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Xl anthrax lX

Paleto Biker Rally (Xbox 360)

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Xl anthrax lX


6/7/14 8:00 pm Central time


The Paleto Biker Rally is for any and all MCs to gather and ride bikes, talk about bikes, make friends and participate in events. This is one of the few biker rallies held in San Andreas besides the biker bash. We encourage everyone to participate. We can make more than one lobby if need be.




Bare knuckle boxing

Team Death Matches

Paleto cruise

Bike Showcase

Drag Races


No violence or trash talking

If you want to talk business do it in a party

No discharging of firearms outside of death matches (don't want cops everywhere.)

If you want to attend just reply with your clubs name and send me a picture of your patch



Edited by Xl anthrax lX

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Are the devils advocates still a crew because i can not find them on the social club

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Would you like to regulators to offer FREE professional security at your event? Do you want everything to run smoothly with no conflict? We dont want it to happen but eventually it will. Hire the regulators. Contact me here on the forum or on kik at h1ckr0ss check out our recruitment page here to get some more info http://gtaforums.com/topic/695302-the-regulators956-security-prosperity/?do=findComment&comment=1065027732

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