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I think that adding more sandbox type game play, as in just free-roaming while not on a mission.

Would be a great addition to the game play like making it able to round up gangs (like in san andreas) but it should be added in the newer versions of GTA maybe a DLC that adds the ability to hire body gaurds even and give them a gun that you have in order to make them more powerful then get like 3 of these guys and they could help you on a bank heist, it would be nice if you could give them jet packs if you wanted too. that way if you took off flying they would follow you best they could trying to get to your elevation so you could get them in a heli on a roof or somthing. And more mischif in general drug dealing in game to make cash while it poses a threat of the cops randomly coming after you, and grandtheft auto jobs places where you get cars and bring them to a sshop(without the cops after you{no heat}) you can sell the stolen car better cars will earn you more, just alot more things like that which you can do in your spare time if you dont feel like doing a mission. but intense stuff make it like a criminal simulator!

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I think those ideas should go here in the GTA VI Simulator thread.


But yeah, I'd like the next GTA to return to being an actual crime simulator like III, that would've been neat.


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