form a tight-knit posse that pull jobs together, with varying degrees of success.


This circle later comes to to an end during an eventful night in 1989, when what was supposed to be their biggest, and possibly final job, ends up in disaster, and both Aaron and Robbie end up getting killed and Ricky getting wounded during their escape from the mid-sized hotel which the posse robbed. Ricky is shot in the abdomen by a man dressed in a khaki suit, revealed later to be a member of The Motor Union, as he ran out with part of the take along with the two men, and was briefly able to identify both Brandon and Corey entering the same vehicle as this gunman.


Ricky is later arrested by the CCPD, and was sentenced to 25 years in prison. During this time, despite his best efforts, he was unable to retrieve substantial information regarding the whereabouts of Brandon and Corey, other than the fact that Brandon is now the leader of the Midtown Hoods, that no one has heard from Corey 'since '92', and that The Pharoahs and The Motor Union are on the brink of a city-wide gang war. About seven years into his sentence, he is suddenly released with no explanation whatsoever. With a quest of both vengeance and a desire to seek answers about the robbery, Ricky embarks on his journey across Carcer City, working for many different gangs as he experiences the apex of its decline, bears witness to the unfolding of a large-scale gang war, finds out more about the current endeavors of Brandon and Corey, reconciles and parts ways with Lydia, and finally learns the identity of the agent that shot his parents dead.



Part of the reason why I enjoyed ObsydianRaven's concept was the time period it was set in, and how well it complimented with its setting. The mid-90s are a period that is not often explored in today's media, despite it being an important period, both musically and socially. It was a period which marked the final days of the angst, and the eventual coming-of-age of Generation X, the slow death of the grunge movement, an increasing popularity of metal, hip hop/R&B and electronic/house music in the mainstream and events such as the Waco siege/Oklahoma city bombings, the ushering of the internet age and finally the advent of ultraviolent video games (such as Doom and Mortal Kombat) which resulted in the creation of the ESRB rating system. Cyberpunk and social consciousness of urban decline were also becoming popular during this time, in contrast to the optimism of the 1980s, complimenting the aesthetic of Carcer City even further.


As such, the radio stations listen below attempts to capture a definitive mid-90s, distinct Generation X, Rust Belt feel for the concept. Only the names of the stations and genres are listed below. Tracklists will be posted in either the concept topic itself or the create a station thread. Many of the stations listed are lifted directly from the previous concept, with certain stations merged together into one, as well as new stations that play other genres.




Carcer Rock Nation Radio

"Grunge is dead, or is it? Only time will tell."

Genre: Grunge, Alternative Metal
Featured artists: Type O Negative, Mudhoney, The Melvins, Love And Rockets, Iggy Pop


Fuzzz 92.5FM

"The new sound of the alternative, marked by an increased use of pedals and a middle-class DIY attitude."

Genre: Noise Rock, Shoegazing, Psychedelic Rock, Art Punk

Featured artists: The Verve, Sonic Youth, Lush, Husker Du, The Brian Jonestown Massacre


Assembly City Rock 98.7FM

"Music from when our city was still kickin' it with the wheels."

Genre: Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Protopunk

Featured artists: MC5, Jimi Hendrix, The Stooges, Richard Hell & The Voidoids, The Doors


The Beat 102.7

"Broadcast direct from Liberty City, The Beat presents the finest in underground and mainstream hip hop in the post-pager age."

Genre: East Coast hip hop, Gangsta Rap

Featured artists: Mobb Deep, Digable Planets, Jeru The Damaja, Nas, Wu Tang Clan


C.C. Underground

"Horrorcore from the South to scare your fundie Christian parents."

Genre: Memphis rap, Horrorcore

Featured artists: Tommy Wright III, 2 Lo Key, Triple 6 Mafia, DJ Paul, Criminal Manne


Gold 105

"Overproduced electronic R&B for your listening pleasure."

Genre: Contemporary R&B, Hip Hop Soul

Featured artists: SWV, Dru Hill, Boyz II Men, Erykah Badu, Brandy


Cosmic FM

"Atmospheric drum n' bass music from the UK."

Genre: Atmospheric D&B, Intelligent D&B

Featured artists: Roni Size, Lemon D, LTJ Bukem, Jonny L, Goldie


Incurvatus 93.9FM

"Death metal, because our hate can't get any stronger."

Genre: Thrash metal, Death metal, Black metal

Featured artists: Kreator, Entombed, Slayer, Carnage, Carnivore


The Cabaret

"Hip-hop beats mixed with sorrowful lyrical content, good mix!"

Genre: Trip Hop, Dark Cabaret

Featured artists: Lamb, Sneaker Pimps, Portishead, Bjork, Massive Attack


The Box

"Presenting the sound of violence and anger across Carcer."

Genre: Industrial Rock

Featured artists: Chemlab, Sister Machine Gun, Acumen Nation, KMFDM, Gravity Kills



"Smooth jazz to soften the loss."

Genre: Jazz, Easy Listening, Jazz Fusion

Featured artists: Ella Fitzgerald, Herbie Hancock, Etta Jones, John Coltrane, Nat King Cole


For Lovers

"Classic soul and slow jams to sit back and enjoy, away from a harsh reality."

Genre: Soul, Funk, R&B

Featured artists: Gil-Scott Heron, The Manhattans, Commodores, Roy Ayers Ubiquity, Kool & The Gang


Neo-Carcer FM

"Dark techno music from dystopia manifest."

Genres: Detroit techno

Featured artists: Robert Hood, Underground Resistance, Cybotron, Aux 88, The Martian


Rise FM

"Rain or shine, the rave still goes strong."

Genre: Breakbeat hardcore, Rave

Featured artists: Prodigy, Nookie, Shades Of Rhythm, N-Joi,  SL2





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  • 2 weeks later...



The weapon icons for pistols that you can use in GTA: Carcer City. I wanted to go for a 90s grungy, rusted Polaroid aesthetic for this concept. Speaking of which, I might post a whole concept thread in the next few days.

Edited by DownInTheHole
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  • 1 month later...
Francesco Bonomo

Hey everyone!


Now that i have posted the entire Chapter 1 of my concept, GTA: New Sylvania (Containing 18 missions and 2 Flashback missions) I can take a little break and focus on another project I had in mind. Let me know yous guys thoughts on it.


Grand Theft Auto: Badfellas 


Set in the 3D universe. 


Liberty City in 1985-1986, you follow the journey of Lucio "Lucky" Goterelli (Father of, then, 17 year old Luigi Goterelli) He is a made man of the Gugino Crime Family based out of Portland. Has been considered the most powerful family in Liberty City for the last three decades. However, since the death of Don Angelo "Gigi" Gugino in 1978, the family suffers a downward spiral in the hands of his successor, Frank Ciangani. 


In the Summer of '85, two powerful, influencial, and dangerous mafiosi plan to take over the family. Salvatore Leone, 50, a feared capo in the family with deep connections and an even deeper hatred for Ciangani. Salvatore kills his own boss in '85 as his checkmate move to take over. But, he would be barricaded by his nemesis... Santino Leone, his Uncle.


Uncle Leone, 68, Underboss of the family with heavy connections to the Old Country families, who also wants to take over the family. He doesn't mind killing his own nephew to gain the crown. In fact, because of that, a civil war ensues within the family. The winner becomes the new Don.


Lucky Goterelli is caught in between the two crews. Although he's in Salvatore's crew, prior to Ciangani's murder, he would do jobs for Uncle Leone as a way to pay him back for saving his life during the Harwood Massacre in 1971. But soon, he becomes completely against Uncle Leone and helps Salvatore win the war, leaving behind a long trail of blood.


What do yous think?

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Some insight into my new concept, Grand Theft Auto: Borders, set in the Mexican-American Southern Californian border. The story is going to be more gritty than GTA: Carcer City, and takes influences from many different games and films. It is set in both 1994 and 2020, with four playable protagonists (3 male, 1 female), with each era having two protagonists each.





Shying away from Californian vapidity and bank robber storyline of GTA V, the storyline in Borders, in contrast, covers the foundation of drug cartels in and around the Southern Californian border in the early 90s as well as the drug wars of the present day, centering around three main drug cartels, the newly-formed and ambitious La Garza Cartel, the original and strongly traditional Mendoza Cartel and finally the neutral yet opportunistic Madrazo Cartel. Themes of the storyline include multi-generational conflict, trust-building and the pursuit of truth, though unlike in V, the pursuit of truth in Borders is not as straight-forward as Trevor finding out that Brad was dead the whole time. As such, the decisions made by the different protagonists ultimately determine whether or not the full truth of the events in 1994 is completely unveiled by the protagonists in 2020.


Due to the presence of different choices made by all four protagonists that ultimately determine the ending of the game in 2020, there are several different endings in Borders, ranging from the Best Ending, where the actual truth is revealed, the antagonist is left to the Madrazos in revenge by the protagonists in 2020 and both protagonists from 1994 live, to the Worst Ending, where both protagonists from 1994 are killed by the current protagonists in 2020, and also where one of the protagonists now work full-time as the antagonist's right-hand, who is now a powerful and ruthless cartel boss, after receiving a false account of the events of 1994 and never finding out what really happened back then.


The game features four protagonists, Kaelan Kowalski and Enrico "Basura" Rivera, who are playable in 1994, and Clapton "Maelstrom" Montell and Monserrat "Mona" Juarez, who are playable in 2020. An overview of the protagonists are written below.


Kaelan Kowalski


A playable character in 1994, born in 1956 in Santa Domingo, San Andreas. A former US Raiders Lieutenant who served in the Invasion of Panama against Noriega and, as of 1994, a drug smuggler for the newly-founded La Garza Cartel. Formerly serving under Major Ronald Harlow during the Invasion, together with his best friend and fellow Gunnery Sergeant, Dominic "Dom" DeShayes, he soon comes to realize that Major Harlow is, himself, a drug smuggler, using the invasion as a way to capitalize off the cocaine trade between the Panama Canal and Vice City. The money made was huge, worth even more than the pensions the Raiders had to offer, and both Dom and Kaelan would continue working for him for various jobs around the Central American nation, and witnesses many atrocities, committed both by the Major and Panamanian forces along the way. Soon enough, Major Harlow is killed during a drug deal gone wrong, though his influence on the two men would not stop there.


Back stateside, after several failed attempts in reintegrating into civilian life, both Kaelan and Dom meet once again in Los Santos to discuss their return to the drug smuggling business. Kaelan, who is now estranged from his wife and daughter, jumps on board at the prospect, believing that he has nothing to lose. The latter soon introduces him to a middleman and Vagos associate named Enrico "Basura" Rivera, originally hailing from Ciudad Vizcaino, who gives them a job on behalf of a man named Pinto Vargas, a deserted Mexican Special Forces officer who, together with a posse of a few other deserters and comrades, form La Garza, an organization split off from the much larger Mendoza Cartel, and currently building a truce with the Madrazos, another smaller cartel that is just about to make it big.


They build enough trust with La Garza for them to work regularly, and soon enough, an effective smuggling system is established, calling themselves Hermanos de la Frontera, with Basura and another associate, Ballas member Oliver "O.M." Montell, acting as street-level middleman between buyers, Kaelan and Dom doing the dirty work across the borders and Pinto and his men back home, settling local matters. They also come into contact with Rico Juarez, a famed street criminal who is good with cars and Alonzo Moreno and Martin Madrazo, high-ranking members of the Madrazo cartel who work closely with La Garza in an attempt to break the Mendoza monopoly. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are made from this system alone, and this catapults La Garza from a small-time organization to a respected and feared drug cartel in Mexico. That said, Kaelan, during this time, begins to reconcile with his family, and even meets up with his daughter, Lorna Kowalski, at LSIA at one point, a reunion which restores some of his lost humanity back.


Unfortunately, even before the height of their success, tensions between La Garza and the Mendozas were already brewing, and it was only after a shootout at La Bamba Casino in Ciudad Vizcaino, which resulted in the deaths of several high-ranking Mendoza and La Garza members, did the drug wars really kick off. Dom is severely injured during a gun battle in at the parking lot outside Crowfoot Mills, and dies in Kaelan's hands, and to top it all off, Pinto Vargas himself is killed offscreen as Kaelan attempts to ring him, warning him to escape from San Andreas. With his best friend and boss now dead, this makes Kaelan both distraught and paranoid, and calls his wife one last time to ensure their safety, asking them to never call back again.


Soon enough, a truce is formed between the Mendozas and La Garza, by La Garza lieutenant Verona Gutierrez, a seemingly generous lieutenant who was Pinto's right-hand man and a close associate with the Hermanos, as well as a Mendoza lieutenant named Juan Ramos, an old-money, arrogant mobster who thinks he is untouchable because of his status. Verona calls in both Basura and Kaelan, and both have a sit-down with Juan. Verona vouches for them both, and tells Juan to spare them. He agrees, but he gives the two men an ultimatum; either kill Rico Juarez at his home, who Juan still does not trust because of his fierce loyalty to Pinto, or all three of them take part in an assassination ploy against a lieutenant turning states in the desert outside of Ciudad Vizcaino, if they want to get off this scott-free.


Both men do either job, and regardless, Rico Juarez winds up dead, leaving behind an orphaned daughter named Monserrat. Basura rings up Alonzo and tells him to look after Mona. Believing the job to be a set-up, especially if the three-men job is taken, Basura and Kaelan part ways, and choose to lay low, remaining in San Andreas, with Kaelan living under an assumed name in the Los Santos area, constantly looking over his shoulder for any cartel hitman who might potentially be out for him.


By 2020, Kaelan, now almost 65-years old, has lost his fear of death, and lives quiet in a trailer park outside Santa Domingo. Depending on the events of '94, he can either store many artifacts from his days as a drug smuggler in a chest in his trailer, or have nothing at all, all which may determine his fate once a grown-up Mona visits him towards the end of the game.


He owns a nondescript, royal blue 1994 Schyster Filament.


Enrico "Basura" Rivera


A playable character in 1994. He is a member of the Los Santos Vagos, though he was born in Ciudad Vizcaino in 1964. He got his nickname from his former style of smuggling drugs, hiding the product in trash bags and transporting them in waste disposal barges across the Gulf of Mexico. Close friends with Ballas OG, Oliver "O.M." Montell, despite being in different gangs during Los Santos's tumultuous gang war years in the early 90s, where they would help smuggle product over from the Midwest and the Mid-South into Los Santos and act as middlemen to observe the production of narcotics as well as street-level meetups to discuss prices, "before the Families brought the whole enterprise down in '92". Despite this, word gets out that Basura and O.M. are good at what they do, and soon enough a man named Pinto Vargas, the ringleader of a Ciudad Vizcaino-based organization called La Garza, gets hold of this information, and contacts them directly, setting a meet-up at the Kortz Center.


He offers the two men a proposition and job opportunity, and sets both of them up with a few jobs across the border. He is impressed with the results, and soon the two men become honorary members of the cartel. From there, Basura brings Dominic DeShayes into the organization, a Panama Invasion veteran who likewise has experience in drug smuggling from his days in the Canal, who in turn brings in Kaelan Kowalski, another veteran with the same kind of experience. They form an alliance, and call themselves Los Hermanos de la Frontera, or The Brothers of the Frontier. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are raked in from the operations alone, and this transforms La Garza from a small-time drug gang in Ciudad Vizcaino to a massive organization, rivaling the Mendoza Cartel, who traditionally had a foothold over the Mexican beach city.


As tensions rise between the Mendozas and La Garza, Pinto sends both O.M. and Basura to assassinate a top lawyer for the Mendozas, a man named Raylon Derrickson. The assassination is successful, and O.M. manages to execute a pleading Raylon in his Marlowe Drive home by shooting him in the head, after fighting waves of Mendoza members in the front yard. However, O.M. is later shot in the leg by LSPD and is later arrested by them, telling Basura to make a run for it while he still can. He is later sentenced to 40 years in prison for second-degree murder, something that Pinto promises Basura that he can handle.


This marks a turning point for La Garza, as the war between them and the Mendoza Cartel flares up, resulting in the deaths of many gangsters and innocent people. A chain of events such as the La Bamba Casino massacre, the Crowfoot Mills shooting and the Bahama Mamas West gangland massacre unfold from the gang war, taking the lives of many men such as Pinto and Dom, while Basura, now growing weary of the violence which made the gang wars in Los Santos look tame in comparison, visits O.M. at the Jon E. Seber State Penitentiary north of Bahia, San Andreas, who requests that he take care of his son, Clapton, for him, which he abides, after learning that he would probably not get out anytime soon after Pinto's death.


Soon, a ceasefire is established between the two cartels, and a La Garza lieutenant, Verona Gutierrez, summons both Kaelan and Basura over to a resort in Los Oriones, where they meet up with a Mendoza lieutenant named Juan Ramos. He presents an ultimatum to the two men; In exchange for their lives, they must either kill Rico Juarez, a close friend of the two men who Juan believes to still be loyal to Pinto, or all three of them must go and kill another Mendoza lieutenant who is turning states, currently hiding out in the Ayahuasca Desert just outside the city.


Either way, the job ends with Rico's death, who dies in front of his young daughter, Monserrat. Basura, who is now distraught and more than willing to leave a life of crime, rings up Alonzo Moreno, a Madrazo lieutenant and another friend of his, to take care of Mona. He confides, and together with Kaelan, due to their doubts that they are truly released from the cartels' hands, decide to lay low, with Kaelan changing his name and Basura starting a legitimate trucking company in Mirror Park, while raising Clayton like he was his own son.


This peace is broken almost 30 years later, in 2020, when a group of La Garza cartel members walk into the company office, holding him and a now grown-up Clayton at gunpoint, where he is led out of the office, possibly held for ransom.


He owns a bright yellow 1974 Declasse Vamos with a white stripe. 


Clapton "Maelstrom" Montell


A playable character in 2020. The son of a former Ballas OG named Oliver "O.M." Montell, put behind bars for four decades in 1994 after killing a lawyer working for the Mendoza Cartel, and born in 1990 and raised in Mirror Park, Los Santos. He now works for Basura, his surrogate father, as a contractor for his Mirror Park-based logistics company, and tries to distance himself from the hood, though unlike Franklin, this is done out of his father's wishes, and of Basura's, as they do not want him to "turn into another statistic". 


This period of peace eventually comes to an end in 2020, when ghosts from Basura's past come back to haunt him, as cartel members of La Garza enter the company office and hold both of them at gunpoint, and soon finds out his connection and animosity to the cartels, dating back to the late-80s. He learns of the increasingly-bloody cartel wars that were happening south of the border, and is first coerced into doing smuggling jobs for La Garza after Basura is held hostage, and soon not long after that, Basura disappears, and O.M. is released on parole.


Now a pawn for the cartels, Maelstrom now carries the weight of the company and the lives of his loved ones and acquaintances on his shoulders, as he continues to work for the different cartels in their never-ending drug war with one another and the two governments, all the while learning more of Rivera's cartels connections along the way. Learning more about the events of 1994 through cartel members and O.M., Maelstrom finds out Basura's role in O.M.'s arrest and the drug wars, and culminates with him running into Monserrat Juarez at gunpoint, a cartel assassin facing a similar dilemma. In the end, it is entirely up to him to decide if Basura was responsible for O.M.'s arrest and death later in the game.


He owns a Tyrian purple 2018 Pegassi Toros.


Monserrat "Mona" Juarez


A playable character in 2020 and the game's female protagonist. Born in 1989 and raised in Playa del Rifa, San Andreas, her father, Rico Juarez, was a skillful criminal hailing from Ciudad Vizcaino and trusted associate of La Garza Cartel, and was no stranger to cartel violence, even back in the early 90s, where she would sometimes watch her dad bring a bruised-up gangster into the family home and stiff him at gunpoint for some answers. That said, Rico still tries to raise her right, and reminds her to stay in school and to get an honest job, away from all the violence.


This changes in 1994, when Rico is killed, either by Kaelan's hand, on the orders of Juan Ramos, or by the hands of an unnamed cartel assailant, left behind in the desert by both Basura and Kaelan as she watches from the backseat, during an assassination gone awry. Either way, she is left traumatized and orphaned by this incident, and is later adopted by a Madrazo lieutenant named Alonzo Moreno, who promises Kaelan and Basura that he will care for Mona after her father's death.


Unfortunately, some time before 2000, Alonzo is killed by the Mendozas, and Mona is taken and raised under their wing. She is groomed to fill the role of a cartel killer, and by the late-2010s, she becomes a notorious cartel assassin in Ciudad Vizcaino, numb to violence with almost 50 high-profile murders to her name. In 2020, she is paired up with fellow hitman Manuel Ortega as a partner, and in the ensuing drug war after an ambush during an assassination attempt, they are called back by their boss, to assist with woes caused by it. This sets the ball rolling for the second half of the storyline, as progressively, as Mona rolls deep into the cartel conflict, she learns more about the events and the roots of La Garza Cartel in 1994, and the circumstances of Rico's death, and eventually, she runs into Clayton Montell, a drug smuggler facing a similar predicament, where they aim their guns at each other during their first encounter. In the end, it is up to her to decide if she should exact revenge for her father's death during the story's climax.


She owns a crimson 2019 Albany V-STR.



The concept is once again set in Southern San Andreas, though now set in three seperate counties; Los Santos County, Santa Domingo County and Sierra Municipality. Blaine County is not featured in this concept, and the map cuts off just right after Fort Zancudo Air Base and the Tataviam Mountains. That said, both Chumash and Los Santos are now much bigger than in GTA V, adding more neighborhoods and locations (such as Delaware Park, Chinatown, Praetorian Beach and the Los Santos Convention Center in Los Santos and the Pacific Bluffs Public Park in Chumash) and expanding on existing ones such as the entire South Central area (Davis and Strawberry), Mirror Park and Cypress Flats, which now resemble their real-life counterparts more strongly.


Due to numerous complaints in GTA V, Borders now features many interiors and enterable locations, such as fast food joints, casinos, restaurants, bars, hotel lobbies, country clubs, many houses and certain apartments and even large malls and convention centers, some of which are sites of the game's many storyline shootouts. Due to the itinerant nature of the protagonists, hotels and motels now play a much larger role in the game, and players would often find themselves switching between hotels as their save points, as opposed to the safehouses, which are now few and far and between.


The atmosphere differs with each era. In 1994, though set close to the mid-90s, the overall vibe feels extremely mid-to-late 80s, with a blue and yellow color palette, reflecting the optimism of the era, with mostly 70s-80s feel-good hits playing on the radio. In 2020, due to the numerous cartel wars as well as the political strife in the US during this time, the atmosphere is generally darker in tone, with much more serious-sounding tracks on the radio and having a purple and red color palette in contrast to the former. Era-switching is only available once the main storyline is completed, and the change in era can be done either by washing your face in a safehouse or by approaching a landmark (such as a gravestone) in the map, triggering the change after a short cutscene.


Three main cities are featured in GTA: Borders are the aforementioned Los Santos (based on Los Angeles), Santa Domingo (based on San Diego) and Ciudad Vizcaino (based on Tijuana and Mexicali). Many beach towns and smaller enclaves are also featured in this concept, such as Chumash (based on Malibu), Playa del Rifa (based on Oceanside and Huntington Beach), Crowfoot (based on Ontario), Bahia (based on Chula Vista), Maiz (based on Tecate) and Los Oriones (based on Rosarito).



The game features a similar wanted level system to V, though now features a traditional six-star wanted level system similar to games before it. The influx of more multi-storey parking spaces and interiors would mean that hiding from the cops is made much more fun and dynamic in Borders.


Depending on which side of the border you're on, you can either be chased by the NOOSE or the Federales at higher wanted levels. The colors of the stars differ depending if you're in Mexico or the US, with the former being a reddish hue and the latter being of a blue-ish hue. A four star wanted level (or below) would slowly disappear once you cross over the border on either side. Once you hit five-stars, however, the stars will begin to flash in red and blue, and a joint Mexican-American operation will be undertaken to bring the protagonist down, with the wanted level remaining on both sides of the border.


In terms of response time, Mexican police would often respond more slowly compared to their American counterparts, though at higher wanted levels, they will bring out much more powerful military-grade weapons and vehicles, such as fully-automatic shotguns and APCs, something which American police do not use.



Random events are now more dynamic than ever, and are certainly much more terrifying, especially in 2020. They range from the basic stop-the-thief type scenarios and hitchhikers seen in GTA V, wagers similar to those seen in RDR to violent encounters, such as members of a cartel storming a bus going interstate, with the player inside the bus, or gangland executions, which happen especially so in dangerous parts of Ciudad Vizcaino and Los Santos.



A few sub-missions will be mentioned in this overview.


Nightwatch returns from Red Dead Redemption, and can be played in small towns and cities, such as Bahia, Playa del Rifa, Maiz or Los Oriones. Functionally, it is very similar to RDR 1, though players are generally encouraged to dispatch criminals using the baton provided, unless, of course, the criminals are armed.


Given that the game is set in a Southern California pastiche, it would be a sin to not include Surfing and Skating minigames.


Surfing is exclusive to Kaelan, who claims to have surfed since the the early 70s, and Mona, who grew up in a beach town. Premier surfing spots are present all over the map, mostly around areas such as Vespucci Beach, Playa del Rifa, Marina Shores Beach in Santa Domingo, Playa del Cinco in Ciudad Vizcaino and Los Oriones. Depending on the size of the waves, certain stunts can be performed, and if performed successfully, it can net the player a lot of money once they touch down on the beach. Surfing competitions are organized all over the map, and it is up to Kaelan or Mona whether or not they want to take part.


Skating, on the other hand, is exclusive to both Enrico and Clayton, who in contrast spent most of their childhoods in areas close to skate parks. Many tricks can be performed by them, and skateboards are, more often than not, quick modes of transport, and can be used as improvised weapons in the game. Like surfing, skating competitions exist all over the map, typically around skate parks in the major cities and beach towns.




Many radio stations from GTA V return in this game, along with several new ones, though there are some major changes.


Radio in GTA: Borders is unique in such a way that there are certain radio stations exclusive to a certain era, such as The Lowdown, Los Santos Rock Radio and Space 103.2 being exclusive to 1994 and Vinewood Boulevard Radio, Neon Roads FM and iFruit Radio being exclusive to 2020.


For stations that exist in both eras, there is a genre shift between the eras, such as Non-Stop Pop playing mostly 70s-90s synthpop, AOR and disco hits in 1994 and party rap, garage, EDM, Miami bass and modern pop in 2020, Radio Mirror Park, which plays 80s Mexican pop in 1994 and indie music in 2020 and Ego Death FM, which plays early synthpop, coldwave and gothic rock in 1994 and modern darkwave, industrial and witch house in 2020.


Certain stations carry over music from 1994 to 2020, typically into a throwback station. Examples include West Coast Classics, which includes certain songs from the 1994 rendition of Radio Los Santos, and Marquis 101.9FM, which has songs from Los Santos Rock Radio, Space 103.2 and Non-Stop Pop in 1994.


There are certain stations which are renamed over the eras, though they essentially play the same kind of music, albeit in different times of history. Examples include Radio X in 1994, which becomes Channel X in 2020, and Tequi-La-La Radio in 1994, which is a 80s-to-90s version of Vinewood Boulevard Radio, which appears in 2020.


Certain stations from V are replaced with new stations, such as Rebel Radio, which is replaced by Ayahuasca Visions, a neo-psychedelia station in both eras, and Worldwide FM, which is replaced by Neon Roads FM, an indie R&B and neo-soul station in 2020.

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4 hours ago, Francesco Bonomo said:

@DownInTheHole Definitely a concept I would enjoy reading. Any idea when you’ll debut it? 

Very soon

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  • Grand Theft Auto: The State of Jefferson provides a completely new, never seen before setting. In contrast to previous GTA's which showed some bits of the West Coast in games such as GTA: San Andreas and GTA V, the East Coast in numerous titles featuring Liberty City like GTA III or GTA IV, the South Side in GTA: Vice City and GTA: Vice City Stories and even the Midwest with North Yankton, this concept is set in the early 2020's Pacific Northwest setting. To be more specific, in Luther County. This county includes: the City of Rainier, Blanche Island, Helygen Skyway and Shattuck. There's no any countryside.
  • With more computing power provided by the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, it's possible to make a big enough map, while having nearly nothing but urban area. Despite this, the world of GTA: State of Jefferson isn't just a dark and gritty concrete jungle ridden by gangs and mafias from one corner of a street to another. Luther County provides a mixture of suburban areas, industrial wastelands of Shattuck, parks, a university district and such.
  • The society of Luther County varies from obvious hipsters providing strange and not undestandable by regular people forms of art in Homeland Hill, through a huge Scandinavian community in Vermillon and people who made it big and now live in Blanche Island to small-time gangbangers in southwestern parts of Rainier and mafias owning businesses in Shattuck and specific parts of Rainier.
  • The world of Luther County is dynamic which means that, as the story progresses, some businesses get closed, some businesses get opened, several roads become opened/closed, specific buildings get changes or adverts on posters or billboards around the map change.
  • With Rainier-centered setting, the player can visit iconic places such as Rainier Marina Market or Galaxy Needle, alongside with Bean Machine cafés, Western Company Museum or numerous bars with craft beers. Also, places that wasn't accessible in Grand Theft Auto V, but were accessible in previous GTA installments, like gyms, restaurants, fast food joints or shopping malls, now can be entered and have their functionality (for example, the player can work out at a gym or visit a shopping mall to buy clothes or a new mobile phone).



  • After Grand Theft Auto V (and especially its Online mode), the gameplay's been shifted more into realism while still having things to do in the game. In order to make the gameplay more realistic, stuff like special abilites or health regeneration has been removed and, if possible, replaced with more realistic equivalents.
  • Since the game is set in 2020, the mobile phone now plays even more role in the game. The player is now able to download new apps for one's phone (like ZiT which lets spot a song currently played on the radio or Fervor that's responsible for Love Meet's closing in 2012), use it for listening to radio or personal music selection on Fruit Tunes while not using a vehicle with radio or even change the phone in the nearest Digital Den store. Drones are usable, like in GTA Online, although with more grounded purpose like taking pictures or simply helping with finding collectibles. Alongside with regular television (which is focused on reality shows and long-running shows), there's also a video streaming service called Showflicker with a good deal of movies and shows, some of them being exclusive for Showflicker (called "Showflicker Exclusives").
  • The driving mechanics have been improved to resemble closer those of GTA IV than those of GTA V. The vehicles' mass can be felt again thanks to inertia forces based on acceleration. Other changes in driving include better grip simulation system or more realistic top speeds. Cars and motorcycles are customizable once again, now without having a separate "Custom" variant for more tuneable cars or bikes. Everything is in one car model. With a bigger focus on cars and street racing, more animations like switching gears or hitting pedals have been added. Alongside with dirt, raindrops can be seen on vehicles during a rainfall.
  • Melee fighting's also got some changes including decreased damage so it won't take one or two punches to kill someone anymore, ability to learn new fighting moves or slightly decreasing health while punching into walls or cars. The "Strength" statistic makes return from GTA V, but with thanks to gyms being accesible after a very long time, it's now easier to increase the protagonists' strength.
  • Customization makes return from games such as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto V. Customization includes: clothes, tattoos, haircuts, beards/moustaches (for male protagonists only) that can grow or be shaved (like in Red Dead Redemption 2), makeups (for female protagonist only), nails (for female protagonist only), jewelry/watches, glasses, backpacks/sports bag (can be used for increasing capacity of goods to carry with oneself) vehicle tuning and house customization. The protagonists' looks customization is now more free which means the characters don't have to stick to personality-fitting clothes. Same with haircuts or tattoos.
  • By default, the player can carry only 1 type of each weapon, but with thanks to backpacks and sport bags, the capacity can be increased to even 3-5 weapons per type, except for heavy weapons such as rocket launchers or grenade launchers. Only one heavy weapon can be carried by one protagonist, no matter how big bag or backpack the player uses, although more heavy weapons can be carried by using a car's trunk. The player can also keep one's guns in protagonists' safehouses.
  • Like in Grand Theft Auto: Online, money can be transfered to a bank account, as the player can randomly lose a small amount of money due to being robbed after dying or, on a rare occassion, while just walking around (the thief can be chased and either killed or forced to take the player's money back while still remaining alive).
  • The Internet plays a bigger role than before due to the access to the Dark Net letting the player get barely legal or illegal stuff like weapons not sold in Luther County-based Ammu-Nation stores (only melee weapons, pistols and rifles are available there), vehicles for lower price than at a regular car dealer but with a risk of being wanted by the police after entering such car or even cars that are not normally available in the United States, also with a risk of a police chase.
  • GTA: State of Jefferson features a more in-depth public transport system. While using a taxi cab remains nearly the same (the only 2 differences between taxis in GTA V and GTA: SoJ is that there are more taxi cabs than just the 2nd gen Stanier and there are more taxi cab companies than just one), the player is also able to take a bus operated by Luther County Metro or RainTrans. The latter also provides trams. There's also a monorail, but it serves only on a short distance. As an alternative for taxis, there's an app called Zwischen letting people be taken by random strangers with cars but with a risk of ending up dead in a dark valley.
  • In-game days are longer than in previous GTA installment. Now, 24 hours in the game equal 96 minutes in real-life and, as a consequence, 1 in-game minute equals 4 in-game seconds.



  • The story of Grand Theft Auto: The State of Jefferson reutilizes the classic GTA themes: revenge, respect and money. Each theme is represented by one protagonist. In addition, the storyline also shows how a man's problems can make a change in one's mentality and drive him into the world one wouldn't actually like to be.


Revenge is represented by Dave Hrinchenko - coming from Alderney City, a child of Ukrainian immigrants, currently living in Rainier suburbs away from the problems of his past with a stable and honest job. Dave kept living a happy life with his son - Vincent (who fulfilled his childhood dream about being a policeman by working for the Rainier Police Department and is a playable character in the prologue which is set around a month before the main storyline). When Dave gets all confirmations that his son is dead, his mentality changes and with an "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" rule as well as due to "flight or fight" mechanisms in his mind, Dave decides to find the one who's responsible for the murder of Vinnie.

Respect is represented by Marcus Henrik Henriksen - a Norwegian immigrant from Tromsø, Troms og Finnmark, Norway. Since the teenage days, Marcus had been feeling lost in society and desperate for showing people he deserves more than he gains. He had tried to follow many advices he's heard from people or read in books or the Internet - get a hobby, fake smile till you make it, meditate, practice talking to girls etc., but he always felt like that's not enough. He didn't get what he wanted. Half with the "I want people to respect me" mindset, half with an outdated vision of an American Dream, he left Tromsø and spent some time in Liberty City which made him feeling like a trash and New Austin where he was mocked for being a Scandinavian before moving out to Rainier. Marcus thinks Rainier is the place that made him living his dream. Unfortunately, his happiness doesn't take long, as lack of perspectives for a fulfilling life makes him feeling lost again and as a result of that, Marcus becomes ready to do riskful things, just for the sake of getting respect from other people.

Money is represented by Anthea Archer - the first female protagonist in the HD universe (not counting GTA Online one). Anthea expected to find a well paid job right after graduating at Jefferson State University. She's got her reality check as soon as she started first after-education job as a pizza delivery woman. It wasn't a well-paid job but she needed it to finally pay the whole student debt, yet it didn't help Anthea's big ego and inflated needments. Remembering her parents' words about how good at driving a car she is, Anthea's confidence's boosted and gave her a motivation to cut her teeth in illegal street racing. Starting with her mom's 1st-gen Vapid Sagittarius, she made it to the point she was able to start a stable enough life and get her own bunch of wheels. With a chase for money, there's also a progressively increasing risk, so Anthea feels like she has to ready for more intensive races against faster cars with bigger risk of police chasing her and other racers, as well as for harder jobs like serving as a getaway driver during heists or even jobs that requires her to get out of her car.


  • The protagonists, alongside with representing what GTA's been known for years, they also represent different generations' values. Dave is a Gen-X guy with a love for his family and respect for those who are honest with him. Marcus is a millennial who doesn't know what he wants from his life and prefers quality life over a big deal of goods. Anthea is an early Geneation Z represent who's keen on making money and using modern technology like drones or electronic cigarettes.
  • No matter how fully skilled the protagonists are, Dave is always best with guns but has the worst stealthing skills, Marcus is always the strongest but worst at driving and Anthea is always the best driver but is also the weakest.
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On 1/25/2020 at 8:31 PM, TheerT said:




  • Grand Theft Auto: The State of Jefferson provides a completely new, never seen before setting. In contrast to previous GTA's which showed some bits of the West Coast in games such as GTA: San Andreas and GTA V, the East Coast in numerous titles featuring Liberty City like GTA III or GTA IV, the South Side in GTA: Vice City and GTA: Vice City Stories and even the Midwest with North Yankton, this concept is set in the early 2020's Pacific Northwest setting. To be more specific, in Luther County. This county includes: the City of Rainier, Blanche Island, Helygen Skyway and Shattuck. There's no any countryside.

Looks pretty promising, I remember seeing some of your radio stations and the map for this concept a while back. Hope you get it out as a topic soon.


Since it's set in a pastiche of the Pacific Northwest (Seattle, specifically) where most of the big tech companies are based in I guess it's safe to assume that an arc of the storyline is going to involve criminal activities with an Amazon parody?

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It's been years since my last post on this site and I figured I'd drop in here to make a reply.


So I don't think I will be able to make a full on concept thread, at least not in the foreseeable future. So that said, I'd figure I'd summarize what I wanted to do for some concepts.


GTA: Purtian City

Set in the GTA universe's version of Boston and the surrounding metropolitan area in the year 1972. The story was to portray a fictionalized version of the violent gang wars between different Irish gangs that plagued the city before Whitey Bulger took over the underworld. 


GTA: Carcer City 

The final version of my Carcer City concept that started in 2010. Carcer City in this version would be based on Detroit. It would be set in 1989 and had a revenge plot similar to III and IV with both drug and arms dealing as gameplay features plus the return of the reputation system. 

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GTA '78


Ken & Barry are 2 radge gadgies whae Huv travelled tae Argentina tae see Scotland win thi World Cup. 


Efter gloriously crashing oot thi competition even efter we beat the mighty Johan Cruyffs Holland thi boys are drowning their sorrows and team up whae a couple o' hoors who in turn drug them and Rob aw thir cash and passports. 



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Part 2 (PART 1)



  • In the early 2020's, the Internet is wider and more important than ever before. Outside of the main portal called EyeFind, social media sites like LifeInvader, Bleeter or Snapmatic, or vehicle shopping sites, the player is able to visit sites such as Neikea to buy goods for the protagonists' houses or to be used in future actions like crafting something or a mission, Thinqt to browse content about the protagonists' interests as written by self-proclaimed "smartasses", ElectricHit to watch wannabe Internet celebrities doing rigged pranks, crowing about their $5,000 worth Yeti/Gnocchi/Bigness clothes collection or becoming wannabe rappers just for one song. Anonify to know the reader's wrong and there's only one valid opinion on stuff like politics or art, Showflicker to watch exclusive shows and say "f*ck you" to old media or All The Good Men to blame all a man's experience with women on everything but not on himself. Many websites also got a redesign and/or new functionalities. For example, EyeFind's mapping system is now fully usable by the player and replaces the map in the "Pause" menu or Classic Vinewood that, outside of featuring the Vinewood cinema classics, now also serves as a database of movies & TV shows from all the time. There are also websites that are stuck in the past, like Craplist that hasn't seen a redesign since the 1990's.
  • The protagonists' Internet usage has been personalized, which means that each protagonist browses the Internet on different browsers with different social media usage, different bookmarks saved, etc.
  • There's also the Dark Net with its creepy content like shock sites or conspiracy theories and stores with "barely legal" goods like heavy weapons or illegally imported vehicles. To have access to the Dark Net, the protagonists need to have a pendrive with an Eunux distribution called "Rattle" (which is always carried by the protagonists whether he/she died or not). All the Dark Net addresses, after being written in the address bar, become encrypted. For example: theopenroad.dark becomes lcdUhJjjSOi0Haoj0kmF8K.8cL26Q0GbRqKGyE7RE9o.



  • While GTA IV's in-game television was centered around reality shows and live shows, and GTA V's one mostly featured cartoons, the television, as well as Showflicker, in Grand Theft Auto: State of Jefferson are dominated by dramas. While regular TV's sense of dramas is just airing yet another season of old-fashioned crime or medical dramas, Showflicker presents more diversified vision of them, more suitable for younger viewers and with more in-depth stories. Nearly all the shows broadcasted on the in-game TV can be watched on Showflicker. Some shows like "Republican Space Rangers" or "Kung Fu Rainbow Lazerforce" make return with new seasons. TV shows usually feature 2 or 3 seasons with 3-5 episodes per one season.
  • In-game TV shows, movies, advertisements on both TV and radio, as well as talk shows refer to the issues of the mid 2010's-early 2020's such as: the fear of World War III, climate change, mental health awareness, coronavirus outbreak, popularization of alternative medicine, radicalization of both liberals and conservatives or increased nationalist tendencies in the World. For example, there are two in-game radio stations: Rainier Free Radio and America Today Radio. Rainier Free Radio pushes an agenda that includes: social justice, suggestive misandry and reverse racism, and nearly radical environmentalism. America Today Radio represents things like: toxic masculinity (under the mask of self-improvement), incels, nationalism, moderate anti-semitism or misogyny.
  • ElectricHit's culture is centered around fake pranks, set up social experiments trying to spread untrue agendas on the World, Internet celebrities competing with each on the title of the biggest fool, hypebeast and/or cashgrab on the Internet or even movies uploaded by the player himself/herself (Social Club account is required).
  • Video games are playable on Exsorbeo Uno consoles as well as PC's. Examples of available video games consist: Righteous Slaughter 14 (a first-person shooter known for blaming America's war crimes on every single nation but not on the USA itself), Pride Not Prejudice 2: The Pacific (a first-person shooter about killing hipsters, art students and environmentalists in the suburbs of Rainier), Rags2Bitches: Within the Unreal (a co-op action-adventure game set in a dystopian simulation of Dark Delta City created by, and under the control of, a radical, authoritarian right-wing government) and Velocity Drive V (a racing video game featuring a couple of tracks based on the streets of Los Santos, Liberty City and Rainier, and cars from brands like Dinka, Överflöd, Pfister or Karin).
  • The protagonists have each own's sense of media consumption:
    • Dave isn't a fan of TV shows (and television in general), as well as ElectricHit. He likes watching movies and doesn't mind playing video games though.
    • Marcus prefers to stay away from media as much as possible, with expections for music and Showflicker documents.
    • Anthea enjoys watching shows and movies on Showflicker, and Hitmakers. Out of the trio, she likes playing video games the most. She doesn't like regular television.
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I've got some ideas for a couple of concepts set in the American South for collaboration if anyone is interested.


1. Grand Theft Auto: Heart Of The South

If Fire Emblem: Three Houses was a GTA game. This is concept set in Rosewood City, in the state of Alexandria (based on Atlanta, Georgia), between 1978 to 1983, centering around the uneasy truce between a large street gang, a couple of bootlegging syndicates from the Appalachians and a corrupt Southern oil conglomerate. You play an ex-sheriff from a small town near the city named Harlan Orres, betrayed and duped by his department, and left for dead, before being rescued by a bootlegging gang. Here you are introduced to the criminal network of Rosewood City, where you attempt to keep the peace between the gangs and learn more about each gang during your time, while you juggle your priorities as well as family. Eventually all hell breaks loose, and Harlan would have to pick a side in the ensuing chaos.


Music would generally lean towards jazz fusion/jazz rock, classic rock/AOR, soul, jazz funk and boogie/disco (think a cross between Drive: Parallel Lines OST and City Pop-type stuff), as well as dedicated stations for bluegrass/country, protopunk, early new-age and jazz.


2. Grand Theft Auto: The Bayou Gambit

A concept with supernatural elements inspired by Blood Meridian and the Manson Family centered around madness and anarchist cults. Set between 2005 and 2006, this concept is set between two cities, Riviere Nouveau and Gazon Beaumont (based on New Orleans and Baton Rouge, in Louisiana), along with a few small towns in between such as Plantation (based on Reserve, Louisiana) and Fontaine (based on Mandeville, Louisiana). In this colorful and rich, yet eerily industrial region of the United States, you play as two protagonists, one who is customizable. 


The first protagonist is former hermit and Gulf War veteran named Saul LaRue. He believes the world is on the path to disaster and that the world economy will eventually plunge into chaos, not helped by his experiences during the Middle Eastern conflict, and decides the best course of action would be to simply start a rouse in the region, in both the criminal underworld and the federal and local government, either by both passive or violent means. His "enlightenment" begins during a robbery at a 24/7 just along Plantation, where he brutally dispatches the perpetrators of the crime. From there, his crusade against the establishment begins, and slowly a ruckus in the Southeastern United States is formed by his hand.


The second protagonist is a young drifter, known simply as Jude. Gender is determinant, and ethnicity-wise, Jude can be either white, black or biracial. Growing up in the bayou, Jude is a hedonist who revels in violence, mostly disregarding the consequences of his/her actions. Temporarily joining gangs and leaving them as they are ripped apart by elements around them, Jude takes part in random acts of destruction for the hell of it, and does so for some time until he/she runs into Saul, where they share their ideals.


Together, the two entities form a bond, and eventually start a small doomsday cult called The Impended, and over the course of the storyline, the cult gains infamy in the region, and sympathizers grow in numbers, though the cult remains relatively reclusive. As the law encroaches in, tensions between Saul and Jude settle in, and before you know it, strange, otherworldly figures begin to appear to the protagonists, who encourage the violence that the cult brings.


Dedicated stations for crunk, pop punk, alt. hip hop and post-grunge/Britpop would appear in this, as well as stations featuring blues, zydeco/country, 60s-soul, french house, nu-jazz and electroclash.

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I created a Discord server to discuss concept making, giving each other some kind of support and post content for the good of all the concept thread creators.



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Coming Soon



Almost 7 years in the making...


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Big Fat Paulie

Been thinking of some ideas for a unique concept thread for GTA and now I truly know for sure what I want to do....


Grand Theft Auto: Attack of the Living Dead


Yes, that's right. A GTA game with zombies, I had thought of the idea before, and while I know it's not realistic, you do have precedents like RDR 1's Undead Nightmare DLC and IIRC, one of the single-player story DLC's for GTA V that got cancelled was a non-canon zombie-themed scenario for Trevor that was similar to Undead Nightmare.


The game would have multiple protagonists in the chaos of the zombie apocalypse: The ThugThe Biker, and The Cop, as well as a hidden fourth protagonist who becomes playable later on in the story.

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Here's a couple more ideas I've got cooking in my head.




This concept is set in the actual Hawaiian island of O'ahu during 1987, and it covers the relationships between Yakuza syndicates, corrupt cops, sleazy West Coast construction companies and local Hawaiian street gangs.


Split over six chapters, you play as Tatsuo Shinkai, a senior Yakuza enforcer for the Onoda-kai (Onoda Crime Family) in Hiroshima who is banished to Hawaii after the murder of two high-ranking lieutenants of the rival Murakami-gumi around 1986. Fluent in both Japanese and English, he sets up a izakaya in the city of 'Onaki in O'ahu, though he is also indirectly tasked by the oyabun with scoping out potential areas of interest on the Hawaiian Islands, in spite of his banishment.


Born to a Korean-American grocer and a Japanese housewife in 1942, Tatsuo spent his childhood briefly in an internment camp during the Second World War and lived in Los Santos, San Andreas up until he was about 13 years-old, after his father was killed by local Kkangpae members during a store robbery gone wrong. With no money to support herself and her son, Tatsuo's mother, Hinata, decides to move back to Hiroshima, her hometown, during a time when Japan was rebuilding itself after the war and Yakuza syndicates were rampant on the streets. Discriminated for his Korean heritage, Tatsuo would often pick fights with other school kids during his youth, and was a notorious delinquent during this time. He is eventually expelled from school, and he, and without Hinata's knowledge, he joins a local set of gangsters, who were the only ones, other than his mother, who accepted him for who he is. This set which would eventually become the notorious Onoda-kai syndicate that would butt heads with the older Murakami-gumi from the late-50s to the mid-80s. This is where he meets his best friend, Nobuhito "Nobu" Edajima. Together, they rise through the ranks, and eventually they becomes enforcers for the family in 1979.


Hinata passes away of an unknown illness around this time, with no knowledge of Tatsuo's criminal activities, believing her son to have always been a driver for a logistics company. A shrine dedicated in her memory is kept in Tatsuo's bar, where he often prays for forgiveness for lying to her. 


Sometime in the 80s, tensions between the two Yakuza groups begin to rise, and fights begin to occur much more frequently on the streets of Hiroshima. This eventually culminates with a fateful lapse of judgement in 1986, where after learning that one of his close childhood friends had been tortured and killed by the Murakami-gumi in cold blood, Tatsuo enters an office owned by the family and guns down two lieutenants of the gang before leaving, thus causing a gang war in Hiroshima.


The oyabun, Nishiko Onoda, is furious by this action, though due to Tatsuo's personal contributions and loyalty to the organization, he decides to fake his death, though Tatsuo is now banished from the organization, and is sent to Hawaii indefinitely, in part due to his American heritage.


He moves to O'ahu and starts an izakaya called Unagi Izakaya, where he lives quietly for some time, though he is discreetly tasked by Nishiko to scope out Hawaii for potential business opportunities. This isn't as easy as it sounds, as he soon comes to realize that the city of 'Onaki is about as corrupt as post-war Hiroshima itself, and that there exists an unholy matrimony between the law, street gangs and businessmen alike. He becomes entangled in the gang mess, and soon he has to prove his worth to the Onoda-kai once again.




Set in Ellis, Illinois (loosely based on Chicago and Peoria) in 2003, this concept revolves around a secret organization of assassins and contract killers known as The Inner Circle, haunted by the ghost of its founder, that face internal struggles over leadership and politics.


The concept is split into five chapters and a finale, with each chapter played from the perspective of different protagonists, each exploring their backstory, their motivations and their role in the circle.


The protagonists are as follows.


The first protagonist is Kellock Wilkes, a former enforcer for the Irish Mob, now a full-time contract killer for anyone with some dough in their pockets. A pompous, smug man, he often flaunts his killings to everyone else, and always says that there is no contract that he could ever fail.


The second protagonist is Jerome Hills, born and bred in the streets of Ellis. Used to clean up for the drug kingpins in the ghettos before going pro, and was a former boxer in the cage fighting underground. He has a stoic demeanor.


The third protagonist is Orlando Feliz Rojas. Raised in Brazil, he did some work for cartels across South America before finding his way into the bustling city of Ellis, where he learns the joys of playing hitman for some lowlife with a dollar.


The fourth protagonist is Cheyenne "Che" DeAntonio. The daughter of an ambitious mafia lieutenant. She is tricked into killing the don of the organization in the early 90s by her father, who quickly usurps the position shortly after that. Though she quickly distances from his father, she discovers her inner aptitude and skill for assassination, and joins the circle not long after that.


The fifth protagonist is Mika Lin. The mistress of a Liberty City Triad boss, with experience in weapons smuggling and training. She used to run guns across Asia and Africa, until a gang war erupts in Algonquin. To save her skin, she kills the Triad boss, and leaves for Ellis, where she joins the Inner Circle.


Lead by a handler named Gemini, they perform contracts all over town, as they plan the one big contract sent to them by a powerful client in the city, where they are tasked with killing a senator and his entire crew during election week. Greed and ambition takes way, and constant disagreements arise from the way their cuts are split. Closer to the date of assassination, they are haunted by visions of the founder of The Inner Circle, a man known by the name Thomas Ringer, as well as visions of their past contracts and victims, and soon an internal conflict boils from within the organization.

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Naughtius Maximus

Hello, everybody! Nice to see that there are people who are still around here. 


I've been away for a long while, but nowadays, I have an instant urge for making a concept thread that is set in Carcer City (based on Philadelphia) during the 70's and 80's. I'm specifically interested in that setting and time because the most important theme I want to explore is the society's degeneration into lust and sin, which I'm mostly planning to show through cut-throat narcotics trade and glitzy yet dirty prostitution scene. I also want to touch on some other issues such as racism, gender discrimination, overall corruption, police brutality, ever-growing violence among black gangsters, homosexuality, crack epidemic and HIV / AIDS outbreak. Real-life events such as the murder of the Docile Don, ABSCAM sting operation, Philadelphia PD vs. MOVE can be parodied as well. 


I haven't completely gotten the protagonists together yet, but I can say that each of them will suffer from a different kind of addiction - another major theme to be heavily emphasized in the story. These are some ideas I've been pitching for the protagonists, but I'm not 100% sure if I'd go through with them:


- A cunning, charismatic con-artist with a silver tongue, running petty scams to earn his daily bread. Severely addicted to sex.

- An enthusiastic street-level associate for the local Cosa Nostra. Pretentious show-off. Suffers from a problematic gambling addiction.

- A Vietnam War veteran, dishonorably discharged from the military. Lost direction in life. Abuses alcohol and hard drugs at every chance. 

- A low-key drug dealer and car thief of African-American heritage. Adrenaline junkie and likes to get high on his own product.


I want the story to have a gritty and sometimes noir-ish tone with touches of dark comedy here and there. 


I'll try to dish out an extensive system for sex racket management and drug dealing - Content dependent on the each protagonist's abilities. Other side missions may come in the form of blackmailing (of prestigious businessmen and influential politicians), kidnappings, doing emissaries for crooked cops, sticking up card games and organizing your own etc.


For now, this is a scrap of the ideas inside my head. I don't know if this will ever see the light but also I've been doing research and trying to gather info on the aforementioned era's Philly, which will hopefully help me come up with more story elements.

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The Notorious MOB
13 hours ago, Rebel Yell said:

Hello, everybody! Nice to see that there are people who are still around here. 


I've been away for a long while, but nowadays, I have an instant urge for making a concept thread that is set in Carcer City (based on Philadelphia) during the 70's and 80's. I'm specifically interested in that setting and time because the most important theme I want to explore is the society's degeneration into lust and sin, which I'm mostly planning to show through cut-throat narcotics trade and glitzy yet dirty prostitution scene. I also want to touch on some other issues such as racism, gender discrimination, overall corruption, police brutality, ever-growing violence among black gangsters, homosexuality, crack epidemic and HIV / AIDS outbreak. Real-life events such as the murder of the Docile Don, ABSCAM sting operation, Philadelphia PD vs. MOVE can be parodied as well. 


I haven't completely gotten the protagonists together yet, but I can say that each of them will suffer from a different kind of addiction - another major theme to be heavily emphasized in the story. These are some ideas I've been pitching for the protagonists, but I'm not 100% sure if I'd go through with them:


- A cunning, charismatic con-artist with a silver tongue, running petty scams to earn his daily bread. Severely addicted to sex.

- An enthusiastic street-level associate for the local Cosa Nostra. Pretentious show-off. Suffers from a problematic gambling addiction.

- A Vietnam War veteran, dishonorably discharged from the military. Lost direction in life. Abuses alcohol and hard drugs at every chance. 

- A low-key drug dealer and car thief of African-American heritage. Adrenaline junkie and likes to get high on his own product.


I want the story to have a gritty and sometimes noir-ish tone with touches of dark comedy here and there. 


I'll try to dish out an extensive system for sex racket management and drug dealing - Content dependent on the each protagonist's abilities. Other side missions may come in the form of blackmailing (of prestigious businessmen and influential politicians), kidnappings, doing emissaries for crooked cops, sticking up card games and organizing your own etc.


For now, this is a scrap of the ideas inside my head. I don't know if this will ever see the light but also I've been doing research and trying to gather info on the aforementioned era's Philly, which will hopefully help me come up with more story elements.

Myself on Slimeball Supreme actually just posted a topic partially set in a 1980s Philadelphia a few days ago. And we plan on tackling pretty much everything you've listed there in some way or another. You should check it out - https://gtaforums.com/topic/950955-grand-theft-auto-greed-grit/

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slimeball supreme

i made this for red triangle back in 2017 and it feels so remiss not posting it anywhere and having it gather dust like that. not sure where i was going to post it if ever but ill post it here for the kicks. lupisella hierarchy chart circa the events of the story




if anyone actually reads it (lol) youll know theres more changed in the current iteration of the story than there was then - a lot of names here that arent there anymore, a lot of changes to the function of the family thanks to input from mob, and I used basically every gangster actor I could think of for reference in the interim (I don't encourage using this as a reference lol): but i think it deserves to be seen by someone apart from the three ive shown it to lol.

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Francesco Bonomo

Here is a map for my concept New Sylvania. About 35% done. This is my fifth attempt on creating a map and I have finally found a good plan to follow.




It is based on the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, where I am from, and it excites me that I can replicate it for my concept.


The cities will be listed below. From left to right and up and down:


Aries - Eerie

Bagansville - Greenville

New Carlisle - New Castle

Havenburgh - Pittsburgh

Senaca State Park - Allegheny State Park

Litchfield - Lancaster

State College - Penn State

Liberty - York

Smithburh - Harrisburg

Jeanniesburg - Gettysburg

Romero - Scranton

Mulberry - Pittston

Kensington - Kingston

Deer Creek - Bear Creek

Brooke-Meyer - Wilkes-Barre

Palance - Plains

Madison - Ashley

Arborton - Hazleton

Stillwater - Poconos

East Edenburg - East Stroudsburg

Collinstown - Easton

Lenapia - Philadelphia

Southampton - Allentown


Let me know what yous think about the map.


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Here's an upcoming concept of mine that's coming out whenever. It's gonna be a lot weirder and political than Carcer City and Borders, with more Lynchian and supernatural elements to go along with the crime genre. It follows a non-chronological episodic character arc featuring five protagonists, all hitmen and hitwomen during the mayoral elections in the city of Ellis, Illinois between 2003 and 2004. Might do the outline for Hanohano next.









"Three years past the turn of the century, and the mayoral elections come around in the city of Ellis. Candidates from across the state run their course across districts in town, some reaching the top by popular vote, others lobbied into the race by both criminals and big companies. A city marred by a violent past that originated in Prohibition, the Election Year reveals a dirty and corrupt side of the city that is unseen by the majority. A covert organization specializing in blackmail and contract-killing, known as The Inner Circle, is called in during this turbulent period for politics in Ellis, as they receive increasingly violent and unethical contracts and hits from members of both sides of the political spectrum, while an internal conflict brews from within."



The concept is set in the city of Ellis, Illinois (loosely based on Chicago, Illinois, Springfield, Illinois and Peoria, Illinois) mostly between 2003 and 2004, during a time when mayoral elections and campaigns are taking place. It covers the themes of morality and greed, and to what extent a person is willing to give up their humanity to achieve something, which in this instance, refers to either power, status or financial gain. It also explores how these ambitions for power eventually create rifts in different groups, and could even drive individuals over the edge as they go insane from their actions.


The story of this concept can be best described as Donald Love's act in LCS or the election arc in The Wire, mixed in with a heavy dose of Black Lagoon, Killer7, John Wick and Mulholland Drive, with the growing radicalism and rift among the American people present during the actual 2016 Presidential Elections as well as the storytelling style of Tarantino.


Two main political factions are present in this concept, which are the Blues and the Reds.


The Blues are more liberal and socialist in nature, pushing for policies that often favor the little man in terms of class hierarchy, and are usually composed of candidates with roots in Ellis's inner cities, and as such, they are popular among younger voters as well as impoverished, formerly disenfranchised members of society.


The Reds, on the other hand, favor more conservative, economically beneficial policies that favor big business and established SMEs across Ellis, and are firm believers of trickle-down economics, believing that the fruits of the companies would eventually benefit the lower classes on the long run. Not to mention that many of their current candidates are established businessmen and CEOs in Illinois. Due to this, they are popular among upper-class citizens and business owners.


Ideals aside, both the Blues and Reds apply progressively aggressive tactics against each other over the course of the elections, with some infighting even present within the factions. 2003-04 was a particularly turbulent period, mostly due to the advent of the Iraq War during this time, with many candidates harboring more and more radical ideologies and thoughts to earn their place as mayor, and eventually the Senate.


Eventually, the aggressions become physical, and the politicians in town begin employing gangs and even hitmen to perform dirty work across town, intimidating or killing supporters of certain candidates, destroying campaign material and stealing campaign funds, engaging in blackmail against other candidates, and even outright assassinating other candidates in broad daylight.


That's where The Inner Circle comes in. A covert organization with a small band of hitmen and hitwomen, The Inner Circle began their roots as a Prohibition-era hit squad with roots to the local Italian Mafia, Triads and Irish Mob, and after a violent altercation within the members of the group in 1935, an organization, lead by an Irish-American contract killer known as Thomas Ringer, who is briefly playable in the final act, emerges, resembling what it looks like today. Lead by the current handler, Gemini, the present incarnation of The Inner Circle consists of five members, three men and two women, all established contract killers, and all playable at different points of the story, in a mostly non-chronological style save for the finale. The story follows the backstories of every member of the group, as well as their eventual joining of the Inner Circle. That said, the story also explores the growing rift within the group, much like that of the Blues and Reds, where members of The Inner Circle become at loggerheads towards the end of the storyline, performing hits and contracts against opposing ends of the political spectrum, sometimes clashing with that of another contract, as they become haunted by visions of Thomas Ringer over the course of this time.


On top of that, as the storyline is non-chronological in nature, the period where an act of the story is set in, which other than text and timings, can be determined by the construction of the Babel Stadium in Ellis's Downtown, which completes in 2004. Varying degrees of the stadium's completion can be attributed to different periods of the story where the game's events take place.


That said, while Inner Circle is extremely character-driven, it does not shy away from gameplay features, with almost all protagonists featured in the game (save for Thomas Ringer) playable once the game is complete, despite some of them getting killed towards the end of the storyline. On top of the obvious contract-killing and hits, protagonists can engage in different activities, both activity and leisure-based, which varies from character to character, such as clubbing, Fight Club, freerunning, bartending, joining a cult and and even singing karaoke. Duel-wielding and proning are also new gameplay features in The Inner Circle, along with some parkour mechanics, to fit in with the professional killer vibe.


The map is also smaller than that of Carcer City and Borders, with only the city of Ellis, its surrounding suburbs and parts of its outskirts, though there are much more things to do in the city now. Many vehicles and shows from Carcer City and Borders also return in this concept.


Boss battles also return from GTA San Andreas and GTA VCS, now taking the form of a large scale, 2Spicy-inspired gun battle between two opposing characters.


Protagonists and Key Characters


Here's a few of the major characters I have in mind for the concept.




Featuring five protagonists, The Inner Circle features the largest cast of protagonists in the series, without compromising gameplay, hopefully.


Cheyenne "Che" Ricci

The de facto protagonist of The Inner Circle, and the newest member of the group, having only joined in early 2002. 24-years old at the time of the game, she is the only daughter of a notorious mobster in Ellis known as Matteo Ricci, who was formerly a Caporegime for and currently the Don of the infamous Cattaneo Crime Family, arguably the oldest Italian-American criminal organization in Ellis, and likely the largest, splitting off from The Commission post-WWII. A greenhorn in the world of professional killers, Che is pulled into it out of pressure as well as family troubles, where she is currently learning the ropes of contract killing alongside the rest of the group, though secretly, she enjoys the thrill of the work. Amateurish and naive, though calm in her approach, Gemini sees potential in her to be one of the Circle's top dogs.


Growing up in a household of local Ellis-based mobsters, her mother Sonia, was a housewife who supposedly ratted out on the organization, and was ordered to be killed by the former Don of the organization, Francis "Uncle Frankie" Cattaneo, of the hit was performed by none other than Matteo himself, killing her in the woods just outside Ellis in the early-70s. Growing up without knowing much about her mother, Che recalls that Matteo wasn't the same dad she knew before after her mother disappeared. Nevertheless, Che continues living her childhood and teenage years with the mob with Matteo and Francis, even viewing the latter as her godfather. She also learns how to use firearms during this time from the older mobsters in the family,, a skill which proves beneficial to her life as a professional killer. That said, despite her history with the mob, where she observes the violence on others by the gangsters firsthand, she is otherwise raised as a normal, upstanding citizen of Ellis, doing relatively well in school and was on her way to becoming a lawyer at The University of Ellis.


This falls apart around 2000, when she is blackmailed into killing Francis by her father, Matteo. Matteo, with ambitions of becoming the Don of the Cattaneo Family, though traces of the deep-seeded vengeance for her wife's murder are present, tricks Che into killing Cattaneo during a private conversation, under the guise of the idea that he was going to rat her father out to the EPD, thus leaving her an orphan. After reluctantly killing her godfather with a pistol, Che is then told to drop out of university and lay low for a while after the murder, though somewhere along the line, she learns of her father's role in it, that the story revolving around Uncle Frankie being a rat was an utter lie.


She returns to Ellis not long after that, but chooses to estrange herself from her father, now the Don of the family, who she now views as dead to her eyes. Unable to go back to university, Che works a few part-time jobs, though they all do not cover rent. This, coupled with the economic crisis facing the US after the turn of the century, leads Che back into a life of crime, where she works for a few gangs around the city as a gun-for-hire. She learns of her prowess in handling guns and performing clean hits during this time, and a couple of years later, Che joins the The Inner Circle, where she meets her first acquaintance, a woman named Micha Lin as well as a man named Gemini. She becomes a full-time hitwoman, and the rest is history.


Micha Lin

The deuteragonist of The Inner Circle, who joined the group right before Che, around 2000. 28-years old at the time of the game, Micha is a Chinese-American born and bred in the Mississippi Delta, and as such speaks with a thick Southern twang, which surprises many clients and people who she introduces herself to. She is somewhat of a foil to Che; experienced, hedonistic, hot-headed and sadistic to her enemies, in contrast to Che's amateurity, naivete and rationalism, though with an ethical streak, and will give up a contract if she feels that innocents are getting killed, in opposition to Kellock Wilkes. In spite of their differences, their bond and friendship with one becomes especially strong throughout the storyline, creating an almost mentor-student dynamic between them, with the two sticking together all the way to the end of the storyline.


She becomes acquainted with the local Chinese arms dealers in the South, before spending some time abroad in areas such as Eritrea or Myanmar, where she would often deal guns with the local warlords and drug kingpins in the area, occasionally getting into shootouts herself. She flies back stateside in the mid-90s after making enough cash, and briefly makes a stop in Liberty City, where she becomes a mistress for the higher-ups in the Algonquin Triads. Something bad happens around the late-90s, and Micha kills the chairman of the Triads, fleeing to the city of Ellis not long after that, where she quickly butts heads with the likes of Kellock Wilkes, Jerome Hills and Orlando Rojas. Under the guidance of Gemini, she performs her first hit in 1999, and once she meets Che in 2002, the rest is history.


Orlando Feliz Rojas

The de facto secondary protagonist on the other side of the Inner Circle, dominated by men, who joined the organization circa 1995. A Brazilian-American hitman, 27-years old at the time of the game, Orlando grew up in the favelas of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and was a member of one of the local drug gangs in the inner cities. As a young child gangster in the favelas, he often had high aspirations for himself, wanting to make it big in the city and live comfortably. Unfortunately, this came at a cost, as throughout his career as a petty criminal, he was often forced to make life-and-death decisions which often involved the killing of minors and children. This sense of immorality clashes with his pursuit of status, which proves to be nightmarish for him, and as such, Orlando follows a strong "ignorance is bliss" mantra towards his way of life, which allows him to escape from the cruel realities of the work he puts in. Nevertheless, he often experiences nightmares and hallucinations up to this day, owing to his internal struggles.


Eventually moving to the United States after establishing himself as an infamous contract killer in Brazil, he quickly learns English, and soon settles down in Ellis, where he joins The Inner Circle. He gets acquainted with Kellock WIlkes and Jerome Hills, the former who he views as his mentor and as a figure of encouragement for a sociopathic attitude towards contract-killing, and the rest is history.


Jerome Hills

The deuteragonist to Orlando, and the voice of reason and wisdom not just to him, but to everyone else in the gang. 48-years old at the time of the game, Jerome is the oldest member of the group, having joined Inner Circle in the mid-70s. An African-American veteran of the contract-killing world, Jerome's history is unclear, but many believe that he was once the member of a local Ellis-based street gang during his youth, and was a powerful and brutal prizefighter during his younger years, before nailing his first hit in 1973, a local gang boss known as Elroy Tussle, who was terrorizing the district during this time. He joins The Inner Circle two years after, meeting Gemini at the park that would be their physical meeting place up to the present day. 


During his time in the Circle, he has seen both men and women come and go, with some members of the Circle getting killed during hits, some getting arrested and thrown to jail, and others disappearing outright for attempting to rat the group out to the police. This wears down on him, and today he is a stoic, yet firm contract killer for the Inner Circle, with his only close companion being that of a Labrador named Coco. This changes throughout the storyline, as he begins to open up to other members of the group, such as Che or Orlando. 


That said, the arc of the story begins with Jerome meeting Kellock WIlkes at a bar called Shamrock's in Midtown Ellis around 1991, who was finding work as a contract killer during this time. Over a few drinks, Jerome introduces him to The Inner Circle, and the rest is history.


Kellock Wilkes

A former enforcer for the local Irish Mob in Ellis, The O'Haras, and the second oldest member of The Inner Circle, having joined in around 1991. 39-years old at the time of the game, Kellock is an arrogant, ruthless hitman with no boundaries or morals, and can be best described as playable antagonist in The Inner Circle. A notorious enforcer even during his days as a foot soldier for The O'Haras, he was known as a particularly brutal person who relishes in violence, often stepping up to any job involving killing, sometimes even taking a target back with him to the meeting room and slitting his throat in front of the leaders of the mob. In 1987, after the leader the O'Haras, a man named Floyd O'Hara, is arrested and put into prison for life, Kellock takes matters into his own hands and goes out of his way to locate the men who ratted him out, and executing them, sometimes in front of their families.


Due to the lack of direction present in The O'Haras after Floyd's arrest, Kellock forcefully leaves the gang after a violent altercation with another enforcer of the gang named Darryl Moran, who he blinds in the left eye after fighting him in the meeting room, and goes freelance for a while, working as a contract killer for gangs and organizations across Ellis. He eventually finds a group with like-minded individuals such as himself, and joins The Inner Circle in 1991, where he meets Jerome Hills. The rest is history at this point.


Thomas Ringer

The founder of The Inner Circle in its current incarnation, and playable in the final act. He was a former Irish mobster and hitman who was a member of the Circle when it was a joint hit squad with the Tongs and the Mafia. While the hit squad was more-or-less successful, especially with a particularly infamous hit in 1931 where a group of senior Sicilian Mafioso are gunned down at a bar in Downtown Ellis to give the Cattaneo Mafia a stepping stone in the underworld, internal struggles begin to form during this time, and Thomas, together with another man named Oliver Chin, a soldier and fellow hitman from the local Tong, are forced to kill other members of the group after internal struggles reach their boiling point in 1935. Chin is killed in the ensuing gunfight, but Thomas manages to survive.


He forms a new version of the hit squad known by the same name, and lays down a few base rules to ensure that the same situation does not happen again, with some of the major rules being no snitching and no outside business in the gang. This new faction is successful, and it goes on even after his death from natural causes in 1964.


All members of the gang hallucinate his presence throughout the storyline, with Orlando being hit the hardest due to his previously-held trauma, as Thomas's presence becomes more and more malignant towards the climax of the storyline.


Major Characters



The alias of the handler of The Inner Circle, Gemini is depicted as a nondescript, humble man in his 50s, who possibly joined the organization a few years before Jerome did. A mysterious figure who hands out contracts to the five members of The Inner Circle, either by phone or at a park in North Ellis, he answers to an unseen figure in the organization, and deals with much of the paperwork in the group. It is heavily implied that Gemini is clairevoyant, due to him being able to recall different points of history even before his time, and his ability to know the whereabouts of each member of the group.


Alderman Barrington "Barry" McCarthy

The leading candidate for the Reds, and a member of the Ellis City Council prior to his campaign. A ruthless capitalist with ambitions of power and getting into Senate, he intends to get to the top by any means necessary, even if it means employing private security and hitmen to do his deeds. It reaches the point where he attacks others within his own caucus. Perhaps his only redeeming quality is that, he loves his wife and son very much, and will set out to do anything to protect them.


Maximillion "Max" Burrows

The leading candidate for the Blues, with links to local African-American syndicates and street gangs. A former lawyer whose clients run the gamut from regular African-American businessmen to notorious street gang leaders, Max has proven himself to be a popular candidate among the people of the inner cities. The 2003 mayoral election is his first foray into the world of politics, and like Barry, his rival, Max will use any means necessary to get to the top, using his gang connections to intimidate or blackmail or even kill his opponents.


Emika Dharan

The powerful, yet mysterious CEO of a private company called Greytex Holdings, who Che encounters throughout the storyline. A woman with ulterior motives who views the city as her own personal chessboard, she intends to benefit greatly from the election year, by getting all the politicians in town to play nicely and by only attacking those that deserve it.


Logan Parnell

A candidate of the Blues, and the underdog of the faction, with his ideas revolutionary and relatively altruistic for its time and able to hold up well in debates, overshadowed by other brasher candidates. A middle-class business owner from Downtown Ellis, he is a small-time candidate of the election who narrowly avoids death from The Inner Circle, and in spite of it all, continues to painstakingly develop his personality, popularity and campaign among the people of Ellis.


Mayor Henry Erickson

The current mayor of Ellis, Illinois, and one with a big target painted on his head. He is still in officer during the election in 2003, though he is a vocal supporter of the Reds, which Max takes a dislike to.




Radio Stations

For realism's sake, the radio stations in The Inner Circle now feature call signs beginning with the letter W, with abbreviations of each station representing the theme of the radio station, along with its nickname next to it.


Featuring slightly more variety than Carcer City, though less than Borders, The Inner Circle features your typical GTA fare, such as 80s pop, funk or R&B stations to stations featuring less-popular genres, such as breakbeat, speed garage, trance, classical, ambient dub and nu-jazz stations.


Here's a rough list of what I have in mind.


WHSE - The European Touch: French House, Eurodance, Hip House, UK Garage

WROC - Ellis Rock Radio: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Alternative Rock

WNMD - The New Mode 101.3FM: Britpop, Electronic Rock, Dancepunk

 WSHR - SoHo Rock Radio: Post-Grunge, Pop Punk, Post-Hardcore, Soft Alternative

WULF - Unleaded Fury 94.8FM: Hardcore Punk, Crossover Thrash

WMTL - Metallish FM: Alternative Metal, Nu Metal, Industrial Metal, Metalcore

 WUND - The Underground 100.1FM: Alternative Hip Hop, Jazz Rap, Oldschool Hip Hop

WCRK - Wile Out Radio: Crunk, Gangster Rap, Hardcore Hip Hop

WREB - The Fire 104.2FM: Contemporary R&B, Neo-Soul

WCLB - The Celebration 88.3FM: P-Funk, Funk, Disco, Soul

WCHL - Pure Sound: Ambient Dub, Chillout, New Age, IDM

WCLS - Ellis's Neo-Classical: Classical, Opera, Modern Classical

WJZZ - Ellis Jazz: Nu-Jazz, Broken Beat, Acid Jazz, Deep House

WWPT - The Sound of The Future: 90s-2000s Breakbeat, Neurofunk, Drum n' Bass

WATH - Ellis After Dark: Progressive Trance, Uplifting Trance

 Ellis Pirate Radio - The Garage: Speed Garage, UK Garage

WKPR - Ellis Public Radio: Talk Show


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Big Fat Paulie

Would love to do a fully-fleshed out setting concept based on Liberty City in the 1970's and 1980's, but it seems everyone's been jumping on a similar bandwagon. But I've been thinking of making my concept stand out by making it explicitly unrealistic and heavily inspired by 70's and 80's exploitation flicks and B-movies, with each protagonist roughly corresponding to a different genre of grindhouse cinema.


I might fold some of my earlier concepts into this concept instead.



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Here's the protagonist icons for Inner Circle. Wanted to go with a Banksy-ish/70s Yakuza film aesthetic with this..














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