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Tip For Those Who Play RR


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Tired of the run away document always getting blown to 1 million bits whenever you shoot at his car? Don't worry, I've got the perfect solution.


First thing's first, I would recommend getting a big and sturdy vehicle, preferably the Dubsta 6x6. Once you get to the chase part, hopefully you don't get that irritating glitch where it doesn't spawn the package and results in a mission failed, use your sturdy vehicle and ram the sh*t out of it until it flips over or it is on it's side (this happens when pinned against a wall). Either: 1) the driver should spawn outside the car and start running away or 2) he will remain in the car and you will have a clear shot at him. And there you go, the package is safe and sound.


Hope this helps.





EDIT: Admins, can you move it to the correct section. I didn't realize I was still in the lobbies and meet ups section. Thank you.

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Bit of a warning with this method as well...


I guess as a testament to Rockstar really wanting that vehicle to explode and for us to presumibly fail the mission, that vehicle is apparently the only one in the series which will explode by itself if it is flipped over onto the roof (and stays there) or continuously pushed (say pinned against a wall while you try and shoot the driver). The driver will get out once it is flipped over or starts to flame, so there is a bit of a safe margin to kill him and grab the documents.

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