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Maro Hannover

Mission Scripting

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Studying it at school or alone means nothing, there is a reason if I spent 9 months studying the most basic things, you said you have been doing practice for 3 days, well that's not enough you won't learn anything in 3 days.

Also no offense but I wouldn't consider you semi-pro, because you are not, the questions you two make clearly say you're missing basics.

It's not about hurting your feelings, this is the internet dude dicks are all over the place but we are not those guys, we're trying to help you by telling you to go and learn C# because you absolutely don't know it.

And about tension and shyness well I don't care if your english is bad or good I don't know where you live but it might not be your first language as it's not mine but about the code well send the tension away because if you want people to help you either give them a code without any syntax errors or they will just tell you go out and buy a C# book or read a guide.

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U don't understand.

i look like a noob because my school is english like Skopro. I am getting too much tension when posting and i am typing too fast so i should not be accurate in talking. My c# is very good but i don't look like because of this two bloody things.






So Please i also have feelings and your speech hurts me more than anyone in this forums,



Age means nothing.

Ok go back to ice age and stay there for 3 years and come back. Will you remeber c# as now?


another example.

you are 16 years and i am 13 years. If you take exams of mine you will get full mark but if i examined yours i will get 0,


Because you studied it before but yet i have not studied yours.


You learned programming from college.

i am in school and i learn c# alone.


it is possible me and rugz007 are the only programmers(Semi-Pro)who are less than the age of 14.

I started IV modding when I was 12. The reason you are not doing well with C# and IV coding is not because of shyness (I am super shy irl). Tension, well, you are getting tension for a reason. It is because your statement about your C# skills being "very good", is more so "kinda good". Now I'm not trying to be mean or anything, but it's just the truth and you have to face it. Please, when you want to know something that is C# related, just look it up to find out what it is, how it's used, and if it's good or not to use. Then you don't have to ask here where there is "tension".

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