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What has been confirmed for the next-gen?

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Next-gen!? There's a PS5/XB2 in the works!?!? Oh... You mean CURRENT GEN.

Edit: LOL

If majority of player base is on ps3 / Xbox then that would be current generation.


Definition of generation (n)

Bing Dictionary

gen·er·a·tion[ jènnə ráysh'n ]

group of contemporaries: all of the people who were born at approximately the same time, considered as a group, and especially when considered as having shared interests and attitudes

stage in descent: a single stage in the descent of a family or a group of people, animals, or plants, or the individual members of that stage

time taken to produce new generation: the period of time that it takes for people, animals, or plants to grow up and produce their own offspring, in humans held to be between 30 and 35 years.


So Xbox one ps4, are newborns aka the next generation when there old enough too reproduce ie when little baby ps5 and Xbox two are being born then they will be current generation.




This is pretty much a accurate summary.

List of what is confirmed:


*Coming soon to PS4, Xbox One, and PC*


-You can transfer your saved data character progress from your PS3, Xbox 360 to the PS4.

-New wildlife

Animals: Small dog (Different dog breed), Hammer sharks, Coyote, Deer.

-Technical improvements

-Finer Texture details

-Upgraded weather

-NEW damage effects

-enhanced resolution

-denser traffic

-increased draw distances

-NEW level of detail for GTA5/Online Players



-NEW vehicles,

-NEW properties

-NEW character customization



-NEW arsenal weapons





GTA5 Released Date: October 28, 2014







You missed cats. Look at the trailer and the scene where Franklin is polishing his white buffalo in the background you see a cat jump off the red brick wall to the left of the background/screen. Also diferent breeds of dogs. In the same scene a woman is walking a tan coloured dog

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The no further info and release date has been confirmed.

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Only thing is confirmed is online

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