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Do you know any? [interior w/ door you cannot enter]

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I would like to ask you all if you know any location of a house/hut somewhere hidden,perhaps in a forest,near hills.
A house/hut that has a door,you can't enter it,although there's an interior of it.
Asking for base purposes.

Edited by I'mSoFresh
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It doesn't make sense. If you cannot enter the door you cannot enter the location.

Only the interior Cheats for Blue Hell/Heaven would work.

Edited by lil weasel
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Okay.I'll guess I'll go detailed.
I play MTA:DayZ with a few buds and there's a new base system on that server.
The admins,they offer you to choose where your base would be located.
The house/hut/building just needs a door,and they'll make it enterable,you'll be able to set a password to it.

Edited by I'mSoFresh
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It looks like you should play (run) the game to find such a location.

There are a few farm houses in the 'wilds'. Just an overview of the map will show some white blocks indicating structures.



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I think you mean somewhere rural like the farmhouse you steal the combine for The Truth from. No such places fulfill your desired criteria. When you said "there's an interior of it", that ruled out any options. There are no unused interiors that look as if they were intended to be accessed from anywhere similar to what you described.


Refer to this post: http://gtaforums.com/topic/350108-cheat-code-creation/?p=1062445950 for further insight on what interiors (used or unused) exist.


"They'll make it enterable", you say? You realize having it set so you could walk into the walls will just give you darkness, right? After all, there is no interior. Furthermore, putting a yellow marker there won't create an interior that doesn't exist. If you do that, you'll have to connect the marker to an existing interior. Even if you use an alteration to create a totally new interior from scratch, it still won't amount to what you originally wanted.


Two words for you: pipe dream.

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