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ACs Car Meets [20GMT Everyday] [PS3]

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Some picture of Muscle Monday 0_0.jpg






Too bad I do not have pictures of the drags. That was awesome! Cant wait for the next meetup

Edited by wraaker
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From the 24/06 Meet:


This was probably the best meet yet, I'm glad we've also got a player with a good capture card who is willing to post some good clips of the event on YouTube. Tomorrow's meet will have the theme of coupé type cars, in case you didn't know what that was, a coupé is a closed two-door car body style with a permanently attached fixed roof, that is shorter than a sedan of the same model, and it often has seating for two persons or with a tight-spaced rear seat. In other words, any car with two doors. The event will start one hour earlier than usual, at 8PM GMT.






Edited by Xx-ADITYA-xX
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How about this, you add me instead; It's a bit too late to join now lol it's 0204 GMT, meet up is at 2100 GMT every night. That's about 4/5 PM In EST.

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Add me if u can't add him I will be in meet too make sure to join the chat and listen or use ur mic

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Oh Damn, completely underestimated the time difference. NBD.


This gonna happen again tmw night?

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Yes it should be happening today as well as usual.

Wats the time for Tuesday?
Psn: RainiLuv

It's at 9PM GMT everyday, that's 4 or 5PM EST I think.

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You have to join the PSN chat if you want to be invited, otherwise you will not be invited into the lobby as this increases the chances of introducing players who start blowing up cars and killing other players. Do not invite your friends unless they're in the PSN chat, it's not hard to join a chat, use your mic if you can. This rule worked well yesterday and we hardly had any people messing about yesterday apart from one individual.

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Thanks to Mallet Man, we have some footage from yesterday's meet up on YouTube, check it out:



Edited by Xx-ADITYA-xX
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hey is it too late to join the meet up?


PSN is Grmncs102393



said it didn't exist
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