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[SnP] Air Races [iOS/Android/WS]


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Oh, it's for Mobile. I thought you wanted it for PC, I'm sure Khsh97 can finish it for you. Wait and see what he says.

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For: Fizzum

Missions: World War Ace, Barnstorming & Military Service

Link: http://gtasnp.com/download/42753


Notes: Tow truck is stored in redsands west safe house garage for fun.

game save at Four dragon casinos.

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Well it says "can't open file" so I tried downloading it on another browser and it opens, but it says something about a parsing problem in the package.

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You don't need to open the file. When you download it. Open the folder where you downloaded and copy it to


And open the game, click on start game and there select load game and choose "Military Service".


The Android folder is located in the root of your sdcard, the data folder is located inside the Android folder, com.rockstargames.gtasa is located inside data folder, and files folder is present inside com.rockstargames.gtasa folder.

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