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Is there any trainer for lowrider compeition


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Hello is there an trainer for gta san andreas lowrider compeition

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You don't need a trainer (cheat).

Just take your time at the start to allow the others to crash and spin out.

At the coastal highway drive on the wrong side to make it a straight away.

Avoid hitting any of the other cars, avoid spinning out yourself.

In all the races go pylon to pylon without consideration of roads. Dive cross country where you can. Over grass, short cut corners.

Don't try too hard, take it easy.


Trainers may cause seemingly unrelated problems in the future.

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U r right cookiemonster14 and any trainer for life's a beach

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It does help to know the actual name of the mission.

Anyway, we don't recommend the use of Trainers, as they might screw-up your game play.


Simply do a GOOGLE of "San Andreas trainers" and you should find a page of them.


Since you plan on cheating, we recommend the Mission Help Forum; http://gtaforums.com/forum/200-mission-help/

using Samutz's Uploader / Downloader: http://gtasnp.com/

Having someone do the mission(s) for you will reduce the chance of rendering some future mission impossible.

Helpers there are not allowed to use Cheats, Mods, Trainers, or to get 'Busted'/'wasted' when doing the mission(s)

Edited by lil weasel
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You mean the "Cesar Vialpando" mission?

Yeah that's a tricky one, it took me a lot of time to get that one done, that and Life's a Beach can be quite tricky. it requires a lot of practice, but i'm sure you can find some trainers that can help you.

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LowRider Jumping Car competitions:

Special Control Left = NumPad 4 { Jump LEFT

Special Control Right = NumPad 6 { Jump RIGHT

Special Control Up = NumPad 8 (or DEL key) { Jump UP

Special Control Down = NumPad 2 (or END key) { Jump DOWN

To jump up & Left = NumPad 4 and 8 at same time.

To jump up & Right = NumPad 6 and 8 at same time.

To Jump down & Left = NumPad 4 and 2 at same time.

To Jump down & Right = NumPad 6 and 2 at the same time.


If you have Problems with Cesar Vialpando ARROWS:

Make sure your Keyboard - Repeat Delay is SHORT & Repeat Rate is FAST

(START > Control Panel > Keyboard)

Turning off the Frame Limiter.

Using a Lower screen Resolution.

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  • 2 weeks later...

here you go :)


you have to scroll down in "info" to missions and submission then you will find the keys to give you score


note that if your antivirus has detected something in the trainer its because it changes values in the game

so your antivirus has to ignore it


it also has the points cheat for life's a beach too



Edited by loljik
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Next time, you should specify your agenda. It may stand to reason that you are having difficulty with the arrows, but you could have wanted to bypass the minimum/maximum wager or use a vehicle other than a lowrider. I can't tell you how many times vagueness lead others to misunderstand me.

Edited by King Andreas
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