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What would you like to see in Next-Gen?

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Sorry if this has been asked already (searched for it but didn't find anything) but will our online characters from last gen transfer to the next gen or do we have to start over?


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this is what i would like to see happening, ( none were confirmed):



-Human Shield?

-Hear music while walking? through headphones?

-Better fighting animation

-better AI in any aspect of the game: cops, animals, civilians... cops can now use shields and if you stay on the train and survive until you reach the tunnel, the heli will wait on top of the other entrance...

-Sand from dump can now drop from the vehicle?

- wind effect more noticeable for example on trees

-expecting better animal hunting animation

-animals can hunt other animals? (not sure if this feature was already in GTA V)

-better physics overall, falling...

-more environment destruction? not sure about this...

-casinos? more enterable buildings/places? tequi-la-la

-better explosion effects? based on what i´ve seen in the very few seconds of the trailer, we can see better water vapor effect so, can this also mean better smoke effect? and explosions?

-when smashing a car with a tank you can see better smashing effect and the car may not explode... better effects knowing that you can do this in GTA V already.

-be able to kidnap people and put them in car´s rear..

are we going to be able to use the heli´s inside(same to big planes) without needing to use a bike and so fully detailed?

-turf war?, drugs? and therefore, be able to run Trevor´s business?

-weapons with new attachments such as lasers? thus... cops using lasers? just like the screenshot?


Be free to discuss... From what i said the majority of the points probably won´t happen but it would have been pretty cool





whoa, I never thinking about this before

Let's hope these thing would happen in PC

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Definitely darker nights! You shouldn't see anything when in the middle of the wilderness. Currently you've got better vision with headlights off at night, which is quite funny

Oh the silly auto contrast on headlights.

I always turned my headlights off because you couldnt see sh*t with them on.


I wonder why almost no game manages to create proper nights. The nighttime looks like a colorless daytime in most games.


DayZ for example has pitch black nights without light sources and thats f*cking awesome.

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what's my name

each protagonist has its own fighting style

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the two bridges that connect rancho and elysian island look like the ones that lift up, id really like to see that in the next gen version

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