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Is Vice City Stories the best GTA Game?


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Yeah, the Empire Site Quest all together was the downfall of VCS for me. It was just relentless nonsense of driving back and forth. So bad, that I couldn't even drive 15 feet down the road to save the game before another attack would happen. Waste of time, really. I never defended them. I just kept on trucking through the 30 Sites so the Attacks stopped. Then I went back to repair the Sites that were "damaged" by the Gangs, and then picked the business type I wanted.


The Robbery Side Missions for the Empire Sites were a pain in the ass time to time...More so when I did my first Save in July 2014. But when I did the other 2 Saves back in March, I didn't have that much problems like I previously did. Still annoying, though...


Also, as you noticed, no more Saves are here. Everything is in my Profile instead. I decided to remove them from the Forum.

Edited by Militia
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So I've been browsing around for good topics, and I found this one. So in my opinion, the best gta ever is GTA:San Andreas. You have a wide variety of vehicles accessible to you and the side-missions like Burglary which I enjoy the most are so fun and humorous. Also, GTA San Andreas is the only game in the 3D universe to focus more on realism and as such it is the best GTA ever made in my opinion. The special vehicles are also very challenging to obtain which I like as I loved shooting a blown up wreck back to the garage while trying to avoid police attention at the same time. V is great, but it gets so many annoying patches everytime unlike GTA 4 and the special vehicles are so damn easy to obtain and everything is given to you, basically.


FYI, my first gta was GTA:LCS on PS2. Which was quite fun. But I did not like how Toni couldn't swim and the limited range of vehicles he could access, but I liked it due to it being one of the few GTAs that could save new and unique properties such as heavy, waterproofing, tip-proofing and unique handling properties.

Edited by Jumpey
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VCS also has a lot of boring Missions in general...I'd NEVER want to do this Game from 0-100% anymore. Luckily I have that 48.80% Starter Save so I basically start the Game with half it done already :p Same for LCS and the 47% Starter Save. A lot of the Side Missions, despite being easy, are still annoying and boring...

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I think that VCS had too many side missions compared to main story missions and for this reason I didn't feel very motivated to complete most of them. SA had lots of side missions too but it had a ton of story missions compared to the other games and it felt like you still had something to go back to once you completed the side missions. I don't see the point in locking certain side missions until or near the end of the story like they did with VCS. When I'm late into the story I want to be done with all of that. I want to enjoy the benefits of completing them before I finish the story.


The stupidest example is how they made the Hunter helicopter unavailable until you complete the last story mission. Why would I need it after I'm done with everything? I could have used it to complete "Vigilante" but I guess the game developers thought there weren't enough challenging side missions in the game. Some of the PS2 exclusive side missions are also a bit difficult or especially difficult if you can't look up a guide on the Internet to find an easier way to complete them (at the time of the PS2 release there weren't that many guides, not to mention video guides). They didn't reward the fans who bought the PS2 version in addition to the PSP version—it's almost like they punished them with more tedious side missions.


VCS also has a lot of boring Missions in general...I'd NEVER want to do this Game from 0-100% anymore. Luckily I have that 48.80% Starter Save so I basically start the Game with half it done already :p Same for LCS and the 47% Starter Save. A lot of the Side Missions, despite being easy, are still annoying and boring...

So how would you rank this game in terms of difficulty?


My list of 3D era GTA games, from easiest to hardest, would probably go something like this:


1. GTA III \ GTA Vice City (I can't decide which is easier and I have more experience with III so I would be biased if I were to say that III was the easiest)

2. GTA San Andreas

3. GTA Liberty City Stories

4. GTA Vice City Stories

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That is how I feel, too. The PS2 Version is pretty hard in comparison to the PSP Version of VCS. All the added Side Missions were more of the same, and a pain in the ass. For instance, you have "Crims on Wings" but also "Crims on Water Wings." You also have Land, Sea, Air Ace or whatever it's called, which is similar to another PSP Side Mission, also on PSP. It's like they ran out of ideas or something...


From Easiest to Hardest:








Pretty much the same as you rate them. But even though I find III a walk in the park, VC is THAT much easier for me. So that takes the cake with being the easiest.

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I don't know. I think that III is the only one that I could probably complete in one sitting (without saving once and without failing, dying, etc). Vice City is a bit longer and therefore the chance of failing a mission is bigger.

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I don't know. I think that III is the only one that I could probably complete in one sitting (without saving once and without failing, dying, etc). Vice City is a bit longer and therefore the chance of failing a mission is bigger.


I'd like to see that recorded, lol... :p


Different agenda, though. When I do III, I get 13 Special Vehicles. That is one of the HARDEST aspects of III and until you try it, you won't know. Storing them is probably harder than obtaining them. Also using all the underground platforms below the map to take Vehicles early to SI/SSV from Portland. There is even ways to get Vehicles from SI/SSV and back to Portland, all while Portland is unlocked only. Furthermore, I found the iOS Version of III to be EASIER than PS2, even though, I find using a Controller easier than Touch Screens. Things spawned "better" on iOS during Rampages for instance and the aiming was slowed down, so hitting head shot only and what not, was a breeze. Did those first try, basically. Even the M-16 Headshot Only, whereas on PS2 that is extremely hard since when you move the analog stick to aim, it moves WAY too much, similar to how the RC Races behave in LCS where you go to turn, and you at times can turn WAY too much cuz it's so sensitive. So it all depends on what your agenda is. Since I collect AND go for 100%, I find VC the easiest as all the Special Vehicles, including 100% requirements are easy. In III, depending on the platform, the 100% requirements are hit or miss and the Special Vehicles also present a challenge when storing them and that is the hardest part like I said previously. So it all depends on what you do. I do the "full package" so to speak when it comes to GTA. I do the Starter Saves, I do the 100% Requirements, and I fill up the MAX CAPACITY when obtaining Special Vehicles and/or every single one that exists in the game (VC, for example) while maintaining perfect stats at the minimum.


But anyways, to go back on topic, I doubt I will EVER do VCS again. I even made up a new Special Vehicle list of what I'd obtain in a 4th Save File, but all I could come up with is 6, which is half of what you can store, as you can store 12 in total, but you need 4 Bikes if you will store 12 and I have EVERY special Bike in VCS to begin with, so that won't happen. Furthermore, as I've been describing, the Missions and such are just boring to me.


It sucks that VCS doesn't allow more in a Starter Save cuz once From Zero to Hero is passed, you still have a LOT of Side Missions to complete. Like, if you could do them after Soldier, you could probably hit 60-65% in a Starter Save. As the other 35-40% of the Game is the Story and the Empires taking them over and doing the Side Missions for them.

Edited by Militia
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I'm planning on recording myself while doing that (with a voiceover). It should be doable with lots of training done beforehand. I'll do the Xbox version which is a bit more challenging (or equally as challenging as the PS2 version).


If you shoot them from up close it's not that difficult. I can complete that rampage on my first try always. I just sit behind one of the garages down the street and behind the little fence that's connected to it. I don't get shot at much there and if I have full health and armor there is no danger there for me. The only rampage that's still a bit difficult for me is the flamethrower one in Shoreside. You can get killed really fast if you don't move around much. The flamethrower's accuracy is also really lame and it doesn't seem to burn things through walls\objects like in other games.

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Seriously, it'd be neat to see. I'd surely watch it :)


Yeah, Xbox, I'd imagine is similar to PS2 in regards to control difficulties...


I just stand on the sidewalk, literally. Like, the Rampage is on top of the hill behind a billboard, I just jump down onto the sidewalk and blow them away, I stand out in the open (not smart) but somehow I also did it first try (iOS) but on PS2 it took me 2-3 tries AFTER I learned a technique I use. Yeah, I just jump down to the sidewalk and stand on the sidewalk to shoot them with the M16, but what I do is shoot 1 or 2, then run behind the sign which is right next to that dirt pathway to where the Patriot is to activate Gripped! I noticed when I shoot a couple, then run back there, then come back out onto the sidewalk, they don't shoot at me. I keep repeating until I pass it. I used to HATE that one, but it's not bad anymore once you learn your own strategies. I never tried what you are describing, but it seems like it'd work no problem, as well. I also hate the Flamethrower Rampage, too. I have a NEW method for that one which doesn't involve standing out in the open and doesn't involve flaming through the bushes like I told you in the past, but that also helps if it's too much difficulty, but it depends too much on luck to actually get them to spawn there behind the bushes when you run to the back of the house upon picking up the Rampage icon. I have a new method standing (kinda) in the open toward the road. I can't explain it, though haha...


I actually haven't played a single GTA game since I finished my LCS/VCS Starter Saves complete. I am just not in the mood much anymore since I finished everything I wanted to get done...I have a III and VC Starter Save, but only for iOS. It might be a good idea to just do one for PS2, as well. Just to have them, lol...

Edited by Militia
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I finally finished this game today. What a frustrating experience. I mean it is the most annoying GTA game I've played and looking back on it I can't say that I've enjoyed it all that much. The story felt kinda mediocre much like LCS. A lot of the lines of dialogue were terrible and the story generally felt like it was written by a fan of the series instead of the usual writers. It sounded like I could have written it. It wasn't nearly as engaging as the previous games.


This game also had a fair share of annoying side missions and main missions. In the latter category, there were a bunch of missions that were so poorly coded that you were almost guaranteed to die or fail the mission on your first attempt. Whenever someone performs a drive-by on you you are not able to defend yourself properly whether you are on foot or in a car. On foot you can't aim freely (unless you use a sniper rifle or RPG) and by the time you line up a shot while driving the enemies have probably blown one or two tires on your car and damaged it significantly. If the AI can aim at you and you can't that's bullsh*t. There are other problems with the game that I might talk about if I'll manage to make a video review of this game in the near future.

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I agree. VCS is my least favorite due to some of things you said...


The only redeeming factor in my case is the Special Vehicles, but even those aren't very good and more or less too easy to obtain, as well...

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  • 4 weeks later...

The weakest 3D GTA title, in my opinion. Never enjoy coming back to it.


Not being a fan of the Vice City map certainly doesn't help, however.

Edited by Azurex
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I am getting ready to do 3 Saves (over again) for VCS and I am dreading doing it, even though I have a Starter Save @ 48.80% Completion after the first Mission, "Soldier." There is just way too many Side Missions and boring stuff that needs to be done and I don't like the Story all that much, either, tbh. VC was heaps better compared to VCS. It's still a good game and if you're a GTA Fan, especially of the 3D Era, it's no exception and definitely worth it, but it IS my LEAST FAVORITE from the 3D Era (III, VC, SA, LCS, and VCS).

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  • 2 months later...

It's an amazing game, lots of fun with my favorite story and characters... yes it was the first gta I ever played and owned (PSP) but it's not just the memories that make me like it, I truly enjoy the madness and comedy of the story, the map layout and environment, the perfect music and Lance in my favorite gta character.

I have all gta's except top-down and HD era. I am excited to start IV next week on pc for the first time! lol I'm not a big gamer, just a fan of racing (not so much now), some shooters and adventure (tomb raider) and gta.

In the 3d era I would say:
1. vcs (8 replays
2. sa (5
3. vc (2
4. III (2
5. lcs (2

note: not all replays were to 100% but I did get 100% in all games

I know that must be a controversial list to say the least! but that's just my opinion on how fun the game is and how least of a grind it feels to replay.. if that makes sense.

Finally, I enjoyed reading the previous comments especially from Militia and MrVance. Personally, I'm more interested in enjoying the game the way the developer intended rather than rushing through everything and obtaining weird items that are normally the result of bugs or glitches.. I have done a bit of that on latter replays but only out of interest, and although I did focus somewhat on ALL ZERO% (0 wasted, 0 busted, 0 missions fails etc.(especially with SA)), I learned that doing it like that makes the game less enjoyable and at the end you are left with... numbers! lol. So what if you get wasted? I try as hard as I can not to, but if I do, well I don't load anymore, unless it really messes up things, to me, the games are much more fun that way.

It's all about what keeps you playing and enjoying the experience though, and that can be different aspects for different people, so we can't really say that someone is playing the game wrongly, if they are having fun with it then it's a good game :alien:

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  • 3 weeks later...

I really enjoyed VC Stories more than Vice City. It won't surpass San Andreas as the best GTA in history, but it may very well be very darn close.


- Vic Vance was a nice contrast to the bag on insanity that was Lance, and his humanity reflected in the dialogue enough, at least compared to the cut-and-shut Vercetti. I get that some people don't like his arc like they didn't like the HIMYM finale, but I found that it was logical and human at times.

- There was an elevated degree of difficulty in missions compared to LCS and VC, it really made you think and strategize and not come with weapons blazing.

- There was significantly more automotive variety - Bulletproof Stretch, more boats, a 6X6 ATV, and a HOVERCRAFT. Any game with a hovercraft gets an automatic win in my book.

- The businesses were fun to deal with - especially the drug running ones with the powerboats and cops to deal with, put a significant variety and difficulty and fun in the game.

- The DJ Banter. Teri and Toni are just adorable. They remind me of Piper and Alex (OITNB) and how they mess each other up to death (Someone write a fanfic of these two!) And Fernando was a good creep. And how Adam First keeps messing with Trish because he's insane or something.

- But above all else, The music. (I'm a real sucker for 1980's music to begin with, so I knew this was going to be fun.) I loved the VC Soundtrack, but Stories one-upped it. I absolutely cannot stop gushing over the sounds of VC Stories. Between Nik Kershaw (Wouldn't it be Good is still the best use of a Chroma Key in a music video by far,) Blondie's (Heart of Glass) biggest hit, Electric Dreams, Scorpions, Phil Collins ('Twas so much fun keeping the roof from collapsing on his performance,) The peak of New Wave, Missing Persons, and the Power Ballads. The music really felt natural to me, more in time with 1983 - I felt that in VC, they just compiled the absolute biggest hits before 1986 and grouped them in a playlist.


Shame they didn't move the needle far enough compared to VC or even LCS for that matter. Even worse they kept it Playstation exclusive. The analogue stick of our PSP's kept breaking and it can't be fixed, we went through TWO PSP's with that same problem, my only hope is that we had a copy of VCS on the memory card so I can run it on a PSP emulator on my Samsung.

Edited by 0Micron
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I haven't gave this game much of a go honestly but I still consider it being around the top 5 in the series in terms of story.


Also it was probably the 3rd game I've tried in the series.

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  • 3 weeks later...

its one of my personal favourites, I used to play this game for hours on the PSP in my early teens and multi-player feature was great playing with my friends at break time at school and the theme tune is the best out of all the GTA Theme's (My oppinion)



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  • 4 weeks later...

Radio stations were amazing.

Villains were well written. Especially Jerry Martinez.

Story was mediocre.

Protagonist was the worst of the GTA history in my opinion. (Vic was a stupid hypocrite who wanted to be a good guy by selling drugs. But I liked him in VC. He looked more like a criminal to me in '86.)

Gameplay was good. Taking businesses from other gangs was good but managing those businesses were very annoying. You couldn't explore the city properly because of that.

Graphics were fine.

Theme of the game was also fine.

Customization wasn't good.


9 out of 10. A worthy GTA title for me.

Edited by DoctorStar
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It was a pretty good game but VIc was boring and lackluster compared to Tommy. Also Lance wasn't really cool like he was in VC and just stupid.


The story wasn't nearly as good as in VC but the gameplay and graphics were obviously much better. I love the empire building feature

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When I first played it, I thought it was boring. After a while, it became one of my favorite GTA games. I like it more than Vice City. The only things I don't like is the disappearing car glitch and those annoying Sharks.

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No, I disagree.. It is simply not the best GTA ever. I had however a very good experience with it. The mission where in my opinion excellent,

the setting is unfortunately exactly the same, but is has strangely enough an own vibe. The weather conditions are very different from GTA
VC, it have more sunny moments instead of thunderstorms. Only downside is the protagonist, a.k.a. Victor Vance. I didn't like his personality..

That's why this game isn't my favorite. I prefer more GTA LCS or GTA SA..

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