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(PS3) Crystal Clear Out II


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This mission rewards you with $7500 and +1200 rp each time. (On hard of course.) I run thru this solo in about 2 minutes. There's two locations maybe a quarter mile away from each other where you have to eliminate about 16 enemies at each one. So I figure with 2 people, we could get it done in about a minute. Or 4 people and make it even quicker. Half the team will go to the first location, the other half at the second. $7500 isn't much, but it's not as repetitive as potshot or rooftop. Plus you can work on your free aim. If you want to try this add me on PSN. I'm going to make a playlist and see how it goes. Just trying something new.


PSN: outfLt






Edit: Terrible news, you can't add this mission to a playlist :-( Lock this bitch up

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