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What would you implement if you could

Recommended Posts


I would implement the following :


Vehicles with Petrol / Diesel (you also have to fill up at filling stations)


Road tax


Tyre wear


Speedometer / Revometer


Wing mirrors




Sell vehicles to other online players on a web site that you could advertise your vehicle on.


Police doing a checkpoint for road tax and insurance and licence.


police doing a speed check for speeding


if your caught for an offence by the police you should have to go to court and face the judge and see what sentence you should be given..... you could then try to escape (Like BUST OUT)


your friends from your crew could try and help you break out of prison and taking to a hideout but others could inform police to your whereabouts for a reward if your found.


the game should be set in real time to get from A to B.










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Wrong sub-forum?

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100 new weapons and 100 new vehicles.

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Drunken Cowboy

Ugh, the prison, license, speeding ideas...

(Checkpoints to check licences? Is this France in the 40's?)

I love realism and immersion. At first, I can appreciate that slow paced and realistic fun. But then, with something like inssurance premiums and impounding we've already seen, it doesn't take long before they start become a big f*cking pain in the ass.


More good realism, realistic physics, story, and missions.

More challenging realism, up'd bullet damage, limit the guns you can carry, maybe even gas or food as a necessity.

Screw bad realism, like inssurance...

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