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Superman emblem for our crew on PS3 join now

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We are actively looking for fun, active individuals to join our GREAT crew. We are dedicated to having fun and enjoying GTA V online and all it has to offer to fellow game players. The crew was created out of poor experiences with various crews that we have been a part of in the past. i.e. inactive crew members, leaders. inactive crew pages, crew members killing each other in game. We pursued and currently have what we wanted out of a crew in SUPER KAL-EL. We encourage suppporting each other in missions, created content and general help. The crew leader is very active on the crew page and encourages the same from members.

Ranking up within the crew are classified by MARTIAL ARTS BELTS (YELLOW THRU BLACK and SHIDOSHI as the top rank)


MOTTO: Cover Six Crew (We got your back)


REQUIREMENTS: Be active and have fun in GTA V.

RULES: The number one rule is no killing fellow crew members!!!! now we understand accidents happen so set you priority to low on friendly kills. We have experiences in the past in other crews were your own crew member would be in sessions and drive up to you and kill you and/or blow up your car for no reason. this action is not tolerated and will get you kicked from the crew QUICKLY!!!. ( If someone has a bounty and is in your crew ask before you kill) Do not be a bad sport, we have all experienced the "poor sport" and cries and whines and wants to cause problems. DONT DO IT OR YOU WILL BE GONE

COMMUNICATION: We do not expect you to drop everything when a crew member is in the same session but at least acknowledge each other. This doesn't take long and is just basic respect. You do not have to abandon what you are doing and stop playing with other friends and dont expect this in return. It is HIGHLY encouraged you have a mic but not required. DO NOT BE RACIST OR DEGRADING to each other or fellow game players.

SUPPORT: We do not require a particular vehicle for the crew but at least put an emblem on one of your vehicles or color or have some clothing with the emblem on it. This doesn't take long and is very simple and quick.




CREW LEADER: Spartacuus and can be contacted on the this post or on PSN under the same name.

SOCIAL CLUB CREW LINK: http://socialclub.ro...ew/super_kal-el




We look forward to expanding our GREAT crew!!!! Hope to see you online!




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