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Gah, can anyone help me?

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So I'm a youtuber and need a really specific set up so that audio can be captured on my videos.


I have two of the official sony bluetooth headsets, and I sit the mic on my ear, so that people can hear me. Then, my output is set to system default device, so that the sfx and other chat audio outputs to the tv which allows it to be recorded by the game cap.


The problem is, when I use this set up (mainly in GTA, it doesn't seem to happen in other games like mw3 and black ops) for some reason my friends complain that my mic cuts in and out constantly. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the headsets (theyre both brand new) and I can't figure out what could possibly be going wrong.


If I change the output device to put the chat through the headset, the chat returns to normal and my friends say they can hear me perfectly.

Help, anyone?

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PC or console gaming?

If console how is everything connected to each other?

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This is ps3 console gaming. So, there's a component cable, connecting from TV to capture card (can't use hdmi, thanks to sony's stupid rules) then, second set of component cables runs from card to ps3. Usb cable runs from capture card to pc where it stores the data.


Bluetooth mics will either sit free on my ear, or on their little dock connected to my computer when it needs to charge.

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This is still confusing me for some reason.
It's a desktop PC capture card? If that's true then I've never seen one that both takes input video/audio as well as outputs video/audio to external devices. Of course I also accept the fact that doesn't mean they don't exist. I am curious, exactly what make and model card is this?

However for a case of console gaming I would suggest using something like this AVerMedia Game Capture HD II your console, PS3 included, can connect video HDMI which is passed through to the PC. They use to have one that could take a USB drive but also had a place to mount a laptop size drive inside the capture device.

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My pc doesn't come into this equation at all. The roxio game capture cards are one in the same as the one you suggested. The HDMI is not supported for ps3 with this card. But the problem does not lie there - The problem is with the mic cutting in and out for seemingly no reason.

What I'm hoping to learn is that I have to open ports on my router or something, to help the issue, but I'm not savvy enough to know what exactly I need to do.

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If your mic works fine without the capture device or I believe you said before it works with the capture device but playing a different game, then it's not a port issue.


And when you said "capture card" to most people that means an internal PC card. Where as capture device is general (both internal and external) but also thought of as being external.


Let's take a few steps back. When you say "the official sony bluetooth headsets" can I assume that that means it's made for PS3 or is it just a sony bluetooth headset happens to work with PS3?

Any chance you can get your hands on a wired headset, even as a loaner from a friend or something, and see if the same thing happens there?

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