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Anyone tried playing without resisting arrest during freeroam?

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Has anyone made a playthrough without fleeing from cops whenever they earn a wanted level outside of scripted missions?


I wonder if this wouldn't make the in-game money appear a bit more valuable, as you'll have to buy back your entire expensive arsenal from scratch whenever you're busted.

Not like there is something else to use your money for in IV and the Episodes, but still.

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I prefer to die fightin. Paying 5000 from hospital bills doesnt hurt that much in comparison to all of tha cash spended by buying every weapon again. And ammo. And bp vests.


I see some sense in the in game money. Buying bullets and bulletproof vests, paying the toll in the broker/bohan bridge, using [email protected], hiring hookers, eating, paying hospital fees... ofc, we wont spend THAT much money to a point to become broke, but for me, feels more safe to die losing 5000 when the bank account is over 9digits.


Money was never much useful in GTA games. In 3D era it was much more worthless than it is today. I have never felt like there is something really expensive that worth the money, nor felt i have ran out of it. Even in "the persuit of the almighty dolla" from GTA V, after the first heist i have already bought everything that i wanted (i dont really care in buyin proprieties at all).

Edited by daliakiller

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I usually do it, I love Niko's sarcastic "thank you officer" reaction we he gets arrested.

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Well that was kind of my point. Since there's nothing worth spending money for anyway, why bother being afraid of 'losing' too much money when repurchasing your immense arsenal?

It in fact gives even more incentive for you as a player to partake in more scripted missions to earn more money, for funding purposes!

Perhaps even finally resorting to Little Jacob's side missions or Stevie's car thefts, for a change.


Past games in the series had various level of success in handling the money utility, but yes, not once was it particularly well executed from beginning to end, least of all V post-first heist as we all know.


In order to unlock the ending mission in III you had to have half a million with you, although if you don't goof around too much and don't skip story missions you're bound to have enough money without feeling the need to do some grinding.


Vice City's ending missions similarly required usage of money, although this time actually asking you spending it in order to earn properties, and complete the new sub-missions unlocked with said properties ...

Spending money to unlock more missions, to earn more money and to unlock other missions ... hey this was quite an underrated mechanic!


This was alluded to V actually, although unfortunately only on the plot perspective: two of V's heist were pulled due to the player requiring a sum of cash to 'pay' for other characters' needs. However, even if you as the player have already attained such amount of money -through entirely legitimate means mind you- your character will still behave as if he has no choice but to pull the heist to have that amount of money in hand.



I've heard that in one of the older top down game in the series, you actually use money to 'save' your progress in the game.

That's an interesting concept too.

But I can see why they're afraid to use such tactics today: it'll scare off casual consumers!


Why can't they put a difficulty setting in that case?

Edited by Grievous

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Cant really remember top down games ways to save. I usually just caused major mayhems in this game and ran over gangs.. GOURANGA. but this is a nice way to make us spend some of the absurd ammount of money we got. Really interesting feature.


Vice City.. that was an amazing game, but it was made before its time. I remember that helping cops arrest or kill criminals gave us some cash! Proprieties give us nice side missions and a good ammount of cash.

Even having an almost infinite source of money on me, and spending money on almost nothing but missions, i have always been afraid to completely lose it. Worst case scenario, which never happened to me, is to spend all of the money just goofing around and have nothing in our pockets to buy ammo or guns. Running out of money would make me kill for cash - which doesnt give more than 100 bucks - or side missions that never gave us a great ammount of money that we need to buy all of our arsenals back over and over again for instance.


Even knowing that it is almost impossible to spend that much dollars to be broke in game, i prefer paying a relatively small fixed fee of 5000 cash than spendin almost 20000g to arm myself up again.


Unfortunately in IV, there isnt much ways to make lots of fast cash, but stealing cars for Steve, which doesnt give more that 10000 dolars, or side missions, that doesnt make up to everything i loose in my free roam goofing sessions, since im most of the times rampaging and trying to escape the cops - sometimes with no success. This only make me fear a lot more to live in total poverty. The only way to avoind being totally broke is hard working - and after finishing the story, i just want to settle down and play around, dieing infinite times, no worrying about money. That being said, i still fear losing everything it takes me the whole story mode to collect.


On the other hand, in V i have bought all cars, tuned the shish out of em, bought all clothing i wanted and even bought proprieties. Still dieing a lot, still being absurdely millionaire.. i mean, money lost all of it valor on this installment. The dollar wasnt so almighty anymore. This persuit makes little sense.


A difficulty setting would be nice. Tweaking police or weapons damage would be nice! Chosing a more realistic gameplay, or a casual approach would make gta suit the more hardcore fan to the casual gamer, making it a great option for both.

Edited by daliakiller

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Drunken Cowboy

Maybe I'd think about it if they'd try arresting beyond one star.

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^^ Love the signature man. I might consider trying this on my next playthrough of IV, could have some interesting results.

Edited by Kevert

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I try not to get arrested to stay in character. I mean, here you have Niko, a hired gun from Eastern Europe, an illegal citizen no less.. and he has all these weapons on him and has no permit to carry. I understand LC is fictionalized after NY, but in these northern states, gun control is serious. If you don't have a permit or something, you're facing serious jail-time.


Okay, okay, let's say if Niko didnt have any weapons on him. I'm not sure how the laws are against illegals, but I don't think Niko would just get a slap on the wrist for being an illegal in the northern east coast. I think he would instantly be taken to jail and brought before some serious officials. Nowadays with the terrorist scares, I'm pretty sure it would be tough for Niko.


I'm taking this a little too seriously am I? Lol hey, I just like role playing ^_^

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Don't forget that if you're killed they'll take about 25% of your cash all the time... I had about 33k's but when I went out of the hospital I had 21 ._. I can use cheats, so it's better to get busted for me, or use godmode via SNT! :D

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If I get busted I will always reload my game. I prefer clean stats when it comes to the busted/wasted counters.



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