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The Worst Of Rockstar Logic


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Popular Posts

- Promotes Reveal Players on the Newswire about the Capture Update. During the Rockstar livestream later, absolutely everyone uses it all the time, and the Rockstar dev's complain how the match is goi

In a game called Grand Theft Auto, you have to buy everything

All jobs on the minimap. Cops. Can't store cop cars.

Recommended Posts

carjack guy,kill guy

guy still sets a bounty


take the elevator from the garage to the weazel plaza apt

that is a separate building


fly over Fort zancudo , instant 4 star and warning from air traffic control tower

kill a marine , 3 stars


activate cops turn blind eye

military allows u take jets


left wing hits a barely stable , rusty pole

blows up entire plane


pickup a completely flat roofed car

with cargobob's hook


listen to radio stations & have access to all radio station

in a golf car


blew up all gas station in san andreas

good thing i have infinite fuel


rob armored truck in blitz play , get $1.5 million per char

rob armored truck in online mode freeroam , $8000


every apartement above $200.000

is exactly the same


rob a store

with a baseball bat


a $5000 haircut when car insurance is $250

seems legit


insanely expensive military plane : titan

who cares stolen from sandy shores airfield or LS airport


a unstoppable rhino tank killspawn players & run over vehicles

stops immediately when hit volleyball net


steal cars for simeon

cops immediately knows


place a sticky bomb

detonate it with his mind


needs face paints

goes to local barber shop


fall far behind in races by miles , result DNF

still get cash


order a car in online

arrives in 1 min


instead shaving

i'll go barber shop and they'll cut my stash off with scissors


september : get ready to tackle a heist

may : im ready rockstar , whetever you are


source : http://ink361.com/app/users/ig-1243254284/vg_tv_logic/photos

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Lost internet connection during a mission, then return back online and receive a message that I had previously left a job without completing it and continually doing so will result in being placed in a bad sports lobby with other bad sports.


Then, immediately, I receive a message stating that I've been a good sport and receive $2,000.

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GTA:O logic


- Mission called Rooftop Rumble doesn't take place on a rooftop.


- Mission called High Priority Case (which could actually be called Rooftop Rumble) expects lvl 25 players to either have a chopper, or climb a ladder only

to get shot to death on the way up. There are no extra lives and the mission only pays about $3k to $5k.

Oh but a level 25 can pick up a chopper that comes with no weapons at the pier and fly into that death trap easily.


Trust me friend, not a single helicopter will spawn during that misison unless you BUY one or ask for merryweather chopper lift(which is available only at level 30)


You are level 25 and a poor bastard? f*ck you, you shouldn't waste all your money on useless stuff like armor and ammo so you could have have a Maverick by now, go take the stairs as your punishment.

-R* logic.

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The fact that you go into rag-doll mode trying to walk up the slightest incline

4WD cars are 2WD

Offroad vehicles are actually bad for offroading

Map covered with Missions, Deathmatches, Races etc

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The fastest car is 140 in online


The Professionals and Merryweathers unrealistic accuracy


Cash Cards are ironically successful


Super Cars don't spawn in Vinewood Hills


Can't give modified cars to your friend


Vehicles can be blacklisted


A Panto for 95k


WTF is a Gerald


The unrealistic capacity of the sawed of shotgun


Getting shot and still be fine

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Hello everyone!



So I thought of making a funny thread showing how this game's logic works. And please try not to start fights here. I'll start.



You cannot buy this:





But you can buy this:




Edited by LightningLord411
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Dodge Charger.


1969 (2nd gen) model is named Dukes and manufactured by Imponte.


2006 - 2014 (6th and 7th) model is named Buffalo and manufactured by Bravado.

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Can't store the Burrito or customize it.


You can buy a Dashound.

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The game is called Grand Theft Auto.


You have to BUY "high end" cars.




......That speaks for itself.

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Dubsta 6x6 is reserved as a level 100 reward but you can buy a Tank at level 70


rockstar pls

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Put a countdown timer on car requests from mechanic (with no really good reason whatsoever)...
Put a countdown timer on mugger...
Put a countdown timer on merchanaries...

Don't put a countdown timer on getting a new tank to grief people...

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> be R$

> raise prices in stores

> comically charge $742,014 for a monster truck that will only be around for 4 weeks

> every other loading screen "Need cash? BUY SHARK CARDS NOW!"

Edited by DirtSPP
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Rocket launcher - $36,500


Fireworks launcher - $61,750 (and you can't keep it)


When will it be taken out of the game?

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Hahaha these are all brilliant! Every reply made me chuckle


-Install "noise awareness" blip on radar to show the amount of noise your character/weapon is making

-Option to buy suppressors for guns

-Button enables character to go into 'stealth walk'



--->Silently attack someone at night in the middle of the desert with no witnesses -> 3 stars

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Make silencers available for weapons yet people can still pay $500 in deathmatches to see where you are on the map, makes a lot of sense

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Bad Sport rating increases if I quit a playlist early. That's cool R$ not like I have a life to live or anything

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There is a setting to not allow other players to steal your car (in a game called Grand Theft Auto, mind you), but no setting to prevent someone from stealing your plane, helicopter, boat, tank, jet ski, monster truck, etc

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The fact that you go into rag-doll mode trying to walk up the slightest incline


ARRGGGHHH!!!! What's up with that!!!!


I also hate the fact that if you jump from one platform to another, you HAVE to land on top of that platform. Any other game would let you grab hold of the ledge and pull yourself up.


TPS with FPS like mobility....


We still love ya rockstar :^:

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Whilst in passive mode, you can get run over.



it's not logic because to counterbalance , especially for griefers abuses passive mode

Edited by Sky_Light12
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Getting only half your money back when you sell real estate may be the most unrealistic part of the economy, and that's saying something.

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