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[V] Script/Native Documentation and Research

Alexander Blade

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Now that the new update for scripthookv is out, and working correctly alongside the EGS GTAV version, do we have to wait for a new update for Community ScriptHookV .NET ? Or is it ok to download the latest version that is up (3.0.3) and use it?


Im very new to GTA 5 modding, and have been using a few mods with little issues. However there are a few that I have had my eye on that require Scripthookv.net as well as scripthookv. 


Just checking, because I cannot find a clear answer anywhere on the internet. However, I am assuming they do work together fine since I can't seem to find any complaints about it either...

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On 6/2/2020 at 4:58 PM, ikt said:



The current SHVDN works fine on the latest EGS game version.

I ended up trying for myself a while back, and I can indeed confirm that it's working just fine


Thank you!

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  • 2 months later...
  • 2 months later...

The decompiled scripts dropbox link (on both dev-c.com and the 1st post on this topic) is dead, gives 404.
Also, does anyone know how GTA detects if the car is stuck? (for mission fail condition “The car got stuck”)

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1 hour ago, TheChilliPL said:

The decompiled scripts dropbox link (on both dev-c.com and the 1st post on this topic) is dead, gives 404.
Also, does anyone know how GTA detects if the car is stuck? (for mission fail condition “The car got stuck”)


These are all the "stuck" related natives:

BOOL IS_VEHICLE_STUCK_ON_ROOF(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xB497F06B288DCFDF, vehicle); } // 0xB497F06B288DCFDF 0x18D07C6C b323
void REMOVE_VEHICLE_STUCK_CHECK(Vehicle vehicle) { invoke<Void>(0x8386BFB614D06749, vehicle); } // 0x8386BFB614D06749 0x81594917 b323
BOOL DOES_VEHICLE_HAVE_STUCK_VEHICLE_CHECK(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x57E4C39DE5EE8470, vehicle); } // 0x57E4C39DE5EE8470 0x5D91D9AC b323
void ADD_VEHICLE_STUCK_CHECK_WITH_WARP(Any p0, float p1, Any p2, BOOL p3, BOOL p4, BOOL p5, Any p6) { invoke<Void>(0x2FA9923062DD396C, p0, p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6); } // 0x2FA9923062DD396C 0xC8B789AD b323
BOOL IS_VEHICLE_STUCK_TIMER_UP(Vehicle vehicle, int p1, int p2) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x679BE1DAF71DA874, vehicle, p1, p2); } // 0x679BE1DAF71DA874 0x2FCF58C1 b323
void RESET_VEHICLE_STUCK_TIMER(Vehicle vehicle, int nullAttributes) { invoke<Void>(0xD7591B0065AFAA7A, vehicle, nullAttributes); } // 0xD7591B0065AFAA7A 0xEF2A6016 b323


Example from agency_heist1.c

if (((VEHICLE::IS_VEHICLE_STUCK_TIMER_UP(iLocal_1012, 0, 7000) || VEHICLE::IS_VEHICLE_STUCK_TIMER_UP(iLocal_1012, 3, 30000)) || VEHICLE::IS_VEHICLE_STUCK_TIMER_UP(iLocal_1012, 2, 30000)) || VEHICLE::IS_VEHICLE_STUCK_TIMER_UP(iLocal_1012, 1, 40000))


Edited by LeeC22
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Hi, I've been having a problem with gta 5 script hook for a while now and have not had any luck fixing it. my problem is when i install script hook to the gta 5 folder and go to launch the game it gives me this error message and script hook doesn't work. I've reinstalled the game numerous times and nothing changes.https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipMnmbtOUabdGqushb6RXP9jjB0VH2kooG6CLcaS any help? thanks 

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