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Hex edited vehicle thread.

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After some more nice & friendly hate messages, screw the haters, here is the basics:

I found this method out myself without the help of others, so i don't need to give credit to anyone.

First the car you want to rip the mod parts from, needs to be saved into Mike's home garage or Trevors. Then you quick save. 'doesn't matter if you quick save inside the garage or outside'

Now you export it to usb, open it with the save editor, click blocks, extract PSIN.

Open that file with a hex editor.

And open this spoiler for vehicle hash info.


Vehicles HEX ID EPT
adder 0xB779A091 3078201489 26E344D3
airbus 0x4C80EB0E 1283517198
airtug 0x5D0AAC8F 1560980623
akuma 0x63ABADE7 1672195559
alpha 0x2DB8D1AA 767087018
ambulance 0x45D56ADA 1171614426
annihilator 0x31F0B376 837858166
armytanker 0xB8081009 3087536137
armytrailer 0xA7FF33F5 2818520053
armytrailer2 0x9E6B14D6 2657817814
asea 0x94204D89 2485144969
asea2 0x9441D8D5 2487343317 (snowy asea)
asterope 0x8E9254FB 2391954683
bagger 0x806B9CC3 2154536131
baletrailer 0xE82AE656 3895125590
baller 0xCFCA3668 3486135912
baller2 0x08852855 142944341 (Range Rover Evoque)
banshee 0xC1E908D2 3253274834
barracks 0xCEEA3F4B 3471458123 (barracks with back cover)
barracks2 0x4008EABB 1074326203 (barracks semi)
bati 0xF9300CC5 4180675781
bati2 0xCADD5D2D 3403504941 (bati livery)
benson 0x7A61B330 2053223216
bfinjection 0x432AA566 1126868326
biff 0x32B91AE8 850991848
bifta 0xEB298297 3945366167
bison 0xFEFD644F 4278019151
bison2 0x7B8297C5 2072156101 (cowboy construction bison)
bison3 0x67B3F020 1739845664 (landscaping bison)
bjxl 0x32B29A4B 850565707
blazer 0x8125BCF9 2166734073
blazer2 0xFD231729 4246935337 (lifeguard blazer)
blazer3 0xB44F0582 3025077634 (trevor's hotrod blazer)
blimp 0xF7004C86 4143991942
blista 0xEB70965F 3950024287
bmx 0x43779C54 1131912276
boattrailer 0x1F3D44B5 524108981
bobcatxl 0x3FC5D440 1069929536
bodhi2 0xAA699BB6 2859047862 (trevor's truck)
boxville 0x898ECCEA 2307837162 (water&power boxville)
boxville2 0xF21B33BE 4061868990 (postal boxville)
boxville3 0x07405E08 121658888 (humane boxville)
btype 0x06FF6914 117401876 (roosevelt)
buccaneer 0xD756460C 3612755468
buffalo 0xEDD516C6 3990165190
buffalo2 0x2BEC3CBE 736902334 (franklin's buffalo)
bulldozer 0x7074F39D 1886712733
bullet 0x9AE6DDA1 2598821281
burrito 0xAFBB2CA4 2948279460 (cowboy construction/pharte gas/atomic water&power burrito)
burrito2 0xC9E8FF76 3387490166 (bugstars burrito)
burrito3 0x98171BD3 2551651283 (no livery burrito)
burrito4 0x353B561D 893081117 (cowboy construction burrito)
burrito5 0x437CF2A0 1132262048 (snowy burrito)
bus 0xD577C962 3581397346
buzzard 0x2F03547B 788747387
buzzard2 0x2C75F0DD 745926877 (buzzard with no gun)
cablecar 0xC6C3242D 3334677549
caddy 0x44623884 1147287684 (prolaps caddy)
caddy2 0xDFF0594C 3757070668 (?)
camper 0x6FD95F68 1876516712
carbonizzare 0x7B8AB45F 2072687711
carbonrs 0x00ABB0C0 11251904
cargobob 0xFCFCB68B 4244420235
cargobob2 0x60A7EA10 1621617168 (medical cargobob)
cargobob3 0x53174EEF 1394036463 (trevor's cargobob)
cargoplane 0x15F27762 368211810
cavalcade 0x779F23AA 2006918058 (gta iv cavalcade/Cadillac Escalade 2005)
cavalcade2 0xD0EB2BE5 3505073125 (gta v cavalcade/Cadillac Escalade 2013)
cheetah 0xB1D95DA0 2983812512
coach 0x84718D34 2222034228
cogcabrio 0x13B57D8A 330661258
comet2 0xC1AE4D16 3249425686
coquette 0x067BC037 108773431
cruiser 0x1ABA13B5 448402357
crusader 0x132D5A1A 321739290
cuban800 0xD9927FE3 3650256867
cutter 0xC3FBA120 3288047904
daemon 0x77934CEE 2006142190
dilettante 0xBC993509 3164157193
dilettante2 0x64430650 1682114128 (merryweather patrol car)
dinghy 0x3D961290 1033245328
dinghy2 0x107F392C 276773164 (dinghy without bars on top)
dloader 0x698521E3 1770332643
docktrailer 0x806EFBEE 2154757102
docktug 0xCB44B1CA 3410276810
dominator 0x04CE68AC 80636076
double 0x9C669788 2623969160
dubsta 0x462FE277 1177543287
dubsta2 0xE882E5F6 3900892662 (blacked out dubsta)
dump 0x810369E2 2164484578
dune 0x9CF21E0F 2633113103
dune2 0x1FD824AF 534258863 (space docker)
duster 0x39D6779E 970356638
elegy2 0xDE3D9D22 3728579874
emperor 0xD7278283 3609690755
emperor2 0x8FC3AADC 2411965148 (rusty emperor)
emperor3 0xB5FCF74E 3053254478 (snowy emperor)
entityxf 0xB2FE5CF9 3003014393
exemplar 0xFFB15B5E 4289813342
f620 0xDCBCBE48 3703357000
faggio2 0x0350D1AB 55628203
fbi 0x432EA949 1127131465 (fbi buffalo)
fbi2 0x9DC66994 2647026068 (fbi granger)
felon 0xE8A8BDA8 3903372712
felon2 0xFAAD85EE 4205676014 (felon gt convertible)
feltzer2 0x8911B9F5 2299640309
firetruk 0x73920F8E 1938952078
fixter 0xCE23D3BF 3458454463
flatbed 0x50B0215A 1353720154
forklift 0x58E49664 1491375716
fq2 0xBC32A33B 3157435195
freight 0x3D6AAA9B 1030400667 (train)
freightcar 0x0AFD22A6 184361638
freightcont1 0x36DCFF98 920453016
freightcont2 0x0E512E79 240201337
freightgrain 0x264D9262 642617954
freighttrailer 0xD1ABB666 3517691494
frogger 0x2C634FBD 744705981
frogger2 0x742E9AC0 1949211328 (trevor's frogger)
fugitive 0x71CB2FFB 1909141499
fusilade 0x1DC0BA53 499169875
futo 0x7836CE2F 2016857647
gauntlet 0x94B395C5 2494797253
gburrito 0x97FA4F36 2549763894
graintrailer 0x3CC7F596 1019737494
granger 0x9628879C 2519238556
gresley 0xA3FC0F4D 2751205197
habanero 0x34B7390F 884422927
handler 0x1A7FCEFA 444583674
hauler 0x5A82F9AE 1518533038
hexer 0x11F76C14 301427732
hotknife 0x0239E390 37348240
Huntley 0x1D06D681 486987393
infernus 0x18F25AC7 418536135
ingot 0xB3206692 3005245074
intruder 0x34DD8AA1 886934177
issi2 0xB9CB3B69 3117103977 (issi convertible)
jackal 0xDAC67112 3670438162
jb700 0x3EAB5555 1051415893
jester 0xB2A716A3 2997294755
jet 0x3F119114 1058115860
jetmax 0x33581161 861409633
journey 0xF8D48E7A 4174679674
kalahari 0x05852838 92612664
khamelion 0x206D1B68 544021352
landstalker 0x4BA4E8DC 1269098716
lazer 0xB39B0AE6 3013282534
lguard 0x1BF8D381 469291905
luxor 0x250B0C5E 621481054
mammatus 0x97E55D11 2548391185
manana 0x81634188 2170765704
marquis 0xC1CE1183 3251507587
Massacro 0xF77ADE32 -142942670
maverick 0x9D0450CA 2634305738
mesa 0x36848602 914654722
mesa2 0xD36A4B44 3546958660 (snowy mesa)
mesa3 0x84F42E51 2230595153 (merryweather mesa)
metrotrain 0x33C9E158 868868440
minivan 0xED7EADA4 3984502180
mixer 0xD138A6BB 3510150843
mixer2 0x1C534995 475220373 (all one color)
monroe 0xE62B361B 3861591579
mower 0x6A4BD8F6 1783355638
mule 0x35ED670B 904750859
mule2 0xC1632BEB 3244501995 (?)
nemesis 0xDA288376 3660088182
ninef 0x3D8FA25C 1032823388
ninef2 0xA8E38B01 2833484545 (ninef convertible)
oracle 0x506434F6 1348744438 (oracle xs)
oracle2 0xE18195B2 3783366066 (gta 4 oracle)
packer 0x21EEE87D 569305213
paradise 0x58B3979C 1488164764
patriot 0xCFCFEB3B 3486509883
pbus 0x885F3671 2287941233 (prison bus)
pcj 0xC9CEAF06 3385765638
penumbra 0xE9805550 3917501776
peyote 0x6D19CCBC 1830407356
phantom 0x809AA4CB 2157618379
phoenix 0x831A21D5 2199527893
picador 0x59E0FBF3 1507916787
police 0x79FBB0C5 2046537925 (police stanier)
police2 0x9F05F101 2667966721 (police buffalo)
police3 0x71FA16EA 1912215274 (police interceptor)
police4 0x8A63C7B9 2321795001 (undercover police stanier)
policeb 0xFDEFAEC3 4260343491 (police bike)
policeold1 0xA46462F7 2758042359 (snowy police rancher)
policeold2 0x95F4C618 2515846680 (snowy police esperanto)
policet 0x1B38E955 456714581 (police transport van)
polmav 0x1517D4D9 353883353 (police helicopter maverick)
pony 0xF8DE29A8 4175309224 (sunset bleach/sprunk/postal pony)
pony2 0x38408341 943752001 (weed van)
pounder 0x7DE35E7D 2112052861
prairie 0xA988D3A2 2844316578
pranger 0x2C33B46E 741586030
predator 0xE2E7D4AB 3806844075
premier 0x8FB66F9B 2411098011
primo 0xBB6B404F 3144368207
proptrailer 0x153E1B0A 356391690
radi 0x9D96B45B 2643899483
raketrailer 0x174CB172 390902130
rancherxl 0x6210CBB0 1645267888
rancherxl2 0x7341576B 1933662059 (snowy rancher)
rapidgt 0x8CB29A14 2360515092
rapidgt2 0x679450AF 1737773231 (rapidgt convertible)
ratloader 0xD83C13CE 3627815886
rebel 0xB802DD46 3087195462 (rusty rebel)
rebel2 0x8612B64B 2249373259 (clean rebel)
regina 0xFF22D208 4280472072
rentalbus 0xBE819C63 3196165219
rhino 0x2EA68690 782665360 (tank)
riot 0xB822A1AA 3089277354 (police riot van)
ripley 0xCD935EF9 3448987385
rocoto 0x7F5C91F1 2136773105
romero 0x2560B2FC 627094268 (hearse)
rubble 0x9A5B1DCC 2589662668
ruffian 0xCABD11E8 3401388520
ruiner 0xF26CEFF9 4067225593
rumpo 0x4543B74D 1162065741 (weazel news rumpo)
rumpo2 0x961AFEF7 2518351607 (deludamol rumpo)
sabregt 0x9B909C94 2609945748
sadler 0xDC434E51 3695398481
sadler2 0x2BC345D1 734217681 (snowy sadler)
sanchez 0x2EF89E46 788045382 (sanchez livery)
sanchez2 0xA960B13E 2841686334 (sanchez paint)
sandking 0xB9210FD0 3105951696 (sandking 4 door)
sandking2 0x3AF8C345 989381445 (sandking 2 door)
schafter2 0xB52B5113 3039514899
schwarzer 0xD37B7976 3548084598
scorcher 0xF4E1AA15 4108429845
scrap 0x9A9FD3DF 2594165727
seashark 0xC2974024 3264692260 (speedophile seashark)
seashark2 0xDB4388E4 3678636260 (lifeguard seashark)
seminole 0x48CECED3 1221512915
sentinel 0x50732C82 1349725314 (sentinel xs)
sentinel2 0x3412AE2D 873639469 (sentinel Convertible)
serrano 0x4FB1A214 1337041428
shamal 0xB79C1BF5 3080461301
sheriff 0x9BAA707C 2611638396 (sheriff stanier)
sheriff2 0x72935408 1922257928 (sheriff granger)
skylift 0x3E48BF23 1044954915
speeder 0x0DC60D2B 231083307
speedo 0xCFB3870C 3484649228
speedo2 0x2B6DC64A 728614474 (clown van)
squalo 0x17DF5EC2 400514754
stanier 0xA7EDE74D 2817386317
stinger 0x5C23AF9B 1545842587
stingergt 0x82E499FA 2196019706
stockade 0x6827CF72 1747439474 (armored truck)
stockade3 0xF337AB36 4080511798 (snowy stockade)
stratum 0x66B4FC45 1723137093
stretch 0x8B13F083 2333339779 (limo)
stunt 0x81794C70 2172210288
submersible 0x2DFF622F 771711535
sultan 0x39DA2754 970598228
suntrap 0xEF2295C9 4012021193
superd 0x42F2ED16 1123216662 (diamond, rolls royce)
surano 0x16E478C1 384071873
surfer 0x29B0DA97 699456151 (surfer with surfboard)
surfer2 0xB1D80E06 2983726598 (surfer without surfboard)
surge 0x8F0E3594 2400073108
taco 0x744CA80D 1951180813 (0 w/o; 1 with sign)
tailgater 0xC3DDFDCE 3286105550
tanker 0xD46F4737 3564062519
tankercar 0x22EDDC30 586013744
taxi 0xC703DB5F 3338918751
Thrust 0x6D6F8F43 1836027715
tiptruck 0x02E19879 48339065
tiptruck2 0xC7824E5E 3347205726 (?)
titan 0x761E2AD3 1981688531
tornado 0x1BB290BC 464687292 (clean tornado)
tornado2 0x5B42A5C4 1531094468 (clean tornado with carbon roof)
tornado3 0x690A4153 1762279763 (rusty tornado)
tornado4 0x86CF7CDD 2261744861 (tornado with guitar/mariachi car)
tourbus 0x73B1C3CB 1941029835
towtruck 0xB12314E0 2971866336 (large towtruck)
towtruck2 0xE5A2D6C6 3852654278 (small towtruck)
tr2 0x7BE032C6 2078290630 (car carrier trailer)
tr3 0x6A59902D 1784254509 (marquis trailer)
tr4 0x7CAB34D0 2091594960 (super car carrier trailer)
tractor 0x61D6BA8C 1641462412 (rusty tractor)
tractor2 0x843B73DE 2218488798 (farm tractor)
tractor3 0x562A97BD 1445631933 (snowy tractor)
trailerlogs 0x782A236D 2016027501
trailers 0xCBB2BE0E 3417488910 (trailer to transport trevor's cargobob)
trailers2 0xA1DA3C91 2715434129 (up & atom/cluckin bell/piswasser trailer)
trailers3 0x8548036D 2236089197 (big goods trailer)
trailersmall 0x2A72BEAB 712162987
trash 0x72435A19 1917016601
trflat 0xAF62F6B2 2942498482
tribike 0x4339CD69 1127861609 (green whippet race bike)
tribike2 0xB67597EC 3061159916 (red endurex race bike)
tribike3 0xE823FB48 3894672200 (blue tri-cycles race bike)
tropic 0x1149422F 290013743
turismor 0x185484E1 408192225
tvtrailer 0x967620BE 2524324030 (fame or shame trailer)
utillitruck 0x1ED0A534 516990260 (building&renovation utillitruck)
utillitruck2 0x34E6BF6B 887537515 (landscape gas/building&renovation utillitruck)
utillitruck3 0x7F2153DF 2132890591 (landscape utillitruck)
vacca 0x142E0DC3 338562499
vader 0xF79A00F7 4154065143
velum 0x9C429B6A 2621610858
vestra 0x4FF77E37 1341619767
vigero 0xCEC6B9B7 3469130167
voltic 0x9F4B77BE 2672523198
voodoo2 0x1F3766E3 523724515 (rusty voodoo)
washington 0x69F06B57 1777363799
youga 0x03E5F6B8 65402552
Zentorno 0xAC5DF515 -1403128555
zion 0xBD1B39C3 3172678083 (zion xs)
zion2 0xB8E2AE18 3101863448 (zion Convertible)
ztype 0x2D3BD401 758895617
Hipster DLC vehicle hashes thanks to CruzzTech
warrener = 0x51D83328
glendale = 0x047A6BC1
blade = 0xB820ED5E
pegalle = 0x404B6381
panto = 0xE644E480
rhapsody = 0x322CF98F
6x6 dubsta = 0xA988D3A2
Independence Day DLC vehicle hashes thanks to CruzzTech
sovereign = 0x2C509634
liberator = 0xCD93A7DB


Lets say you want the Adder.

The Vehicle hash is the hex code B779A091 'only copy whats after the 0x mark'

Your current saved vehicle is an Zentorno with the wing option on it.

search for AC5DF515

Find it and replace it with the Adder hash code. Find the next one and replace it again. After all have been replaced save it and import that file back with the save editor/block/replace old PSIN.

Or replace all of them at the same time, Tip from Sprue:


An easy way to replace all the code you need in HxD (for people who haven't figured this out yet) is to go to Find, then Replace, put the value of the garaged vehicle in the first box, the value of the car you want to replace the garaged vehicle with in the second box, make sure the Datatype box is on "Hex-values" and click on the "Replace All" button. Like the example above with the Adder and the Zentorno:




I figure this might save people some time and/or help people who are having a little bit of trouble with this.



Boot up and go to Mike's garage again.

Bam, Adder with zentorno wing/all other upgrades.

Now the thing is, every time the first car value appears in the hex, its for another part of the vehicle. So i need some more testing. So far i have added car wheels on bikes to.

There are 4 set values i've found so far. Toy around with it and see what you can find. So far i have added all parts you can think off, bike wheels on cars and the other way around.

I think you can pretty much do this with any of the safe-house saves. Maybe even the stripclub location but i haven't tried that one yet.

Keep in mind, i just figured out how this works. I will update within a few days with a full guide @ the ofline section.

Now you can get them online as you can see with my Akuma-Double T hybrid:


However you cannot store them. Once stored and you leave the garage, all mods will be gone. Also going into LSC with those modded vehicles, will freeze your system.

Fist combinations i did:

Akuma mixed with Double T fairings:


Adder with bike wheels and Double T fairings:


Have fun fooling around.

Free hex editor program:


Save editor:


Have fun fooling around, And don't forget to post your creations!

Edited by Ninja_Gear
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Here was my first try, it was a fully modded Tornado Cabrio, and I changed it into a Mariachi Tornado.


Full Sized:"http://postimg.org/image/x4msqsd8j/"

(P.S.:When I drove it in and then back out of Micheal's 4-car garage None of the Body Mods stuck.)

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my first creations -


bullet with banshee parts





super diamond for offroad (dubsta parts)


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Here's two that were terribad


banshee mods on a prairie






the exhaust looks decent though



sentinel xs on an asterope, nope.jpg



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Nice !! I'll test some cars tomorrow and post them here. Looks like it's harder than using the save editor :p

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best spilt beans ever...


not a request..

just a curiosity if someone wants to try.


what id like to see...



1...stanier with the cabs chrome grille...

or maybe you could just change the color of the grille to silver or something...


2...clean cab...no livery no top ads on roof...

i think the livery is impossible to take off from what ive read about livery editing...

maybe change the color to black and just make the car one solid color...


3...turn the country cop car clean


i like sedans...



general random questions...


can you lift cars off the ground higher/lower?...to mimic hydraulics of some nature / normal size sandking...

what happens when you shoot these parts?...if i was sitting really high could i shoot out the suspension to mimic hydraulics?...

can you take livery codes and throw them on random cars?



last note...


i think we should start a database of what car sizes match each other best...

that way when someone goes to through the sultan roll cage into a washington they already know the washington is lower so the roll cage would stick out of the top of the car....


or maybe hex parts do what they want?

i dont know..

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oh yeah and the bicycles....


use mountain bike so i can bunny hop...

change the body to the road bike...

keep mountain bike knobby tires?


change color of road bikes?


take off mud guards on mountain bike?


what happens if you throw the paint job of a road bike onto a bmx?




i have a 60gb day 1 ps3...it is old...i treat it like a baby...it allowed me to play the last of us and now gtav..

i brush its hair every night before bed..

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Okay here goes my second attempt...

I replaced that Mariachi Tornado from earlier with a Blazer3(Trevor's Blazerz), the Fender Skirts and Side exhaust are floating off to the side and DO follow you around. BUT these do all get removed when you drive it in and then back out of Micheal's 4-car garage, BUT it kept the tire smoke, tint, horn, performance mods, etc., Just the body mods all disappeared.(Even the tires on this one though, but this vehicle could NEVER have modded tires.)


Full Sized:"http://postimg.org/image/nx8cf77pl/"


Okay and this was an Fully Modded Akurma and I changed it into a Blazer1, BUT this time when I drove it in and then back out of Micheal's 4-car garage it kept the wheels, it lost the exhaust pipes, but seemed to keep the rest(which was just the tires, lol) this gives me hope that maybe the tires can be stored in Online BUT this is just a guess, don't take my word on it, I AM however about to test this theory in just a few minutes. :colgate:


Full Sized:"http://postimg.org/image/krnqozp3d/"

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How people can hex editing like that? :O I mean..dubsta 2 parts on a super diamond?! That's cool. :p

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How people can hex editing like that? :O I mean..dubsta 2 parts on a super diamond?! That's cool. :p

Read first post?

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Leaking idiot.. it's people like you that makes me think that this forum has no signs of intelligent life, anywhere.


I'm glad you edited that.


Next time I'll issue a warning regardless.

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How people can hex editing like that? :O I mean..dubsta 2 parts on a super diamond?! That's cool. :p

Read first post?


Oh...silly me. :lol:

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Is there possible via hex editing to rip Spacedocker's lights and then put them on an adder? They are green instead of normal ones. :p

Edited by Perfect Blade xD
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Is there possible via hex editing to rip Spacedocker's lights and then put them on an adder? They are green instead of normal ones. :p

Pretty sure gear ninja could do that. He is all time badass modder

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Is there possible via hex editing to rip Spacedocker's lights and then put them on an adder? They are green instead of normal ones. :p

Pretty sure gear ninja could do that. He is all time badass modder


ok...oh..i wish to see that lights on an adder..:p

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My first creation. Massacro parts in a cognoscenti cabrio




Rollcage and hood were ok, other parts not really. Froze my ps 3 times

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Is there possible via hex editing to rip Spacedocker's lights and then put them on an adder? They are green instead of normal ones. :p

Pretty sure gear ninja could do that. He is all time badass modder


ok...oh..i wish to see that lights on an adder..:p

I was being sarcastic if you didn't get it. Hex editing is not badass modding. A monkey could figure it out. And BTW, I figured out on my own and could have released it if I wanted too but I didn't because others respect and trustworthiness is far more important to me than fake fame in gtaf.

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Is there possible via hex editing to rip Spacedocker's lights and then put them on an adder? They are green instead of normal ones. :p

Pretty sure gear ninja could do that. He is all time badass modder


ok...oh..i wish to see that lights on an adder.. :p

I was being sarcastic if you didn't get it. Hex editing is not badass modding. A monkey could figure it out. And BTW, I figured out on my own and could have released it if I wanted too but I didn't because others respect and trustworthiness is far more important to me than fake fame in gtaf.


Didn't noticed that..:p

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Is there possible via hex editing to rip Spacedocker's lights and then put them on an adder? They are green instead of normal ones. :p

Pretty sure gear ninja could do that. He is all time badass modder


ok...oh..i wish to see that lights on an adder.. :p


Pretty sure its possible. i'm hunting down parts right now on ebay and am a bit busy to try and find new stuff right now lol. Just try to id the upgrade/vehicle part values. I really do not have much time to spend booting up my PS3 again and again and hex mod the save every time and do some playing right now mate.


Also tismo74, its not about fame. Its about sharing joy. See these people in this thread? Everybody happy they got something new to try out. Which is better then seeing people wondering about how others keep something like this secret. 0 respect to all of you guys acting as if you are hurt by other people enjoying this.

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I thought you had to be part of MODified to do all this?

I also thought they had a "code of secretness".

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Its a BIG NO on the Bike Wheels Sticking in Online :cry: , they DO allow you to drive into your garage, you can drive out of your garage, you can go into LSC, the problem only arises when you leave the blazer in the garage alone, or change session... ...then the Bike Wheels change into Off-road Wheels :facedesk:



Again here are all of the hashes and hexes for every vehicle for those people having trouble finding them;


Original(NON-DLC) Vehicles:
vehicle = hex , hash
adder = 0xB779A091,3078201489
airbus = 0x4C80EB0E,1283517198
airtug = 0x5D0AAC8F,1560980623
akuma = 0x63ABADE7,1672195559
ambulance = 0x45D56ADA,1171614426
annihilator = 0x31F0B376,837858166
armytanker = 0xB8081009,3087536137
armytrailer = 0xA7FF33F5,2818520053
armytrailer2 = 0x9E6B14D6,2657817814
asea = 0x94204D89,2485144969
asea2 = 0x9441D8D5,2487343317 (snow asea)
asterope = 0x8E9254FB,2391954683
bagger = 0x806B9CC3,2154536131
baletrailer = 0xE82AE656,3895125590
baller = 0xCFCA3668,3486135912 (2005 Range Rover)
baller2 = 0x08852855,142944341 (2014 Range Rover Evoque)
banshee = 0xC1E908D2,3253274834
barracks = 0xCEEA3F4B,3471458123 (barracks with back cover)
barracks2 = 0x4008EABB,1074326203 (barracks semi)
bati = 0xF9300CC5,4180675781
bati2 = 0xCADD5D2D,3403504941 (bati livery)
benson = 0x7A61B330,2053223216
bfinjection = 0x432AA566,1126868326
biff = 0x32B91AE8,850991848
bison = 0xFEFD644F,4278019151
bison2 = 0x7B8297C5,2072156101 (cowboy construction bison)
bison3 = 0x67B3F020,1739845664 (landscapeing bison)
bjxl = 0x32B29A4B,850565707
blazer = 0x8125BCF9,2166734073
blazer2 = 0xFD231729,4246935337 (lifeguard blazer)
blazer3 = 0xB44F0582,3025077634 (trevor's hotrod blazer)
blimp = 0xF7004C86,4143991942
blista = 0xEB70965F,3950024287
bmx = 0x43779C54,1131912276
boattrailer = 0x1F3D44B5,524108981
bobcatxl = 0x3FC5D440,1069929536
bodhi2 = 0xAA699BB6,2859047862 (trevor's truck)
boxville = 0x898ECCEA,2307837162 (water&power boxville)
boxville2 = 0xF21B33BE,4061868990 (postal boxville)
boxville3 = 0x07405E08,121658888 (humane boxville)
buccaneer = 0xD756460C,3612755468
buffalo = 0xEDD516C6,3990165190
buffalo2 = 0x2BEC3CBE,736902334 (franklin's buffalo)
bulldozer = 0x7074F39D,1886712733
bullet = 0x9AE6DDA1,2598821281
burrito = 0xAFBB2CA4,2948279460 (blank plain, cowboy construction,pharte gas,atomic wheels,and water&power burrito)
burrito2 = 0xC9E8FF76,3387490166 (bugstars burrito)
burrito3 = 0x98171BD3,2551651283 (blank plain burrito)
burrito4 = 0x353B561D,893081117 (cowboy construction burrito)
burrito5 = 0x437CF2A0,1132262048 (snowy burrito)
bus = 0xD577C962,3581397346
buzzard = 0x2F03547B,788747387 (Attack Chopper)
buzzard2 = 0x2C75F0DD,745926877 (buzzard with no gun)
cablecar = 0xC6C3242D,3334677549
caddy = 0x44623884,1147287684 (prolaps caddy)
caddy2 = 0xDFF0594C,3757070668
camper = 0x6FD95F68,1876516712
carbonizzare = 0x7B8AB45F,2072687711
cargobob = 0xFCFCB68B,4244420235
cargobob2 = 0x60A7EA10,1621617168 (medical cargobob)
cargobob3 = 0x53174EEF,1394036463 (trevor's cargobob)
cargoplane = 0x15F27762,368211810
cavalcade = 0x779F23AA,2006918058 (gta iv cavalcade/Cadillac Escalade 2005)
cavalcade2 = 0xD0EB2BE5,3505073125 (gta v cavalcade/Cadillac Escalade 2013)
cheetah = 0xB1D95DA0,2983812512
coach = 0x84718D34,2222034228
cogcabrio = 0x13B57D8A,330661258
comet2 = 0xC1AE4D16,3249425686
coquette = 0x067BC037,108773431
cruiser = 0x1ABA13B5,448402357
crusader = 0x132D5A1A,321739290
cuban800 = 0xD9927FE3,3650256867
cutter = 0xC3FBA120,3288047904
daemon = 0x77934CEE,2006142190
dilettante = 0xBC993509,3164157193
dilettante2 = 0x64430650,1682114128 (merryweather patrol car)
dinghy = 0x3D961290,1033245328
dinghy2 = 0x107F392C,276773164 (dinghy without bars on top)
dloader = 0x698521E3,1770332643
docktrailer = 0x806EFBEE,2154757102
docktug = 0xCB44B1CA,3410276810
dominator = 0x04CE68AC,80636076
double = 0x9C669788,2623969160
dubsta = 0x462FE277,1177543287
dubsta2 = 0xE882E5F6,3900892662 (blacked out badging and wheels)
dump = 0x810369E2,2164484578
dune = 0x9CF21E0F,2633113103
dune2 = 0x1FD824AF,534258863 (space docker[hillbilly space car])
duster = 0x39D6779E,970356638
emperor = 0xD7278283,3609690755
emperor2 = 0x8FC3AADC,2411965148 (rusty emperor)
emperor3 = 0xB5FCF74E,3053254478 (rusty snow emperor[no snow chains])
entityxf = 0xB2FE5CF9,3003014393
exemplar = 0xFFB15B5E,4289813342
f620 = 0xDCBCBE48,3703357000
faggio2 = 0x0350D1AB,55628203
fbi = 0x432EA949,1127131465 (fbi buffalo)
fbi2 = 0x9DC66994,2647026068 (fbi granger)
felon = 0xE8A8BDA8,3903372712
felon2 = 0xFAAD85EE,4205676014 (felon gt [convertible])
feltzer2 = 0x8911B9F5,2299640309
firetruk = 0x73920F8E,1938952078
fixter = 0xCE23D3BF,3458454463
flatbed = 0x50B0215A,1353720154
forklift = 0x58E49664,1491375716
fq2 = 0xBC32A33B,3157435195
freight = 0x3D6AAA9B,1030400667 (train)
freightcar = 0x0AFD22A6,184361638
freightcont1 = 0x36DCFF98,920453016
freightcont2 = 0x0E512E79,240201337
freightgrain = 0x264D9262,642617954
freighttrailer = 0xD1ABB666,3517691494
frogger = 0x2C634FBD,744705981 (helicopter)
frogger2 = 0x742E9AC0,1949211328 (trevor's frogger)
fugitive = 0x71CB2FFB,1909141499
fusilade = 0x1DC0BA53,499169875
futo = 0x7836CE2F,2016857647
gauntlet = 0x94B395C5,2494797253
gburrito = 0x97FA4F36,2549763894
graintrailer = 0x3CC7F596,1019737494
granger = 0x9628879C,2519238556
gresley = 0xA3FC0F4D,2751205197
habanero = 0x34B7390F,884422927
handler = 0x1A7FCEFA,444583674
hauler = 0x5A82F9AE,1518533038
hexer = 0x11F76C14,301427732
infernus = 0x18F25AC7,418536135
ingot = 0xB3206692,3005245074
intruder = 0x34DD8AA1,886934177
issi2 = 0xB9CB3B69,3117103977
jackal = 0xDAC67112,3670438162
jb700 = 0x3EAB5555,1051415893
jet = 0x3F119114,1058115860 (airplane)
jetmax = 0x33581161,861409633 (boat)
journey = 0xF8D48E7A,4174679674
landstalker = 0x4BA4E8DC,1269098716
lazer = 0xB39B0AE6,3013282534
lguard = 0x1BF8D381,469291905
luxor = 0x250B0C5E,621481054 (airplane)
mammatus = 0x97E55D11,2548391185 (airplane)
manana = 0x81634188,2170765704
marquis = 0xC1CE1183,3251507587
maverick = 0x9D0450CA,2634305738 (helicopter)
mesa = 0x36848602,914654722
mesa2 = 0xD36A4B44,3546958660 (snow mesa)
mesa3 = 0x84F42E51,2230595153 (merryweather mesa)
metrotrain = 0x33C9E158,868868440
minivan = 0xED7EADA4,3984502180
mixer = 0xD138A6BB,3510150843
mixer2 = 0x1C534995,475220373 (one solid color)
monroe = 0xE62B361B,3861591579
mower = 0x6A4BD8F6,1783355638
mule = 0x35ED670B,904750859
mule2 = 0xC1632BEB,3244501995 (?)
nemesis = 0xDA288376,3660088182
ninef = 0x3D8FA25C,1032823388
ninef2 = 0xA8E38B01,2833484545 (9f convertible)
oracle = 0x506434F6,1348744438 (oracle xs[no chrome])
oracle2 = 0xE18195B2,3783366066 (gta 4 oracle[with chrome])
packer = 0x21EEE87D,569305213
patriot = 0xCFCFEB3B,3486509883
pbus = 0x885F3671,2287941233
pcj = 0xC9CEAF06,3385765638
penumbra = 0xE9805550,3917501776
peyote = 0x6D19CCBC,1830407356
phantom = 0x809AA4CB,2157618379
phoenix = 0x831A21D5,2199527893
picador = 0x59E0FBF3,1507916787
police = 0x79FBB0C5,2046537925 (police stanier)
police2 = 0x9F05F101,2667966721 (police buffalo)
police3 = 0x71FA16EA,1912215274 (police interceptor[kind of like a fugitive])
police4 = 0x8A63C7B9,2321795001 (undercover police stanier)
policeb = 0xFDEFAEC3,4260343491 (police bike)
policeold1 = 0xA46462F7,2758042359 (snow police rancher)
policeold2 = 0x95F4C618,2515846680 (snow police esperanto)
policet = 0x1B38E955,456714581 (police transport van)
polmav = 0x1517D4D9,353883353 (police helicopter)
pony = 0xF8DE29A8,4175309224 (blank plain, sunset bleach,sprunk,and postal pony)
pony2 = 0x38408341,943752001 (weed van)
pounder = 0x7DE35E7D,2112052861
prairie = 0xA988D3A2,2844316578
pranger = 0x2C33B46E,741586030
predator = 0xE2E7D4AB,3806844075 (boat)
premier = 0x8FB66F9B,2411098011
primo = 0xBB6B404F,3144368207
proptrailer = 0x153E1B0A,356391690
radi = 0x9D96B45B,2643899483
raketrailer = 0x174CB172,390902130
rancherxl = 0x6210CBB0,1645267888
rancherxl2 = 0x7341576B,1933662059 (snow rancher)
rapidgt = 0x8CB29A14,2360515092
rapidgt2 = 0x679450AF,1737773231 (rapid gt[convertible])
rebel = 0xB802DD46,3087195462 (rusty rebel)
rebel2 = 0x8612B64B,2249373259
regina = 0xFF22D208,4280472072
rentalbus = 0xBE819C63,3196165219
rhino = 0x2EA68690,782665360
riot = 0xB822A1AA,3089277354
ripley = 0xCD935EF9,3448987385
rocoto = 0x7F5C91F1,2136773105
romero = 0x2560B2FC,627094268 (hearse)
rubble = 0x9A5B1DCC,2589662668
ruffian = 0xCABD11E8,3401388520
ruiner = 0xF26CEFF9,4067225593
rumpo = 0x4543B74D,1162065741 (blank plain, and weazel news rumpo)
rumpo2 = 0x961AFEF7,2518351607 (deludamol rumpo)
sabregt = 0x9B909C94,2609945748
sadler = 0xDC434E51,3695398481
sadler2 = 0x2BC345D1,734217681 (snow sadler)
sanchez = 0x2EF89E46,788045382 (sanchez with livery)
sanchez2 = 0xA960B13E,2841686334
sandking = 0xB9210FD0,3105951696 (sandking 4-door)
sandking2 = 0x3AF8C345,989381445 (sandking 2-door)
schafter2 = 0xB52B5113,3039514899
schwarzer = 0xD37B7976,3548084598
scorcher = 0xF4E1AA15,4108429845
scrap = 0x9A9FD3DF,2594165727 (big truck with wooden bed posts)
seashark = 0xC2974024,3264692260 (blank plain, and speedophile seashark)
seashark2 = 0xDB4388E4,3678636260 (lifeguard seashark)
seminole = 0x48CECED3,1221512915
sentinel = 0x50732C82,1349725314 (sentinel xs)
sentinel2 = 0x3412AE2D,873639469 (sentinel Convertible)
serrano = 0x4FB1A214,1337041428
shamal = 0xB79C1BF5,3080461301
sheriff = 0x9BAA707C,2611638396 (sheriff stanier)
sheriff2 = 0x72935408,1922257928 (sheriff granger)
skylift = 0x3E48BF23,1044954915
speedo = 0xCFB3870C,3484649228
speedo2 = 0x2B6DC64A,728614474 (clown van)
squalo = 0x17DF5EC2,400514754
stanier = 0xA7EDE74D,2817386317
stinger = 0x5C23AF9B,1545842587
stingergt = 0x82E499FA,2196019706
stockade = 0x6827CF72,1747439474 (armored bank truck)
stockade3 = 0xF337AB36,4080511798 (snow stockade)
stratum = 0x66B4FC45,1723137093
stretch = 0x8B13F083,2333339779
stunt = 0x81794C70,2172210288
submersible = 0x2DFF622F,771711535
sultan = 0x39DA2754,970598228
suntrap = 0xEF2295C9,4012021193
superd = 0x42F2ED16,1123216662
surano = 0x16E478C1,384071873
surfer = 0x29B0DA97,699456151 (?)
surfer2 = 0xB1D80E06,2983726598 (rusty surfer?)
surge = 0x8F0E3594,2400073108
taco = 0x744CA80D,1951180813
tailgater = 0xC3DDFDCE,3286105550
tanker = 0xD46F4737,3564062519
tankercar = 0x22EDDC30,586013744
taxi = 0xC703DB5F,3338918751
tiptruck = 0x02E19879,48339065
tiptruck2 = 0xC7824E5E,3347205726 (?)
titan = 0x761E2AD3,1981688531
tornado = 0x1BB290BC,464687292
tornado2 = 0x5B42A5C4,1531094468 (tornado convertible roof)
tornado3 = 0x690A4153,1762279763 (rusty tornado)
tornado4 = 0x86CF7CDD,2261744861 (mariachi tornado with guitar)
tourbus = 0x73B1C3CB,1941029835
towtruck = 0xB12314E0,2971866336 (large towtruck)
towtruck2 = 0xE5A2D6C6,3852654278 (small towtruck)
tr2 = 0x7BE032C6,2078290630
tr3 = 0x6A59902D,1784254509
tr4 = 0x7CAB34D0,2091594960
tractor = 0x61D6BA8C,1641462412 (rusty tractor)
tractor2 = 0x843B73DE,2218488798
tractor3 = 0x562A97BD,1445631933 (snow tractor)
trailerlogs = 0x782A236D,2016027501
trailers = 0xCBB2BE0E,3417488910 (trailer to transport trevor's cargobob)
trailers2 = 0xA1DA3C91,2715434129 (up & atom,cluckin bell,and piswasser trailer)
trailers3 = 0x8548036D,2236089197 (big goods trailer)
trailersmall = 0x2A72BEAB,712162987
trash = 0x72435A19,1917016601
trflat = 0xAF62F6B2,2942498482
tribike = 0x4339CD69,1127861609 (lime green whippet race bike)
tribike2 = 0xB67597EC,3061159916 (red endurex race bike)
tribike3 = 0xE823FB48,3894672200 (blue tri-racing race bike)
tropic = 0x1149422F,290013743
tvtrailer = 0x967620BE,2524324030
utillitruck = 0x1ED0A534,516990260 (building&renovation utillitruck)
utillitruck2 = 0x34E6BF6B,887537515 (blank plain, landscape,gas,and building&renovation utillitruck)
utillitruck3 = 0x7F2153DF,2132890591 (landscape utillitruck)
vacca = 0x142E0DC3,338562499
vader = 0xF79A00F7,4154065143
velum = 0x9C429B6A,2621610858
vigero = 0xCEC6B9B7,3469130167
voltic = 0x9F4B77BE,2672523198
voodoo2 = 0x1F3766E3,523724515
washington = 0x69F06B57,1777363799
youga = 0x03E5F6B8,65402552
zion = 0xBD1B39C3,3172678083 (zion xs)
zion2 = 0xB8E2AE18,3101863448 (zion Convertible)
ztype = 0x2D3BD401,758895617

DLC Vehicles:
alpha = 0x2DB8D1AA,767087018 (Albany Alhpa)
btype = 0x06FF6914,117401876 (Albany Roosevelt)
bifta = 0xEB298297,3945366167 (Similar to original BF Injection)
carbonrs = 0x00ABB0C0,11251904
elegy2 = 0xDE3D9D22,3728579874
hotknife = 0x0239E390,37348240
huntley 0x1D06D681 486987393
jester = 0xB2A716A3,2997294755(Dinka Jester)
kalahari = 0x05852838,92612664
khamelion = 0x206D1B68,544021352
massacro 0xF77ADE32 -142942670
paradise = 0x58B3979C,1488164764
ratloader = 0xD83C13CE,3627815886 (Ratrod Duneloader)
speeder = 0x0DC60D2B,231083307
thrust 0x6D6F8F43 1836027715
turismor = 0x185484E1,408192225(Grotti Turisom R)
vestra = 0x4FF77E37,1341619767 (Airplane)
zentorno 0xAC5DF515 -1403128555


And here it is in a txt file "http://snk.to/f-cdn5b803"

(on the HEX# make sure not to copy the "0x" part.)


And here is a Map/Key of all of the HEX Locations and What they do(that I have found and know, there are certainly more to be found)




Full Sized Copy:"http://postimg.org/image/u80sro11h/"

Edited by SeaWallTx
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Nice going ninja this is good to see, the ones crying cause waaaaaaaaaaa i no special now up yours. Just a head slapping thing should of figured all this out back in the days of bring cop cars in, using an elegy for mods on the interceptor.

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hey just a tip for everyone sometimes if you place a sticky on the floor of mikes garage then drive away and blow up the sticky it will let you drive the vehicles that freeze

I had figured out how to do these mods myself also except I only change the last vehicle hex I searched for. Here are some of my creations

Turismo with Buccaneer painted roof


and Akuma mixed with Bagger


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WOOOOOO lol, this has got to be one of my favorite so far, and one of the simpilest, lol;

its a Bodhi made into a Manana


(My Boss Hog Replica)

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