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wild m0nk

Searching for crews for a new Crew v Crew League Xbox

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wild m0nk

XBOX 360 Crews only

I represent the Old School Punishers, and I bring to you an offer you cannot refuse. We have created a Crew vs Crew League. That's right schedules, standings, rules everything is taken care of. Be able to compete against the best that GTA has to offer. If your guys are looking for something to do they will have a match every other week, playlists will be established one week ahead of time that means your guys have something to practice. They play through the schedule all the way to the playoffs and then the Championship game. What happens then you ask, by then we will have more crews ready to enter and we split into divisions and kick off another season. This is awesome.

Now I am just starting this so you have the opportunity to get in on the bottom floor and help build this into something special. I am looking for a minimum of five more crews to be the charter members of this league. What kind of crews am I looking for? Well you're a curious lot. We want mature, disciplined, responsible, reliable, but most of all fun crews to play with. We as a crew are social and of good nature both in victory and loss, this is a game after all.


If you are interested go to http://cvcl.enjin.com/leaguerules and read the league rules, still want to pursue it then go to http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/crew_v_crew_league and request membership. I will contact you and we'll set a time to talk.


Answer the call and play like champions,


Wild Monk

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My crews challenges ratio is screwed up so this is a good way to actually get the word out my crews in!

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