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Custom collision Shadow Bug ?


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Hello, I've been making a custom model for the LS polide department, and I've made a custom collision. But somehow when I walk on it, the player get's dark.




( The white area is the one with custom collision while the one the player is, has default collision)







(The player stands on custom collision model and get's this Dark)






Does anyone Knows how to fix it ?


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The San Andreas Forum is for UN-modded game questions, and problems.

In Your haste to post You must have missed the Bottom Main Menu choice for MODDING. And obviously the Sidebar lettering: Modding Questions

Please post modding questions in the modding forums! http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showforum=89

:^: That is where You can find Players who ARE dedicated Modders, they are more likely to give You some assistance! :)

Be careful to post in the correct forum topic, as they can get persnickety about that.

Forum Posting and guide

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