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Pooyan Cyrus

The Concept Creators' Lounge

Recommended Posts

Rebel Yell


I completed the gang list for Puritan City, and I need opinions on the names:



Welcome back, ObsydianRaven. Nice to see you back working again. Taking your classic Carcer City into account, I'm not wrong if I say I'm thriving for Puritan City... besides we already needed a Boston concept, too. For the names;


- Moretti Family: I think Mafia franchise has overnamed with Morello and Moretti Crime Families. Providenti Family, maybe? Not so much, but it's closer to Patriarca, and it's a cool sounding surname.


- Spring Hill is fine. However, if you're looking for something related to winter, you could go for: Pine Hill, Spruce Hill (popular choices for Christmas Tree decorations), Plow Hill (This is more of a

to be honest), Everwhite Hill or Russian Hill (for "WWII star" General Winter a.k.a Russian Winter). Edited by Rebel Yell

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What about The Walter Hill Gang? In reference to the director of the cult classic gang movie The Warriors?

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My concept is different I would like to have a loby with the same 30 players that meet up and do freemode business with allies and rivals fighting over territory's and businesses. I haven't worked out all the details would like some help on the rules. I have a few ideas bit they are rough. 1 no heavy weapons like mini guns rpgs fighter jet tanks so on and so on. 2 there are 6 crews of 5 players with a leader. The leader will act as a admin for there crew. 3 Each leader picks a criminal organization such as a mafia organization street gang and motorcycle clubs. I am thinking two of each. The organization's would be able to pick the following business mafia organization can pick gunrunning or CEO. Street gangs can do mc or gunrunning and mc have the clubhouse. I feel like if the same people play against each other it would make it crew rivals and allies more enjoyable. So if anyone is interested in playing or has ideas on how to make this work please message me in rockstar social club my profile name is nallen3181 and I am on ps4

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Here's my concept for GTA Online DLC.

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On 1/29/2018 at 6:11 AM, ObsydianRaven said:

I completed the gang list for Puritan City, and I need opinions on the names:



IMO, Petricone Crime Family would fit more.

And Winter Hill = Lynwood Heights maybe?

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Money Over Bullshit
On 6/1/2018 at 12:34 PM, SonnyNapoli said:


IMO, Petricone Crime Family would fit more.

And Winter Hill = Lynwood Heights maybe?

Yeah Petricone sounds good to me. For the Winter Hill gang though what about the Summer Hill gang - named after the area of Somerville, which contains the real life neighbourhood of Winter Hill.

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Well, I went to leave my concept idea for the GTAVI, but that section is closed. So, I will list my idea here. Here goes...

Six should introduce an interactive airport. Let us actually travel from SA to Liberty City, North Yankton, Vice City, Alderney and the new map for GTAVI.

 At the beginning of online, during you're character creation, you select your home state between the six maps. On that map you get your four properties, yacht, and all the things that come with the CEO, Gunrunner, MC, and Smugglers buildings. This is the center of it all. Then on each other map you get to own a safe house and a wharehouse that you can use for business deals to purchase supplies for your Enterprise back home. To travel from one state to the other, use a personal jet to fly from one to the next via a quick gps selection menu take off from the air port fly in the direction of the beacon and then at some point it goes to cut seen, shows you leaving San Andreas, then coming into the skies of Liberty City, you regain control and land it at the airport or private strip. This would allow crews and MC's to majorly grow and create a huge Enterprise. 


  Next, the creator. It would be nice to set up a lobby where you are able to set the sponsering crew or club, weapons rules, the amount of hours or days the lobby remains open as one to be selected to join of the start menu, like a link for event lobbies. These events could range from car shows, bike rallies, monster truck events...etc. 


  Next, mini games. We have darts, tennis, a 9 hole golf course and shooting compatitions, cool. So now add...pool, an 18 hole course on the new map, basket ball. And maybe even give each state a pro football and baseball league for sporting events you can attend with friends. Open the casinos on all maps. 


 Last but not least, remove the code for 300-500 AIs so there is more server memory to be able to expand the player per lobby to 50 or 100 people. Not only would it create more huge opportunities for crews and clubs, but it would cut down on the number of active servers needed to host the number of players world wide, and could save Rockstar a bundle for more game development to go past GTA VI so that the series can continue.


  That's all I got.


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Happy Halloween, everyone!


I have decided to return to this forum after a long absence and I want to make a concept thread inspired by the early history of GTA and the general silly antics of the 2D Era.



The concept is titled Grand Theft Auto: Race 'N Chase and it is set in a different universe that is separate from both the 3D Era and the HD Era. 


It would contain a wide variety of weapons, vehicles, missions, multiple cities, different types of countryside and terrain, and other features such as animals, mini-games, and even Myths like Bigfoot, aliens, ghosts, dinosaurs, and other weird things.


The art style would be different, it would be influenced more by classic 90's anime and the art style of games like Street Fighter. In fact, it would be set in the 1990's!


There would be multiple protagonists, although I am not sure if I want to have it like GTA V where you can switch between the protagonists or GTA 1 where you pick a protagonist at the beginning of the game.

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GTA 5, but short

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The concept is titled Grand theft auto a new era and its set in a futuristic world with 2000s and 2010s style and its about a young boy called Yanis  which is 17 years old and decide to become king of the gangster but he is too young and new to become King so he decide to work with various Criminal groups.


In this game he would be in hell city and make everyone angry and offended but because he is new he should be aware of other people that are much older, mature and really dangerous, which cost his life.


It has many  gangs like the Zaibatsu Cooperation based on Grand theft auto 2, the Scaries a combination of the loonies and Halloween theme, triads a gang based on real life and the personality of the Yakuza from Grand theft auto 2, Outlaw bikers the same as the rednecks except with bikes and obsession of riots, AI (Artifical intelligence) a group of scientists and cyber hackers with advanced weapons, Love a combination of cooperation and a gang of feminine lesbian women which they entertain young teenage girls and young and mature Women with music, commercial, magazine and Porno's and they are active in drugs, political assassination , weapon licence and blackmailing based on a Company called Girlfriends Films, Albanian Mafia based in real life, reggae a eco terrorist group with hippie styles, Ahmadinejad a religious fundamentalist group which are planning to control the city, and other gangs like Latin Kings.









That it all i got i would to know you thoughts of my concept.


Edited by yarab
there is already one

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The Gangs :


Zaibatsu Corporation.

Image result for zaibatsu gta

Color: Black

Gang Car: Z-Type

Weapons: Pistol, Dual Pistol, Machine gun, Silenced machine gun, Rocket launcher.

Radio station: Future Fm.

Territory: Suburban district,Rural district and Urban district.

Leader : Norman Liu

Deputies: Alfred Schneider, Elon Musk, Raul Mercedez.

Other members:Agent Smith, Agent Omega, Mohamed El-Erian, Gebisa Ejeta,

Description: The most powerful gang in Hell City Their names was founded by a ex soldier from World War 2 named Shiatsu, during the 70s he began to form a Corporation that should make people happy.In their early days they were a normal Organization but after Shiatsu died in the early 90s and the Social media invasion began, they became a Evil Corporation which they manufacture from cars and Weapons to medication.They are known for  armed robbery, arms dealing, murder, import of illegal goods from all over the world especially with political assassination, Financed Wars in Africa,Asia and Latin America, genetic engineering experiments and especially drug dealing.Their power is so big that even other Gangs would likely not called it as easy because of their popularity and for have a big Private military and Secret Agents all over the World. But it has under attack from Scandals and the many Gangs they trying to destroy them. They have no Allies but many Enemies, with the Love, AI and the Reagge, the most hated Groups by the Zaibatsu.



Related image

Color: Black and Orange

Gang car: Mustang

Weapons: Grenades,Pistol and Flamethrower,

Radio station: Spooky Fm

Territory: Sleepy Hollow Park, Death(Suburban District)

Leader: Scarecrow

Deputy: Tuba

Other members: Jason,Fred, Chucky and Dummy.  

Description: A group of horny insane Halloween guys that has take over the park by Scarecrow and his minions, mostly because of his Trauma from his childhood with his sexual abusive Father.Which lead him to a sadistic person. The Gang is the most scariest Gang because of their Madness and Obsession with Women which lead to Rape, with their Weapons which can destroy everything and with them dangerous pranks they pulled. But due to the Scary Factor they are disliked by Love, what causes the Gang to hate love with their Beauty and High class attitude.



Related image

Color: Red and White.

Gang car: Enforcer car.

Weapons: Shotgun,Pistol, Aks and Sword.

Radio Station: Sing Tao Fm.

Territory: Chinatown(Urban district).

Leader: Wong Lon 

Deputy: Chan Cheong

Other Members: Little Pete, Wan Kuok-koi, Johnny Eng, Yan Bin.

The triads based in Real life are know for their vanity,they want the best cars,weapons and clothes.Involved in illegal gambling,robbery,kidnapping,Extortion,Assault and contract killing,






Edited by yarab

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I'd like to see another Mafia-themed Concept for GTA, maybe I should make it myself?

I'd have it be set in the 1990's, with a return to Liberty City and an expanded Alderney, as well as parts of Liberty State, such as The Carroways (Long Island) and Colchester (Westchester)

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Big Fat Paulie

Personally, I'd like to see a GTA game set in the 1970's or 1980's, maybe the 1990's at the absolute latest.


I'd set it across the entire Northeastern United States. The main cities would be Liberty City (New York City), Keystone City (Philadelphia), Benediction (Providence), and New Plymouth (Boston), with other regions including Alderney (New Jersey), The Carroways (Long Island), Upstate Liberty (New York State), and New Britannia (New England)


EDIT-Here it is, the beginning of my concept thread.


Grand Theft Auto VI: The Family Secrets

Edited by Big Fat Paulie

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I really wish they include again the ability to throw objectsike in gta 4. Imagine the chaos you can commit with it

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Big Fat Paulie

Real life kept me distracted for a bit but now I am ready to resume work on Grand Theft Auto VI: The Family Secrets as well as another project, a zombie apocalypse-themed concept thread in the vein of Undead Nightmare for RDR 1 called Grand Theft Auto: Project Crimson


Grand Theft Auto: Project Crimson is heavily inspired by George A. Romero's films Night Of The Living Dead (1968), Dawn of the Dead (1978), and Day of the Dead (1985) as well as Stephen King's apocalyptic epic novel The Stand


Other influences include the movies Mad Max (1979) and The Warriors (1979) and old-school ultra-violent VHS era anime such as Angel Cop (1987), Vampire Hunter D (1985), Legend of the Overfiend (1993), etc.



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