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Lethal Vaccine

Car Storage

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Lethal Vaccine

Tomorrow, I am about to start this game for PS2 to 100% and obtain 12 unique and proof vehicles in the game. Out of these 12, I am gonna need to use the Crusher on 9 of them in order to get the DP property (Damage Proof). My question is: how many (by glitching) can I fit in Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale Garage in order to only have 1 vehicle at a time for the Portland Garage while I use the Crusher to make it DP?

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You can use Garage Absolute Capacity trick to make all garages store up to 4 vehicles.

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Lethal Vaccine

Thanks, but I got 12 vehicles already and am 100%:


H/DP/EC Sentinel, H/BP/FP/WP/EC PCJ-600, BP/DP/FP/PP Stretch, AP Forelli Exsess, AP Banshee, AP Cheetah, AP Stinger, AP Patriot, AP BF Injection, H/BP/DP/FP/PP/TP/EC/PC Landstalker, BP/FP/PP/EC Avenger, H/DP Yardie Lobo


2 bikes and 2 cars in Portland as the garage is so small of course.

Edited by Militia

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My unique vehicles list:


Portland Garage:


FP/TP/PP/EC Black Thunder-Rodd("Grease Sucho")

BP/FP/PP/EC Red Avenger("Avenging Angels")

H/UH/WP/PP/EC Yellow Faggio("Stop the Press")

H/DP/EC Black Sentinel(Default pushing vehicle)("No Son of Mine")


Stauton Island Garage:


Unique Maverick("False Idols")

AP Forelli Exsess("Rough Justice")

H/TP/DP/EC Black and White Banshee("The Trouble of Triads")

BP/FP/PP/EC Yellow Patriot("False Idols")


Shoreside Vale Garage:


H/Unique Ballot Van("Counterfeit Count")

H/EC Bright Red Rumpo("Bringing the House Down")

H/Unique Mr Whoopee("Scooter Shooter")

BP/FP/H/PC/PP/TP Landstalker("See Your Sight Before Your Flight")

Edited by DodoGTA

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Lethal Vaccine

That's a very nice list, btw. However, that Faggio is H/UH/WP/PP/EC, not just WP/EC.


The Yellow Patriot is BP/FP/PP/EC.


The rest on your list are correct, though.


This guide is accurate and what I used when deciding my vehicles and when they came up in the story, etc: http://gta.wikia.com/Special_Vehicles_in_GTA_Liberty_City_Stories


And the way to obtain them I used Youtube and watched jam8tone's videos in his special vehicle guide.


Also, do you plan on DP'ing and PP'ing all your vehicles? I used the Crusher on 9 out of 12 of my vehicles. Didn't need to use it on the AP Forelli Exsess obviously, and can't use it on my 2 bikes. But everything else I made DP. The key is make it DP RIGHT when you get it. Don't fill the garage and then try, or it's gonna cause problems since the garage door won't open and since the car becomes a Ghost, once you get out of it, you can't get back in. The moment I got each vehicle I made them DP and strategicly stored them in the garages to maximize the storage space. Also, the Shorside PP Trick did NOT work for me. I tried numerous times, it just doesn't work for me. It appears to only work for some people and not others, even PSP/PS2 doesn't matter, it's hit or miss depending on everyone's game save basically. The LAST vehicle I got was the H Yardie Lobo from 9MM Mayhem, and also got it to H/DP. I luckily just drove it THROUGH the SSV garage door and into the garage, then quickly got out and then the door opened for the garage, I walked out, and let it close and boom! H/DP Yardie Lobo and a total of 12 vehicles.

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I am already completed all storyline missions.Later when obtain all Hidden Packages I get 100% completion.


EDIT: I am completed GTA LCS to 100% several weeks or days ago.

Edited by DodoGTA

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Lethal Vaccine

Yeah, see, I usually try and do the side stuff before even completing missions. I did 38/100 Hidden Packages right in the beginning, and then I did 60/100 Hidden Packages after SI was unlocked, and I got the last 40 once SSV was unlocked. It's nice having guns and ammo for the missions.

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