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Cannonball Run?


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Yes - doesn't get much love though !!


Car Park Cannons.




Also have a saved one with 4 points, starting furthest north travelling clockwise to all furthest compass points (was cool when you could host saved games !! )

Tried this race with a friend and we both had a lot of fun! It was a close race until the end when he spun me out in one of the parking garage turns lol.

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The cannonball run feels different than the ones in gta 4.Partly because you can drive in a straight line outside the city.liberty city forced you to calculate the best route.But it's still fun though, and the races are very easy to build.

Couple of checkpoints and of you go!

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here are my Cannonball runs. it's (so far) a 4 part race:



Cannonball 1



Cannonball 2



Cannonball 3



Cannonball 4


none of the races require a specific class


Each race run solo nets about 3k RP and 8K cash with traffic and cops on.

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