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The Concept Creators' Lounge

Recommended Posts


I completed the gang list for Puritan City, and I need opinions on the names:



Welcome back, ObsydianRaven. Nice to see you back working again. Taking your classic Carcer City into account, I'm not wrong if I say I'm thriving for Puritan City... besides we already needed a Boston concept, too. For the names;


- Moretti Family: I think Mafia franchise has overnamed with Morello and Moretti Crime Families. Providenti Family, maybe? Not so much, but it's closer to Patriarca, and it's a cool sounding surname.


- Spring Hill is fine. However, if you're looking for something related to winter, you could go for: Pine Hill, Spruce Hill (popular choices for Christmas Tree decorations), Plow Hill (This is more of a

to be honest), Everwhite Hill or Russian Hill (for "WWII star" General Winter a.k.a Russian Winter). Edited by Rebel Yell
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My concept is different I would like to have a loby with the same 30 players that meet up and do freemode business with allies and rivals fighting over territory's and businesses. I haven't worked out all the details would like some help on the rules. I have a few ideas bit they are rough. 1 no heavy weapons like mini guns rpgs fighter jet tanks so on and so on. 2 there are 6 crews of 5 players with a leader. The leader will act as a admin for there crew. 3 Each leader picks a criminal organization such as a mafia organization street gang and motorcycle clubs. I am thinking two of each. The organization's would be able to pick the following business mafia organization can pick gunrunning or CEO. Street gangs can do mc or gunrunning and mc have the clubhouse. I feel like if the same people play against each other it would make it crew rivals and allies more enjoyable. So if anyone is interested in playing or has ideas on how to make this work please message me in rockstar social club my profile name is nallen3181 and I am on ps4

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On 1/29/2018 at 6:11 AM, ObsydianRaven said:

I completed the gang list for Puritan City, and I need opinions on the names:



IMO, Petricone Crime Family would fit more.

And Winter Hill = Lynwood Heights maybe?

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The Notorious MOB
On 6/1/2018 at 12:34 PM, SonnyNapoli said:


IMO, Petricone Crime Family would fit more.

And Winter Hill = Lynwood Heights maybe?

Yeah Petricone sounds good to me. For the Winter Hill gang though what about the Summer Hill gang - named after the area of Somerville, which contains the real life neighbourhood of Winter Hill.

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Well, I went to leave my concept idea for the GTAVI, but that section is closed. So, I will list my idea here. Here goes...

Six should introduce an interactive airport. Let us actually travel from SA to Liberty City, North Yankton, Vice City, Alderney and the new map for GTAVI.

 At the beginning of online, during you're character creation, you select your home state between the six maps. On that map you get your four properties, yacht, and all the things that come with the CEO, Gunrunner, MC, and Smugglers buildings. This is the center of it all. Then on each other map you get to own a safe house and a wharehouse that you can use for business deals to purchase supplies for your Enterprise back home. To travel from one state to the other, use a personal jet to fly from one to the next via a quick gps selection menu take off from the air port fly in the direction of the beacon and then at some point it goes to cut seen, shows you leaving San Andreas, then coming into the skies of Liberty City, you regain control and land it at the airport or private strip. This would allow crews and MC's to majorly grow and create a huge Enterprise. 


  Next, the creator. It would be nice to set up a lobby where you are able to set the sponsering crew or club, weapons rules, the amount of hours or days the lobby remains open as one to be selected to join of the start menu, like a link for event lobbies. These events could range from car shows, bike rallies, monster truck events...etc. 


  Next, mini games. We have darts, tennis, a 9 hole golf course and shooting compatitions, cool. So now add...pool, an 18 hole course on the new map, basket ball. And maybe even give each state a pro football and baseball league for sporting events you can attend with friends. Open the casinos on all maps. 


 Last but not least, remove the code for 300-500 AIs so there is more server memory to be able to expand the player per lobby to 50 or 100 people. Not only would it create more huge opportunities for crews and clubs, but it would cut down on the number of active servers needed to host the number of players world wide, and could save Rockstar a bundle for more game development to go past GTA VI so that the series can continue.


  That's all I got.


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Happy Halloween, everyone!


I have decided to return to this forum after a long absence and I want to make a concept thread inspired by the early history of GTA and the general silly antics of the 2D Era.



The concept is titled Grand Theft Auto: Race 'N Chase and it is set in a different universe that is separate from both the 3D Era and the HD Era. 


It would contain a wide variety of weapons, vehicles, missions, multiple cities, different types of countryside and terrain, and other features such as animals, mini-games, and even Myths like Bigfoot, aliens, ghosts, dinosaurs, and other weird things.


The art style would be different, it would be influenced more by classic 90's anime and the art style of games like Street Fighter. In fact, it would be set in the 1990's!


There would be multiple protagonists, although I am not sure if I want to have it like GTA V where you can switch between the protagonists or GTA 1 where you pick a protagonist at the beginning of the game.

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  • 3 weeks later...

The concept is titled Grand theft auto a new era and its set in a futuristic world with 2000s and 2010s style and its about a young boy called Yanis  which is 17 years old and decide to become king of the gangster but he is too young and new to become King so he decide to work with various Criminal groups.


In this game he would be in hell city and make everyone angry and offended but because he is new he should be aware of other people that are much older, mature and really dangerous, which cost his life.


It has many  gangs like the Zaibatsu Cooperation based on Grand theft auto 2, the Scaries a combination of the loonies and Halloween theme, triads a gang based on real life and the personality of the Yakuza from Grand theft auto 2, Outlaw bikers the same as the rednecks except with bikes and obsession of riots, AI (Artifical intelligence) a group of scientists and cyber hackers with advanced weapons, Love a combination of cooperation and a gang of feminine lesbian women which they entertain young teenage girls and young and mature Women with music, commercial, magazine and Porno's and they are active in drugs, political assassination , weapon licence and blackmailing based on a Company called Girlfriends Films, Albanian Mafia based in real life, reggae a eco terrorist group with hippie styles, Ahmadinejad a religious fundamentalist group which are planning to control the city, and other gangs like Latin Kings.









That it all i got i would to know you thoughts of my concept.


Edited by yarab
there is already one
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The Gangs :


Zaibatsu Corporation.

Image result for zaibatsu gta

Color: Black

Gang Car: Z-Type

Weapons: Pistol, Dual Pistol, Machine gun, Silenced machine gun, Rocket launcher.

Radio station: Future Fm.

Territory: Suburban district,Rural district and Urban district.

Leader : Norman Liu

Deputies: Alfred Schneider, Elon Musk, Raul Mercedez.

Other members:Agent Smith, Agent Omega, Mohamed El-Erian, Gebisa Ejeta,

Description: The most powerful gang in Hell City Their names was founded by a ex soldier from World War 2 named Shiatsu, during the 70s he began to form a Corporation that should make people happy.In their early days they were a normal Organization but after Shiatsu died in the early 90s and the Social media invasion began, they became a Evil Corporation which they manufacture from cars and Weapons to medication.They are known for  armed robbery, arms dealing, murder, import of illegal goods from all over the world especially with political assassination, Financed Wars in Africa,Asia and Latin America, genetic engineering experiments and especially drug dealing.Their power is so big that even other Gangs would likely not called it as easy because of their popularity and for have a big Private military and Secret Agents all over the World. But it has under attack from Scandals and the many Gangs they trying to destroy them. They have no Allies but many Enemies, with the Love, AI and the Reagge, the most hated Groups by the Zaibatsu.



Related image

Color: Black and Orange

Gang car: Mustang

Weapons: Grenades,Pistol and Flamethrower,

Radio station: Spooky Fm

Territory: Sleepy Hollow Park, Death(Suburban District)

Leader: Scarecrow

Deputy: Tuba

Other members: Jason,Fred, Chucky and Dummy.  

Description: A group of horny insane Halloween guys that has take over the park by Scarecrow and his minions, mostly because of his Trauma from his childhood with his sexual abusive Father.Which lead him to a sadistic person. The Gang is the most scariest Gang because of their Madness and Obsession with Women which lead to Rape, with their Weapons which can destroy everything and with them dangerous pranks they pulled. But due to the Scary Factor they are disliked by Love, what causes the Gang to hate love with their Beauty and High class attitude.



Related image

Color: Red and White.

Gang car: Enforcer car.

Weapons: Shotgun,Pistol, Aks and Sword.

Radio Station: Sing Tao Fm.

Territory: Chinatown(Urban district).

Leader: Wong Lon 

Deputy: Chan Cheong

Other Members: Little Pete, Wan Kuok-koi, Johnny Eng, Yan Bin.

The triads based in Real life are know for their vanity,they want the best cars,weapons and clothes.Involved in illegal gambling,robbery,kidnapping,Extortion,Assault and contract killing,






Edited by yarab
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  • 1 month later...

I'd like to see another Mafia-themed Concept for GTA, maybe I should make it myself?

I'd have it be set in the 1990's, with a return to Liberty City and an expanded Alderney, as well as parts of Liberty State, such as The Carroways (Long Island) and Colchester (Westchester)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Personally, I'd like to see a GTA game set in the 1970's or 1980's, maybe the 1990's at the absolute latest.


I'd set it across the entire Northeastern United States. The main cities would be Liberty City (New York City), Keystone City (Philadelphia), Benediction (Providence), and New Plymouth (Boston), with other regions including Alderney (New Jersey), The Carroways (Long Island), Upstate Liberty (New York State), and New Britannia (New England)


EDIT-Here it is, the beginning of my concept thread.


Grand Theft Auto VI: The Family Secrets

Edited by Big Fat Paulie
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  • 4 weeks later...

Real life kept me distracted for a bit but now I am ready to resume work on Grand Theft Auto VI: The Family Secrets as well as another project, a zombie apocalypse-themed concept thread in the vein of Undead Nightmare for RDR 1 called Grand Theft Auto: Project Crimson


Grand Theft Auto: Project Crimson is heavily inspired by George A. Romero's films Night Of The Living Dead (1968), Dawn of the Dead (1978), and Day of the Dead (1985) as well as Stephen King's apocalyptic epic novel The Stand


Other influences include the movies Mad Max (1979) and The Warriors (1979) and old-school ultra-violent VHS era anime such as Angel Cop (1987), Vampire Hunter D (1985), Legend of the Overfiend (1993), etc.



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  • 2 weeks later...

You know what would be an interesting idea for a concept thread?

A GTA concept with the kind of high-end features of the HD Era games (IV, V, and Online) but set in the old 3D Era continuity and setting. Personally, I would do a 3D Era concept by having it be a remake/re-imagining of one of the previous 3D Era games with a mix of revised old content and completely new material, sort of like the remakes of the first two Resident Evil games, but with GTA instead.


It would be a unique concept nowadays since the last time anyone gave the 3D Era any thoughts would've been when GTA IV first came out and you had the "San Andreas vs. IV" debates all over the internet.


I've been thinking about this for a while since I've been replaying Liberty City Stories on the PS2 for the first time in a long while and I forgot how much I loved that game. Definitely one of the more underrated GTA games, and SA is still loved to this day.

Edited by Big Fat Paulie
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  • 3 weeks later...

Lately it seems like GTA (and other Rockstar titles as of late) have thrown out the open-endedness of their older games (Namely the first 3 GTA games) in favor of linearity and scripted missions in a somewhat empty open world. This is especially apparent in GTA V, where there's practically nothing to do outside the main storyline (Not counting the Online), and to a lesser degree but still, RDR 2. I feel that this takes out a great amount of satisfaction and closes the door for experimentation, which isn't something you want when you're playing a game. Seeing as how newer GTA games have a tendency to insert satire into the main storylines, the concept will be an overexaggeration of this scenario.




The concept I'm going for can be summed up in the statement below.


"In a crime-laden megacity in the near future where there is an uneasy truce between gangs, corporations and law enforcement, where the streets are hell on Earth and all manner of death and vice exist in every nook, among all echelons of this dysfunctional society. A mysterious drifter from somewhere enters the picture, motivated by a cause. Digging deeper into the criminal underground of the city, the drifter soon discovers that there is more to this mess, and there might be an entity pulling the strings."


My concept will attempt to revive these gameplay elements, while also acting as more or less a tribute to the older 2D Universe games, with an updated morality/respect system and more gameplay features that add life to the city you're in.


Some core mechanics and features that I will like to include in this concept.




Before the game starts you are asked a question that will determine the playstyle of your game, as well as the storyline and endings of your game.


Did you come to the city:

1. To raise hell?

2. To be the voice of reason?

3. To make a name for yourself?



Your character will be a full-blown anarchist, working for and eventually betraying and destroying the gangs that hire you while sabotaging their businesses and operations. You will also be required to infiltrate, blackmail, threaten and sometimes kill members of law enforcement and the politicians that run the city, or have the option to play vigilante and destroy the corrupt elements of society. Whether or not this is motivated by a desire to rid the streets of crime, or just pure evil with no clear motive, is entirely up to you, and will determine the ending of the game. This is probably the closest to the original gameplay of the older games, as far as playstyles are concerned.


Your character will display more violent tendencies in this playstyle, especially in cutscenes.



Your character will play the role of a peacemaker, and will attempt to establish diplomatic ties with the gangs, acting as a mediator between them when a problem arises. You will also have to either threaten or bribe any law enforcement or politician that gets in the way of this peace. Unfortunately, the gangs can disagree with the way you run things, and if pushed too far, you have no choice but to eliminate them from the picture. The number of gangs that you successfully made peace with will determine the ending of your game. It's like Mafia 3, but more flexible.


Your character will display more rational and level-headed tendencies in this playstyle.



A mix between the first two styles, your character will be an aspiring career criminal with an intention to run an organisation that will rule the city. You will do whatever it takes to get your gang on top, whether or not it's making truces or betraying and destroying other gangs as well as paying off law enforcement. How much influence you have over the city and what gangs you have made truces with will determine the ending of the game.


You character will display a Tommy Vercetti-like attitude towards things, showing rationality in certain times and arrogance and brute force in other more undesirable situations.




Your playable character is completely customisable, and things like race and gender are entirely determinant. There are several presets that you can pick as your character, and if you are unhappy with how your character looks, you always have the option to change it by visiting a former IAA contact in the city who can transform your appearance, for a fee of course.


Depending on the playstyle chosen your character can either be calm and collected, violent and unpredictable or a mix of both.


Following the tradition of earlier GTA games, your character will be silent most of the time, and will only "speak" with dialogue options presented to the player by the game.



"Not exactly following the norm of cyberpunk prevalent in mainstream media, but one can identify it as cyberpunk nonetheless."


Unofficially named 'Anywhere City', the city is depicted as a massive, futuristic dystopia filled with mass advertising and a high rich-poor income gap. Taking cues from large metropolitan cities such as Tokyo, Nagasaki, Rio, Shanghai, London, Berlin, Detroit, New York City, Los Angeles and Miami, Anywhere City is not based on any city in particular, which allows for an almost cosmopolitan culture that is unique to the game, while retaining an American (with some Japanese/Chinese) backdrop that has existed in most GTA games. A city that mixes futurism and satire with retrofuture, the city takes elements from neo-Victorian English styles (especially in the "richer" districts like the Corporate district), classic noir and spy thrillers from the 1940s to 60s such as The Maltese Falcon, Sunset Boulevard, Bullitt and James Bond especially in some of it's vehicles, while also taking influence from contemporary sunny/neo noir, black comedies and thrillers such as Ghost In The Shell, Repo Man, Cobra (1986), the Death Wish series and Miami Vice.

Sci-fi elements exist but only play a minimal role in the game.


Flying vehicles exist in traffic and  high speed trains coexist with vast stretches of freeways and oceanside roads.


The city is divided into 4 distinct districts, Industrial, Commercial, Residential and Corporate, all seperated from each other far with outskirts and smaller enclaves ranging out across the map. With the exception of the last district, all districts are gang-populated, with four main factions at war with one another in each district. Like in GTA V, the entire map will be open to the player from the beginning of the game, and they are free to proceed with any district as they please (with the exception of the Corporate district).


There are many activities your character can do in this city, be it side activities such as Vigilante, Store Robberies, Stunts, Repo Work or Taxi/Bus Driver or more leisure activities such as Karaoke, Drinking, hiring prostitutes and bringing them back to your safehouse or simply lounging in a convenience store.


Speaking of robbery, any establishment, be it a karaoke bar or a car dealership, can be robbed, and if enough stores are robbed, a special task force for robbery will be sent after you for a time period, even if you have no wanted level.




I would dedicate an entire page to this concept but I do not have any assets (maps, drawings) made yet. I will probably write more on this concept in the near future when I have the time (and resources) to do it.

Edited by DownInTheHole
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Hmm, well I was going to a concept based around Liberty City in the 1970's but Alderney Tales got shut down because of an old concept thread with the same premise.

I'm wondering if I could see if my concept can pass muster, since it's not just limited to Liberty City but it would also include all of Alderney as well as The Carroways (Long Island) and the countryside of Liberty State. I might also include Keystone City (Philadelphia) and New Plymouth (Boston) along with the state of New Britannia (a pastiche of rural New England)


GTA VI had a similar layout in terms of the location, but it was set in the 1990's and not the 1970's.


Of course, I do have a backup concept focused on Carcer City (Chicago) in the 2000's

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  • 4 weeks later...
On 8/11/2019 at 9:24 PM, Big Fat Paulie said:

I'm wondering if I could see if my concept can pass muster, since it's not just limited to Liberty City but it would also include all of Alderney as well as The Carroways (Long Island) and the countryside of Liberty State. I might also include Keystone City (Philadelphia) and New Plymouth (Boston) along with the state of New Britannia (a pastiche of rural New England)

Philly might be a good idea. An Amish gang in the concept might be an interesting prospect.


The next section of my GTA: Underworld concept after music would be gameplay and mission structure, which would most likely talk about the features/side missions/perks of the game, as well as how missions are planned out according to playstyle, which would be followed by a description and storyboards/comics of some of the missions (Haven't worked on the map because I don't have time).


I've been thinking of including a mission in the concept where the protagonist gets involved in a brutal hand-to-hand Atomic Blonde-esque fight with a few Zaibatsu thugs and one of the major antagonists within the confines of your safehouse, which would showcase the game's equally brutal melee combat system, but I'm kinda worried that it'll end up being too dark or un-GTA-like for the game.

Edited by DownInTheHole
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This is probably going to sound super ambitious, but here are some snippets of the gameplay features that I'm going to include in my GTA: Underworld concept when I have time to continue it. Maps, weapons and mission descriptions (all complete with illustrations) will be written during my semester break, because I'm currently up the ass with work.


(PART 1)


Cores now return from RDR 2 in this game, and serve only to provide Speed with a temporary boost/ability. Each type of core can be enhanced depending on what consumable Speed has taken or what activities were done.


Key Cores include:


1. Stamina: The ability to run/swim/dive long distances and quickly without getting tired. Can be refilled by drinking beverages such as coffee or soda, playing minigames such as Rampages, Molotov-making or Nightclub Dancing, eating certain foods such as salad wraps or consuming narcotics such as Zoom-Zoom, a 'legal wake-up call'.

2. Health: An increase in health as well as a higher resistance to damage. Can be refilled by eating certain foods such as instant noodles, burgers or pizza, drinking certain beverages such as green tea, playing minigames such as Paramedic or Meditation, or consuming certain narcotics such as pot or Immunix, a performance-enhancing drug.

3. Accuracy: Increases accuracy and higher damage with long-ranged weapons. Can be refilled by consuming narcotics such as Recitica or Gaudium, both anti-anxiety drugs/antidepressants, or taking part in activities such as Firing Range or Chop Shop, or smoking (though this results is a slight loss of health).

4. Aggro: Increased reflexes and faster melee attacks and counters. Can be refilled with activities such as Rampages, Lapdances or Fight Club, engaging in sexual activities with contacts and prostitutes, drinking alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine or sake and taking narcotics such as Equanox, a type of alertness pill.


Certain activities, such as spending time bathing in hot springs or spas which are available across the map, will refill all four cores.


Gore/Wounded System

- Enemies and pedestrians will now slowly lose health when shot or stabbed, and the severity of the 'bleed-out' depends on which part of the body is attacked. When enemies completely bleed out, they will faint and either die or be in a 'wounded' state on the ground and continue to lose health until death.


-Dismemberment/Gore from RDR 2 is present in this game. Focusing on an enemy's limb or head with a powerful weapon such as a shotgun at close range would blow it off, and a well-timed swing with long bladed weapons such as a machete or katana would amputate/decapitate them. Disembowelment also makes its debut here as well. Shooting an enemy in the abdominal region with a powerful weapon like the shotgun or slicing it open with a katana would make their guts spill out, with unique wounded dialogue for every pedestrian variant. Striking an enemy in the face with a hard blunt weapon such as a baseball bat will sometimes splatter their brains on the concrete when they land on the ground. 


Melee Combat and Shooting Mechanics/Inventory

- The game utilizes a button system similar to RDR 2, and is such that every melee action performed by Speed is completely based on the situation he/she is placed in. This creates a unique scenario for almost every fight the player gets himself into.


- The melee system is now revamped and greatly improved from GTA V, being more like a cross between Sleeping Dogs and RDR 2. Being more or less a 90s revival game it places a larger emphasis on martial arts and brutality that tribute action films/TV shows such as John Wick, Atomic Blonde, Drive (1997) or Banshee. Speed can perform different maneuvers, such as tackles, ground face-punching (like in VCS), grapples and moves such as roundhouse kicks to engage their enemies. Fighting styles and certain quirks are restricted to a gender that the player picks. For example, it is easier for a male Speed to perform chokes, sucker punches, grapples, throws and kick-punch combos whereas it is easier for a female Speed to perform neck snaps, executions, limb dislocations, roundhouse kicks and counters. 


- The game borrows the enemy-targeting switch system from Sleeping Dogs, and now has several missions/minigames in the game where Speed has to take on multiple enemies using either hand-to-hand combat or melee weapons.


-Speed can now disarm enemies, and this applies to both melee weapons and firearms. With a well-timed button prompt, Speed can perform a follow-up execution on the enemy, unique with each weapon type.


- Rolls are now more akin to Max Payne 3, and are more 'fluid in nature' as a way to dodge bullets. Speed can also crouch and shoot.


-Cover system is very similar to Max Payne 3/GTA V, with now Speed reacting to bullets fired at his area of cover, much like Vito in Mafia 2.


- Executions can now be performed on enemies/pedestrians that are either confused, surrendering, low on health, and kneeling or lying on the ground. Depending on the playstyle chosen, the executions can either be short and quick, such as Speed simply shooting the person in the face or performing a Mozambique drill, or brutal and violent, such as Speed kicking an enemy down before finishing him off with a bullet or stuffing the gun in the enemy's mouth before pulling the trigger.


- Returning from GTA IV, environmental weapons now deal different amounts of damage depending on size and type. For example. broken bottles tend to have low durability but high damage, bricks have high durability but low damage, and wooden planks have high damage and durability.


- The weapon inventory is now restricted and more reminiscent of Mafia 3 and Max Payne 3, with more liberties, to encourage weapon-swapping as well as to add to the 'cool' factor of the game. Being set in a crime-infested dystopian setting like Anywhere City, there is no stigma against carrying weapons in public, hence whatever weapon Speed carries can now be seen on the character model itself, much like the RDR series. The player can drop their weapons at any time they want. The weapons inventory now consists of 6 groups:


1. Fists: Self-explanatory.

2. Melee Weapon: Depending on the type of melee weapon it can either be concealed in Speed's heel holster (Such as switchblades, chisels or butterfly knives), holstered around the right thigh (such as axes, retractable batons, chainlinks and nightsticks) or slung over the back (such as katanas or baseball bats).

3. Primary firearm: Compact weapons such a pistol, a sawn-off or a small semi-automatic weapon, but no medium-sized weaponry. Holstered on the left.

4. Secondary firearm: Can either be compact weapons such as a pistol or a medium-sized weapon such as the MP5, UZI or a Streetsweeper shotgun. Holstered on the right.

5. Tertiary firearm: Long-barreled weapons such as sniper rifles, assault/battle rifles and shotguns. Slung over the back.

6. Thrown weapons: Molotovs, grenades, throwing knives etc. Not shown on the character model, hence Speed can carry a maximum of 15 of each type of thrown weapon on their person.


- Heavy weapons such as rocket launchers, flamethrowers or heavy machine guns can only be carried and discarded after use, or stored in the trunk of any vehicle if the player wants to keep them.


- Borrowing from Max Payne 3, Speed can now duel-wield both primary or secondary firearms in the game, on the condition that both weapons are compact.


- Human shields are present, to an extent, and are only used as a temporary measure. Speed can now use pedestrians/enemies as human shields against gunfire, but does not use the chokehold stance present in games like Saints Row 2, relying instead on a 'gun-at-the-back-of-the-head' stance. Enemies/pedestrians can break free from this and there are many pedestrian models (especially taller models) that a female Speed cannot use as a human shield.


Booty Calls/Prostitution

- The player can now choose to depict Speed as a Casanova. The booty call system in the game is now heavily expanded upon and can now be accessed through many means. A male Speed can have only female contacts/partners while a female Speed can have both male and female contacts/partners. These contacts are available through the following means:


1. Successfully impressing a contact at a nightclub through the dancing minigame. (Typically gang members of each district that Speed can make contact with)

2. Successfully 'sweet-talking' a bartender at a bar. (Does not apply to all bartenders)

3. Maxing out the 'like meter' at a strip club.

4. Using the services of certain unique prostitute models.

5. Certain random encounter/storyline characters.


- Male contacts (for female Speed) will offer to drive her back to her safehouse, rather than the other way around. Speed can also choose to perform foreplay on a male contact on the way back.


- Prostitutes/contacts now have to be taken back to a safehouse when Speed hires them, instead of engaging in the service directly within the confines of the vehicle. However, on the way back to the safehouse, the prostitute/contact will engage in foreplay with Speed to set the mood.


- A short cutscene would play once the player reaches the safehouse, where the contact will strip and wait on the bed for Speed. Now the player is given the option to finish up things around the safehouse (such as stashing their drug supply or going for a quick smoke/toke), before getting right down to it. The save screen will appear, giving the player an opportunity to save the game, followed by a time-lapse of the street outside, with another cutscene of the contact dressing up and leaving the safehouse while Speed's in bed. He/she will don a unique outfit dubbed 'The STD', which consists of a half-buttoned white shirt, a loose tie, a bra (female), underwear, no footwear, a frizzed-up version of Speed's hairstyle, and lipstick marks on his/her face.


- Male contacts will usually give a female Speed money 'to enjoy herself with' after an encounter, and depending on contact/gang, the amount can vary from a meagre $50, to an astronomical $90,000. Certain 'dominant' female gang member contacts will also give money, such as the Ryders contact or the Buccaneers contact.


- Certain prostitutes will ambush/rob Speed as part of a random encounter, holding them up at gunpoint in bed, revealing herself as either a bandit who brings her gang over to loot his/her safehouse or a Zaibatsu assassin hell-bent on murdering him/her. This happens after the game is saved.


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i'm also thinking of doing another concept once i'm 100% satisfied with  GTA: Underworld. I really enjoyed the Mexico arc of RDR 1, and I can honestly picture a GTA storyline centered around the modern-day border, specifically around the California-Baja California border.


It's going to be an 80s cartel war-inspired cat-and-mouse contemporary Western, inspired by films like Sicario, Traffic and No Country For Old Men, TV shows such as Ozark and Quarry and comics such as Scalped. It will be set in 2019 between a now-larger Los Santos and Chumash (although with the map reaching up to only Fort Zancudo, Blaine County not included), Santa Domingo (based on San Diego and Carlsbad) and Ciudad Vizcaino (based on Tijuana and Mexicali), with smaller towns and cities near it such as Playa del Rifa (based on Huntington Beach, California and Oceanside, California), Los Orines (based on Rosarito, Baja California), Ayahuasca Springs (based on Ontario, Palm Springs and Palm Desert, basically a less rundown Sandy Shores), The Rez (loosely based on the Pala Indian Reservation in San Diego County) and Bahia (based on Chula Vista, California, but now a seperate city from the SD metro area, being more of a border town). Unlike GTA V, where temperate areas exist, this game will place a larger emphasis on sub-tropical/tropical/dry summer environments, beaches and resort towns that evoke a stronger Southern Californian aesthetic.


There will be two playable characters in the game, first being a crafty white American male professional drug runner and Afghanistan War veteran based in Los Santos in his mid-30s who, despite having a history of pissing cartels off, is now slowly losing his touch, and the second a disciplined, yet jaded Native American female cartel assassin and bounty hunter based in Ciudad Vizacaino in her mid-20s, who, on a fruitless quest for revenge, is growing tired of killing people and only has a few loyalties, mostly towards family and tribe.


Unlike GTA V, where Michael, Trevor and Franklin meet one another through a series of mere coincidences, the two protagonists in this concept will be enemies up until about 50% into the main story, and they can never be in the same part of the map.


The US-Mexico border will play a huge role in this game, and players will find themselves crossing that border very often.


Radio stations from GTA V such as LSRR, The Lowdown, Radio Los Santos, VBR and RMP would return, with the last 3 stations playing newer tracks from the mid-late 2010s, as well as genre shifts for certain stations, such as Channel X, which, in addition to punk, now plays an eclectic mix of 80s-early 00s grunge, alternative metal, post-hardcore and deathrock. New stations will also be included, such as a station that plays modern darkwave, industrial and Gothic rock, another one that plays psychedelic folk and neo-psychedelia, yet another station that plays Mexican ballads/narcocorridos/ranchera music as well as a Spanish-language talk show station that parodies Mexican politics and culture.


I'm thinking of calling this one GTA: Andrean Borders or something, unless there are better names for it.

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23 hours ago, Official General said:

How do I create a concept thread on here ? The stupid new system wont post it for me !

Just start a topic and tag it as concept


If you want advice on how to improve your concept you can ask here

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On 9/21/2019 at 2:23 PM, DownInTheHole said:

Just start a topic and tag it as concept


If you want advice on how to improve your concept you can ask here

I have done it. It is now in the San Andreas section in its own thread, GTA San Andreas '94 check it out.

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Hello everyone,


I've never posted on this topic before. It is nice to see so many ideas for concepts on here. I created a Mafia-based concept called GTA: New Sylvania. It is based on Pennsylvania and it features the lesser known but important mob families like the Bufalino Crime Family and the LaRocca Crime Families. I would like it if yous all check it out and give me some constructive critism. I will post below, a news article that is featured in the concept. It shares the same universe as @Cebra GTA: Bohemians and Blackjack and in collaboration with other concepts created by @Money Over Bullsh*t and @slimeball supreme. Hope you all enjoy.



United Liberty Times: Italian-American Rally ends with Ancelotti Shot
By Matthew Birkbeck
June 29, 1971

On the sunny day on June 28th, 1971, thousands of Italian-American spectators were present to help support their civil rights as Americans. Last year, it was prosperous with only half the numbers. Endless screams of equality and fairness for the Italian-Americans. This year, before it can even begin, Alphonse Guiseppe Ancelotti, the founder of this civil movement, was shot by 25-year-old black man, Raymond Miles, of 88 Mahesh Avenue in Alderney City, AD.


With little-to-no reports on Ancelotti's status, we can, in fact, confirm that he is still alive and under intensive care.


Witnesses say that Alphonse Ancelotti was greeting everyone in the rally. And that a black woman posing as Press, alongside her cameraman [Raymond Miles] approached him and and greeted him. As Ancelotti was posing for a picture for the supposed newspaper the assailants claimed they worked for, Raymond Miles dropped the camera, wielded a 38.-caliber-pistol, and shot Ancelotti twice in the chest. As Miles was escaping, he was shot down by unknown gunmen.


Ancelotti was rushed to the Schottler Medical Center but was transferred to an undisclosed medical center in Upstate Liberty.


Alphonse Ancelotti was believed to be the head of a Broker-based mafia family. Which led Police to believe that this was a planned assassination by other Mafia Families throughout Liberty City. Salvatore "Sal Bananas" Sica, who is a known Broker mobster, and Santino "Sonny" Cangelosi, who is the head of another Mafia Family out of Dukes, were picked up by police this morning for questioning. Because of their feud with Ancelotti, they were believed to be the conspirators behind the shooting. Although nothing has been confirmed.


To everyone, Ancelotti was just your regular joe who owned a bakery on Iroquios Avenue as well as a popular authentic Italian restaurant on Mohawk Avenue. He frequented the Capital Theatre on Tulsa Street and had a love for Opera.


Regardless of the accusation's of his involvement in organized crime, he was still considered a pillar of the community and his followers will continue to support him.

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For the Borders concept above I've also been thinking of adding Surfing and Skateboarding minigames to it, because for whatever reason they were absent in GTA V. A damn shame considering SoCal is famous for its surf and skate culture.


Anyway, here's the kick, you can shoot small arms such as pistols and mini Uzis while skateboarding, My Friend Pedro style.


You can use the rockstar editor to shoot your own skateboarding/surfing video, and there would be a side mission in the game involving the creation of one such video.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I'm including flashback missions in the Borders concept that I'm working on alongside Underworld to explain the origins/motivations of the two protagonists. These flashback scenes will be broken up into several missions, each in different parts of the main story.


One of them has been posted up in Writer's Discussion, you can read it here.

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Honest question here...


Are we allowed to make concept threads that involve crossovers of GTA and other works?

Like, if someone wanted to do concept threads for "Grand Theft Auto: Empire Bay", "Grand Theft Auto: Neo-Tokyo", or even something like "Grand Theft Auto: Springfield", would that be allowed here?

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On 10/13/2019 at 4:19 AM, Big Fat Paulie said:

Honest question here...


Are we allowed to make concept threads that involve crossovers of GTA and other works?

Like, if someone wanted to do concept threads for "Grand Theft Auto: Empire Bay", "Grand Theft Auto: Neo-Tokyo", or even something like "Grand Theft Auto: Springfield", would that be allowed here?

short answer is go wild with it. theres no rules to what you can or cant do

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