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Do you still Pogo?


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I wore it for about 3 weeks after I unlocked it. Now i've moved on the Fox.


Did put POGO on for this the other day though:


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Pogo is the best mask right now IMO. I rock it all the time. With a SUIT. :santa:

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I'm still the green zombie

I hope this guy takes care of you pretty soon.




Don't need any more of y'all running around man.

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Soran Is On

Sorry, but I think every character that wears a mask looks like a total c*nt, which makes me think that the person who put it on there must be one for liking it. Yes, you're a pig in flip-fops and underpants. Well done. Ooooooh! Look. A guy in a monkey mask. How. Fucking. Original.


Just my opinion.

nope I own a few hockey masks and a couple of the valetines ones. the rest are goofy as f*ck. 20k to look like an owl? eat a bag of dicks rockstar.

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Wearing it with a suit feels very childish.


Fixed it for you OP.

Suits are not to be messed with, especially with masks.



Pretty sure you're f*cking stupid.

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