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Answer My Question-[VCL]king-[ONt]king

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Hey Guys I Was A Russian Accepted In Team By:[TDH]Tom


But Now VKing Said to me :"You're Banned From Team"

This is the massage By Why?

VKing:Because You are fool we dont need fool in our team.

Me:What Did i Do?


Me:I Am Not with them i said i am with team. Why you say that??

They were fighting VKing and he said to me DONT CHOOSE MY SKIN so i choosed cubans as just my skin.

And VKing thought that i With Them and fighting him but he killed me so i think that was a friends fight


Why i am banned ??

I don't cheat anyone of team :( why you guys think me bad guy :(

I Know You will say i am lair and you believe VKing not me cz he is one of the team

Do what ever you want Guys just forgive me cz i didn't do any wrong thing...

I just want a chance if you think me a cheater or bad guy.....

one more chance please :( my wish is to back to team please guys

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This has (at least what I can barely make out) nothing to do with GTA Vice City and is merely spam.

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