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Looking for good people to join Damico Crime Family

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Whats up guys, im the founder of the Damico Crime Family for Gta Online. We've been up and running with 50+ active members and still remain undefeated since opening on December 2013, we are a role-play (RP) group within the Mafia community that contains a wide variety of different families, some being friend and some being foe. Upon joining the family you'll be asked what role you would like to take on. We give Bodyguard or Hitman off the back then we administer a test to see if you can handle the position, if not we will train you and you will be foot solider until then. Theirs more positions within the family that will need to be earned, we don't just handout ranks anybody wants. The family takes part in Freeode wars and TDM's ill explain them both below. In the community you are expected to "Keep it mafia" ill also explain what this means below along with the requirements.

Keeping It Mafia

When joining you are giving up the right to use the following things. Its not that big of a deal to give them up it actually increases skill, im very strict when it comes to these rules.
1. Tank
2. Jet
3. RPG
4. Grenade Launcher
5. Minigun
6. Auto Shotty
7. Thrown Objects (to kill players)
8. MG and Combat MG
9. Super Cars

Freemode Wars

In a freemode war it is a game full of members from 2+ families fighting to kick the other out and dominate the lobby. In the war you'll have to follow the Keep it mafia rules even if the other family brakes the rules. After you win the war you send out a message informing other families that whoever was in the war was beat also include what rules they broke and a personal note if you like. Some wars are short and some can last up to 8+ hours.


The TDM's for the community have there own rules which if not followed your team will be disqualified.
AR's Only
No Rooftops
No Helmets
No Lester
No Vehicles
No Marry-weather
NO Leaving The Area


1. Working Headset (No connect please)
2. Try to stay a active member
3. Come If Called Upon
4. Respect other members as if they where all your superior
5. Maintain Maturity
6. Must be 13 years of age

If you want in send a message saying "Im a Recruit" to us on xbox, ask questions if you'd like.

1. Don Damico
2. Player Damico

If you send a message make it a text NOT a voice because we dont want to accidentally delete the message because we get tons of random messages a day.


sorry about the dark writing, its a copy and paste from another website.

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getting on here in a bit so feel free to message.

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I'll play with you if you want.

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sorry about the late response, i added ya

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still recruiting guys

Edited by SubliminalLemmon

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how do you roleplay with other mafias

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